MIele DW Toe Kick

solstice78May 30, 2013

Hey wise forum members,

We purchased, customized cabinets and installed the MIele diamond 5975 SCVi and ended up putting the SS panel on it (we were planning on customizing it). The toe kick was installed by the professional installer but it just does not look right. It's too short and doesn't fill the space. We feel like we see too much of the innards on the DW when we stand away form it. Any ideas on how to improve this look - either a part we can buy or have made? The dishwasher fits quite snug where it is inserted within the cabinetry.

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No expert here, but I just installed the stainless door panel on my new Miele Futura Diamond DW the other day. The manual shows the taller portion(above the screws)to be pointing up. I ended up having a little space under my toe kick but not a visual gap above. I am not sure which is more correct. It is easy to flip if you pop the black caps and unscrew. I am looking forward to others' feedback as well.

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We have the taller portion on top too, though ours is an Inspira from a couple of years ago. We do have an inch gap between dishwasher and counter, rather than between dishwasher and floor. I thought this was a huge issue ("this dishwasher doesn't fit!") when we installed it, but honestly this post is the first time I've thought about it in the 2.5 years since then, so clearly it isn't actually much of an issue. It's not noticeable visually with a standard counter overhang. The dishwasher height is adjustable. HTH!

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Ours is paneled, but we did ask the cabinet maker to do a custom toe kick. It is lightly nailed so can be easily removed if we ever need to repair or replace the Miele.

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Hi Solstice,

Not sure if this is helpful, but I also have a Miele Diamond and my toekick us installed the opposite way--meaning those 2 convex bumps are on the bottom. I definitely have a smaller gap than you do.

It seems it'd likely be pretty easy to have a cabinetmaker do a custom wood toe kick. You could even have a sheet metal guy do a custom piece.

I'd have Miele come back, though, to see if they can switch it around and improve the gap.

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