Granite commitment phobia

Laura517May 1, 2013

We are at the point where we have our cabinets installed except for the island, which the builder is waiting to do until the hardwood floors are in, and now it's time to choose our countertops. My cabinets are from Medallion and the color is Divinity White for the perimeter and the island will be cherry stained chestnut. Throughout this whole process of the kitchen design and house build I have had my heart set on honed jet mist granite (first photo) for the perimeter and a marble look for the island. DH and I found the honed virginia jet mist and I love it and selected SuperWhite Quartzite for the island. I like the slabs together but I'm concerned with how they coordinate with my cabinets since my cabinets appear to be creamier than I had expected them to be. We don't have the electric on so the photos of the cabinets were taken with natural light only. The color is very close to Benjamin Moore's Dove White Dove. Please help me decide if the warmth of the cabinets will work with the coolness of the charcoal looking Jet Mist. I can't decide!!!

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Here is the Super White Quartzite next to the Honed Jet Mist

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Here are the cabinet photos. Sorry for the mulitple posts just learning how to upload more than 1 photo at a time

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Hood area of kitchen

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We have Jet Mist counters and SW Dover White cabinets-- I like the combination. Some might say you want a grayer white to go with the Jet Mist.

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Holly- Kay

I think it will be lovely!

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Can'[t tell how big your kitchen or island is, but why not use super white everywhere? It's such a beautiful stone. However don't kow if it's whiter than your cabs??

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Oh, your cabinets are lovely as is your design. You must be so excited.

I've held a sample of Medallion Divinity White Classic next to a honed Virginia Mist recently, trying to decide the same question about the white. I concluded that while the Divinity White was a tad more creamy, the white in the VM was so diffuse, not intensely clustered but more veiny, that it should be fine. When one looks across a room, at least for my eyes, it's hard to focus on the VM white veins. When one looks down on the counter, your focus is not on the cabinets. Choosing a warm ucl light, like 2700 kelvin might make this blend better than a brighter 3000 kelvin too.

Your choices for countertop are lovely.

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Thanks for suggestions and comments. You can't see my island because it is still in the boxes- builder will not install until hardwood floors are in. As of today we decided to go with super white countertops everywhere. I may change my mind tomorrow. It is a lovely gray/white stone, but I'm concerned that it is actually a marble, which means we"ll be babying it a little. I did the glass test (per a thread by Karin on Super White) and the stone scratched the glass.- good indication it is not marble. However, I also did a lemon test and the lemon juice that i left on it overnight etched the surface- which indicates it is marble. Still not sure what to think.
The jet mist is also lovely! The main reason I didn't choose it was because I wanted a uniform color and maybe I've seen one too many white kitchens on GW but I sure have grown to love the look!!!

Next question: WWYD for the edge? Ogee, straight?

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