What can I do with 3" in a base cabinet?

msl511May 21, 2013

I thought I posted this before, but I can't find it. Maybe I forgot to hit submit. Anyway, I apologize if I'm repeating myself.

For reasons described below, I'm going to have part of a run of cabinets that will be

wall-one leg of 36" corner cab-21" trash pull out-edge of sink

and I'm going to have an extra 3" in that run to do something with. I can't move the sink or the wall. I can't add 3" to the trash pull out because they come in fixed sizes. So far as I can tell, my only choices are

(1) add 3" to the leg of the corner cab
(2) do a 3" pull out like a spice pull out
(3) just put in a 3" filler piece

I suspect (1) will provide no particular value and will look stupid.

(3) kills me because no one likes wasted space and I don't think it will look great

I'm wondering if 3" is wide enough to do anything useful with (2). Spices will be somewhere else. I wouldn't find that a convenient place to store them.

Here's where the 3" is coming from. The location of the sink is fixed because it's centered under a window. The KD originally suggested a 42" sink base, mostly, I think, because of the problem I just described. If I reduce the sink base to 36", I have 6" to play with, 3" on either side of the sink. One side is the one I just described. The other side has a 24" drawer stack that I could happily increase to 27".

So, bigger sink base than I need? (I assume the counter can be cut to take a sink that really only requires a 36" base, so I'm not forced into a bigger sink than I want, but under the sink is not my first choice for the extra 6" of storage.) Or one of the less than satisfactory options for that extra 3" on the trash side of the sink, but happily making a drawer stack 3" wider?

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You might be able to use a 3" pull out to house a towel bar. Or you can put in something similar to a spice pull out, but for saran wrap, foil and the like.

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I remember someone... a long while back; use a narrow pullout to hang dishtowels by the sink. I thought it was a rather clever use of space. Just another thought.... if you got a bigger sink base you could do your trash under the sink there and then the trash pullout could become an extra drawer stack.

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Sophie Wheeler

Look at the big picture and maybe offset the sink by quite a bit more so that it's deliberate. Do a 15" trash pull out, then do a single sink in a 25" base, then your DW. Centering the sink isn't the be-all of kitchen design. It usually forces people into choices that they wouldn't make based on pure function. If you have an overhead sketch with the dimensions, perhaps you the suggestions could hone in more specifically.

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What kind of sink is it? You might be able to shift the sink 3 inches and not even notice. For example, a divided sink with 60/40 or 70/30 split could have the faucet in line with the divider and probably close enough to centered on the window that nobody even realizes the cabinet is off a little.

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If you have a dishwasher on the other side of the sink, which is usually 24, could you swap trash and DW? Then you could use the extra 3 on your drawers.

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cookie sheet storage, like this:

This is 3.35", but maybe open verticals if you can't find the additional space.

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These are all useful thoughts and I am contemplating.

I was in Home Depot today and walked by some folding step stools for sale and said aha!

For a step stool that's not used constantly, being able to tuck it in a pull-out would be a great use of that space. The Container Store has a step stool that folds to 1.25" wide. I'll have to look into whether that's possible.

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I think you're smart to use the space for a step stool as I find my 3 inch pullout next to the range to be very impractical -- the heat is not kind to the spices! I had planned a spot for my (much needed) step stool, but the cabinet salesman mismeasured. In the end, the layout didn't suffer, but every day when I have to drag the steps out from behind the kitchen door to reach the top shelves, I'm a little bit cranky!

A pullout towel bar is another great solution especially if it's near enough to the sink to be useful.

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Here are the options using the Rev-A-Shelf filler pullouts for 3":

Base Filler Pullouts, minimum 3": Rev-A-Shelf Filler Pullout Organizer with Stainless Panel

Base Filler Pullouts, minimum 3": Rev-A-Shelf Filler Pullout Organizer with Wood Adjustable Shelves

The stainless panel might be useful if you put hooks in it for hanging smaller items...

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I was thinking the same as 35ftcabo, only if you swap the trash and DW then you will end up with 6" of extra space for the drawer stack, going from 24" to 30"! I would also think about how you like the look of a tiny 3" pullout. Another option is to use the 3" to either side of the sink base and put in columns and make the sink side more of a focal point, perhaps bumping it out as well. In this situation I'd rather see symmetry as I don't think the 3" to one side will be that useful or look that nice. I don't think a 3" filler in the middle of a cabinet run will look that nice either esp if you are going full overlay.

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