looking for amish cabinet maker in Lancaster, pa

backinusMay 5, 2009

I live reasonable distance from Lancaster, Pa, and thinking of building my kitchen with amish cabinet makers. Anyone has a contact name and address of a cabinet maker in that area? anyone has experience with them?

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Well, if your looking for a real Amish maker, they don't have phones, so you'd have to actually find them and talk with them. There is a maker in Hanover, PA called Del-wood Kitchens, Inc. They make a line called Lakeview Cabinetry (might be able to Google some pictures with that name??) They make good cabinets and they make only about 50 cabs a day, so each cabinet is getting good attention. Their Shaker II is gorgeous, IMO. Their website sucks, to be honest (looks like the guy's nephew made it, but it's a family place, so that tells ya something, I guess), but I have seen their cabinets and they are VERY nice. Not sure where exactly you are...I'm outside of Williamsport and there is a show room there with their cabs. Anyways, Del-wood is the only one that I know of just because I never paid much attention to that stuff when I lived in that area.

Del-wood Kitchens, Inc
1856 Dubs Church Rd.
Hanover, Pa 17331

I have been told that if you call them and tell them that you are interested in their cabinets and really want to, that they will give you a tour of their facility. Our 'designer' said that one of his other customers were actually able to go there and tour while their own cabinets were being made and were able to take pictures and everything...which I thought was pretty cool

Here is a link that might be useful: Del-Wood Kitchens

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JH Myers and sons is a really big seller of Del-Wood cabs. They do run more than some custom made cabinets. I was going to use them, but they were not custom and were almost as much as some of the custom I priced. They are really nice though. I found custom shops by going to the local farmers market in Shrewsbury and asking some of the craftsmen. I local friend had custom from Amish by contacting a few local general contractors.. try that....

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We had custom cabinets built by a company in Akron, PA - not Amish, but they did excellent work - I couldn't be happier - LMS Woodcraft, 717-859-1909

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We had our custom cabinets made by Paradise Custom Kitchens in Paradise, Pa, mere minutes from Lancaster. They are beautiful cabinets. I can't say enough good things about Paradise. The installation took only four weeks and went without a snag. It was a pleasure dealing with their professionals!

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thanks everyone, i will try all your leads, and let you know about it...

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Oxford Cabinet Shop
120 Quarry Road
Oxford, PA 19363
Jacob K. Fisher
Call Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 8-8:30 AM
(717) 529-0949

Obviously, being Amish, he does not have a phone, so he waits by a phone on those mornings.

Good luck!

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