Backsplash help...due date approaching can't get out to shop

pseudochefMay 7, 2013

Hi everyone, so far our kitchen remodel is going great! The contractors have been hard at work so that we can have as quick a turn around as possible with the remodel. My kitchen guy says the granite will be installed as soon as next Wed. and let's just say that after next week I could literally have my baby at any point. So I'm looking for some backsplash help. I love subway tiles but I'd like something over my cooktop a little more exciting. I've looked at the Gramercy line from Walker Zanger and thought it was quite nice. I'm not a super fan of travertine for my backsplash as it's not really my style but I'm open to all suggestions.

My cabinets are from Shiloh Cabinets and they're the homestead door (Shaker like) in Spice Maple, no glaze.

My floor is Daltile San Michele Crema and we LOVE it so far!.

The rest of our kitchen has lower paneling that will be painted Moody Blue from Sherwin Williams (a darker blue) and the walls above will be painted Liveable Green from Sherwin Williams. The Moody Blue seems to exactly match the bluish speckles in our granite and my husband just likes green :) The rest of the trim is Dover white and my sink is silgranit biscuit. My next post will show the granite slab. It's not the best picture of it, but it's a nice soothing stone. We don't want to highlight the orangey streaks.

So far I'm thinking creamish subway tiles with something above the cooktop but I'm not sure what that would be above the cooktop. When you walk in our kitchen the first thing you'll see on the back wall is that area above the cooktop so I'd love for it to be something special. I I love birds and florals, kind of soft and feminine.

Since I have to be around the house to make sure everything is going ok with the remodel and also because I'm just physically not as able to get out as much right now I can't do much shopping. And then after the baby comes school gets out and the other 4 kids come home so I obviously won't be doing a lot of shopping then either so I really would appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance.

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And here's the's called brown sparkle.

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I think this one that mpagmom used might look very nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scroll down to backsplash

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On my monitor, I see a lot of gray in that beautiful counter top.
I am not seeing cream but maybe just my monitor.

During our reno - I was working full-time, so was not there all of the time(obviously)

It would be worthwhile going to a tile store and snagging some samples.

There is a beautiful glass tile in almost a light mocha that might match.

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What about a pale green glass subway? Love your granite.

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It's true there's not really any cream in the granite. Just thought it would be neutral...but it's also probably blah.

I do like the circular tile Willamsen suggests, but it may be too white. Although it could be nice as an accent above the cooktop with a subway tile everywhere else (gray or green or something). What tile is that and where from?

I did look at a putty colored subway tile (kind of grayish) and it looked nice but I just didn't feel I could do all gray.

The pale green subway tile idea might be good. I'll have to think about that. Anyone else? Thanks for the suggestions so far!!

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You have selected gorgeous finishes. Would it be a problem to hold off on installing the backsplash until after the baby is born? Right now may be too stressful for you to make a decision.

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Too stressful? What on earth are you talking about? Yeah, if I can't find anything I love I'll just leave it. But I'm really hoping to call it a day on the project and sit back and enjoy the new baby :)

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If you don't want to go gray...try finding something in that toffee/tan color that is predominant in the lower left-hand corner of your picture? I would not go with green unless there is green in the granite.

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I believe those are ming green marble sunflower tiles, but I may be mistaken on the name, I've seen too many tiles lately. I'm sure mpagmom could tell you if you contact her.

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If you can make it out to one place to shop, find out who has Pratt and Larson near you. They can make almost anything. I think their stuff is beautiful. I had looked for weeks and finally found what I was looking for with Pratt and Larson. Their turn around time is about 4 weeks, but worth the wait, IMHO. Good luck with the tile and the baby!

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Thanks everyone! You've give me some food for thought and some good online places to look at. My husband was home this afternoon and could watch the youngest kiddo and supervise the painters while I slipped out to the closest tile store. It's not the best tile store and they don't have any of the more feminine glazed tiles I would prefer. But I did find this option I'll attach. It would be the travertine subway everywhere with some sort of decorative spot above my cooktop out of the darker tiles. Probably put them on a diagonal or something. They also sell those in a smaller size. They coordinate nicely with the darker spots in the granite. It's still more masculine than I would like but at least I have one option. Any opinions?

Momto3kiddos I looked at Pratt and Larson online and they have some beautiful tiles! Really up my alley with the floral stuff. I see they have a dealer downtown so I might try and swing by at some point if I can. I'll look more online too. Can I ask what their price point is though? I know some people on here spend a ton on their backsplash but I'm not in a position to do that.

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I'll add that they're going to start installing my cabinets tomorrow! My contractor is moving so quickly!

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I am not crazy about the dark tiles, sorry. : (
I think they will look very heavy and weigh down the room.

Do you like glass subways? That could be a more exciting twist on a classic if you can find a color that really works?

Florals are lovely too.

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I would try to find a dark cream/bone colored tile (maybe glass) like in the lower left of your picture. Like this below.

Here is a link that might be useful: dark cream backsplash tile

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I am sure the Pratt and Larson varies... They calculate the price based on piece, not on sq ft. Mine is around $30 per sq ft. You mentioned walker zanger, and I think they are similar in price. I am no expert, but that's what I found when looking. We didn't have much sq ft for our backsplash so I was able to spend a bit more. I also chose not to do an accent behind the cooktop which helped save some dough. You have got to start another college fund soon. :)

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