Need Help Finalizing Kitchen Layout & Design

shameazMay 7, 2013

We need to get our finalized kitchen layout to our builder this week. I would appreciate any and all help & feedback, as I'm new to all of this and want to be sure I get the kitchen right (this is hopefully the "forever home").

The latest layout had a 36" range, but I fell in love with the 48" bluestar. My builder thinks we can put it on the wall, and still keep my 30", 3 deep drawers on either side (the pen marks). There is a blind corner pull out shelf unit (really don't want it, but he says nothing else can be done).

The other changes I am considering, are moving microwave to island as a microwave drawer, and making the "drink station" cabs 24's with glass fronts and then a row of spice drawers below. The micro drawer would be on same side as prep sink, but on right corner of island. I would also then remove my prep "sitting area" and instead put more drawers.

Our cabs are Merrillat Cherry with Paprika stain. The initial designer thought doing the island & range hood cover in Kona would look nice, but now I'm considering only keeping the island in Kona. I dont want the kitchen to be dark, so I am going against her suggestion of black perimeter counters in lieu of a lighter quartz or granite.

Please share any and all thoughts and suggestions, especially on drawer size, placement, etc. and also on kitchen color scheme.



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Kathy Rivera

What about moving the fridge to where your drink cabs are. Make that current fridge area the drink/bar zone. And why would you put spice drawers all the way over in the drink zone anyway? Maybe I'm misunderstanding...

And why not close off the blind corner and just do drawers on both sides. I can't figure out what the 12" cab by the sink is, but seems to me you could combine with the blind cab to make another set of drawers?

Also, I think your island is set up oddly. If you intend to use that open space as a place to sit while you prep, it is no where near the prep sink? I'm not good with figuring out those kind of specifics, but it seems the space could be way better planned. One of the 'gurus' needs to check-in!

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Hi Kathy :)

Thanks for answering and for the questions. I put the fridge there so it would be closer to the range. The whole drink station/prep sink idea is more so the family wont get in my way while I am cooking when they need to rinse a glass, get a drink or to get into the fridge. Plus, the prep sink is also near the range. The spice drawers actually wouldnt be for spices...I like the look of them, and would use them for small items like scissors, pens, cooking twine, etc, instead of having the usual "junk drawer". The upper drawers next to the range will actually be my real spice drawers :)

I agree with you about the blind corner! I mentioned your very idea to my builder and he thinks I'm crazy, but he also doesnt understand why I want drawers instead of cabinets lol. They just put in a 12" useless set of drawers because that is all the space allowed for. I really think I will go with what you said!

To the right of the sitting area is the trash pull out. I initially thought that would be a nice place to sit while peeling potatoes, etc. But now I would rather have the space for drawers.

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Anyone else? I really need input and advice.

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My 2 cents:
1. what kind of backsplash are you planning?
I ask because I think the dark cabinets flanking the hood will make the space feel dark/heavy.
I would rather let the backsplash (especially at the hood) stand out.

2. I would move the island a bit closer toward the sink/window, so that the aisle between fridge and island is roomier, so that most traffic would that way, instead of through the range/sink/DW path.

3. I would change the angled glass upper cabinet to a 90degree cabinet, so the cabinet is not in your face when you're standing in the corner.

4. Where is your trash?

5. Is that a counter-depth or standard-depth fridge? Have you used a side-by-side fridge before? I find them really useless in space/storage. I prefer the french door w/ freezer drawer on the bottom, or a wider side-by: 24" fridge/18" freezer (or bigger). I do not like counterdepth fridge: not enough storage, especially for the high price!

6. Do you have kids? I love having my MW lower so my kids can use it.

7. I would put in an appliance garage next to fridge/under MW to store/hide/cover up toaster, Vitamix, etc. I love my appliance garage.

all for now

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Hi Amanda,

Thanks for the questions and suggestions! To answer your questions:

1. I am thinking of going with tile or tumbled stone in a lighter beige/cream color scheme. Not sure yet, but something light. The dark (Kona) hood cabinetry is being changed to the same cherry Paprika on other cabs.

2. I wanted to move the island slightly toward sink, but was told that would cause a problem at seating end of the bar due to cabinet and wall

3. Wht is the difference between a 90 degree cab and what is there now?

4. My trash pull-out is to the right of the current center "prep sitting area" (when looking at plan, it is cab straight across from sink)

5. Our fridge is a 24 or 25 cubic sq ft side by side. Not counter depth.

6. We have a college age daughter, but I was thinking pull out because I didnt like the cabinet mounted taking up that space and only allowing 12" cabs for glasses and also because I have health & arthritis issues, and am thinking ease for long term

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Any kitchen design guru's here willing to help me with this? Im really at a standstill!

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Are you planning to prep on the side of the island with the prep sink? I'm asking b/c that side appears to be a thoroughfare through your kitchen and is a less-than-ideal location (OK - bad location - sorry!). Prepping and cooking should be protected from traffic as much as possible. If that door is just a pantry door, then traffic is not an issue, but if it's a doorway to a garage, mudroom, DR, or just about any other room in the house, I think it's a problem.

Do you have a previous thread that has the full dimensions of the space, a first-floor plan that shows how the kitchen works with the rest of the house, and the answers to the Layout Help questions from the Read Me thread?

If not, could you post the above for us? See the "Read Me" thread linked below - scroll down to the "Layout Help" topic.

Edited to add the Read Me thread link and the last sentence above.

Here is a link that might be useful: New To Kitchens? Posting Pics? Read Me!

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Here is a link to a thread on easy reach corner cabinets.

This is what huango is suggesting and I agree.

Here is a link that might be useful: easy reach corner cabinets

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Hi Buehl,

Thanks so much! I hadn't seen that link before. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a scanner, so I had to take a picture of old plans. It doesnt look great, but hope it helps. I tried adding a few lines of text to label things. The kitchen is 16' 7" x 14' 11". The kitchen opens to a dining/hearth room with fireplace. That space also bleeds into a large great room. Down the "hall", the GR is on left and office on right. Past the office is the front door, stairs down to lower level, and then finally the master area.

I am open to ANY suggestions. This is planned as the "forever home" and I want to get it right. It is just me and my husband, with our adult daughter visiting occasionally. We may have a few family members come for family gatherings at times. Mostly, it is just me in the kitchen. The "prep sink" is mostly so my husband can get water, fill the coffee pot or rinse a glass without getting in my way (this happens often lol) and I also liked that it was fairly close to the range, in case I need water for cooking or to use a strainer. Im not worried at all about traffic.

My big thing is wanting to fit the 48" bluestar, but also keep my 30" deep drawers flanking it on both sides (for my heavy pots, etc). I also want to be sure I have drawers for cooking utensils, knives, eating utensils, etc well planned and near cooking area. I really am considering removing blind corner pull outs and putting in just drawers for these items. Please see the layout pictures at the beginning of my post for the most recent cabs & layout.

Here is the picture from our old plans:

Thank you so much!!

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