msl511May 10, 2013

I know a trash/recycling pull out is a very popular option here. (I also realize I don't have to do something just because it's very popular on GW.) My KID has put one in my plan, but I'm not entirely sure.

On the one hand, I certainly see the advantage to having all of that out of the way and out of sight. Nothing taking up floor real estate, nothing yucky to look at.

In our kitchen at the moment, trash goes in a conveniently located tall trash can with a swing top. I don't really worry about it if I touch it with dirty hands. Mostly I don't have to, because there's nothing to grab and I can usually push with the relatively clean back of my hand. And it's easy to wipe down.

Recycling is even easier from a functional point of view, although decidedly uglier. Plastic and metal items go in a designated spot on the counter. Newspapers and other paper items go in supermarket paper bags. Both items get taken down every couple of days. Ugly but easy.

Putting everything in a pull out will certainly look better. No more recycling lying around. No more space given over to the trash can. But, . . it seems far less convenient. Having to open a pull out every time I want to throw something away seems inconvenient. Getting the handle dirty and needing to clean it every time my hands are dirty and I need to throw something out seems annoying. Right now, if I've been cutting raw chicken and I want to throw away the package, I can push the can open with the back of a hand. With a pull out, I'm going to get it all raw chickeny and have to stop and wipe it down with a Clorox wipe in the middle of cooking.

Am I over thinking this? Is this not as much of a problem as I think or am I making a good point?

Is this why people suck it up and pay for one of those Hafele foot pedal things? Sigh. How much is THAT going to cost me?

Has anyone here just decided to go with a stand alone trash can and stand alone recycling containers? If so, are you sorry?

In a related question, if I decide to go with in cabinet trash/recycling disposal, I'm toying with the idea of a 3 can corner unit (scroll down in the link below). Does this strike anyone as a particularly good or bad idea?

Here is a link that might be useful: Corner Recycling Unit

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As with anything relating to a kitchen remodel/update, it needs to make sense for your lifestyle.

Me and DW do like the idea of hiding our trash and recycling in the cabinets, our freestanding cans get in the way. So, we opted to have a dual wastebasket pullout in the cabinets that we have on order.

I do see your point about having dirty hands. I hadn't really thought about that issue. Thanks for mentioning those foot petals, as I had never heard of them. I'll have to check them out.

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If you have room for a can on the floor, and it works for you, why not? I did opt for a pull-out. Like most Americans, I had my garbage under the sink. One day, as I washed pans, my husband once again nudged my hip to get me to move so he could throw something out. I realized that a trash pull-out next to the sink would save my marriage and maybe his life. (I was holding a skillet at the time.) I love my pull-out. I can open it with my pinky finger. But you don't have the inconvenient under-the-sink arrangement, so a pull-out may not seem like such an improvement to you.

My friend put her open trash can in a niche on the back side of her island. It works - it's out of the way and you don't have to open anything to get to it.

My recycling goes right into the county-provided bins which are kept outside the door from the kitchen to the garage. No middleman.

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I recently read about the Hafele foot pedal here on gardenweb and I googled it. They are only $35-45. With the number of times per week that I open my garbage can with "raw meat fingers," I would probably recoup that investment in 6 months of clorox wipes!

Ginny20, you are so funny! Was it a cast iron skillet?

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When prepping, I leave my trash pullout open just a few inches for easy access. That way I don't have to touch the handle with yucky hands.

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After living with trash cans out in the open, and under the sink, I am looking forward to a trash/recycling pullout.

Trash cans out in the open always seem to be grimy on the outside. Under the sink is bad because of having to move over if you are washing dishes and someone has to throw something away.

I like the trash pullouts because the can is higher up, and you can sweep things from the counter directly into the trash.

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No, just stainless steel. But I have a good arm.

I figured a trash pull-out would be cheaper than a defense attorney, so I called the cab maker the next day to change the design. It worked out well, because I put a paper towel cubby over the trash pull-out, and I love it.

I think the foot pedal would be wonderful. I wish I'd done that!

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I have a stand alone SS trash can from simple human. Recycling is in a bucket inside my laundry closet which is just outside of the kitchen work area.

There are pros and cons for each. While the majority seems to have pullouts I think the stand alone group is really the silent majority, lol.

My reasons are that I only have 11 cabinets in total and could not afford to give up storage for garbage. I like that the family can get to the garbage can without entering the prime work area. Same goes for recycling.

A note about recycling and I guess its about garbage too. Every area is different about what they recycle. Some areas do not have curbside recycling and others are all out recycling just about everything. Its been pointed out many times here on GW that the rules about recycling are changing fast in some communities.

In just a few years our community have gone from just a few items that could be put out in a small blue box to now having a huge recycling tote the same size as our garbage tote. In fact now we have much more recycling than garbage. Some communities you have to sort others not. With that being said it make it hard to plan recycling/garbage in your kitchen.

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I am actually losing a lot of floor space with my remodel, because I am adding counter/cabinets and pantry. So under the sink it will be. However, if I had the floor space and a convenient niche, I might have left things as they are -- I have 2 stainless steel cans with foot pedals, the larger one for trash, the small one for compost. The recycling goes into an open container, but I would rather have a lidded bin.

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I love the fact that my dogs can't get into my garbage as it's in a pullout. And I, too, leave the pullout open a bit while prepping. I would rather have the trash tucked away than in its own container out in the open. But it's your kitchen - there's no right or wrong answer

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Are your doors going to be inset or overlay? The door on my trash pull-out is partial overlay, and I have no trouble nudging it open from the bottom, with my toe, if necessary. Hmmm...maybe the next time I have the router out, I'll add a toe-pull recess. ;)

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My garbage used to be under the sink, which was no big deal for us. It was the recycling that was a pain. I always had a paper bag with papers on a chair, and a small can crammed under the sink for cans and bottles.

Now I have a pullout on my longer peninsula, and it was great sliding stuff right off the counter into the trash today! Plus, we don't have to play musical chairs with the newspapers. So far, I am really liking it--although I have reached under the sink 5 times in 3 days.....

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We have 99%-certain decided to go with a servo drive for our double waste pull out. Easy to open, easy to close - don't have to touch anything with yucky chicken hands. If we weren't doing that, we would probably go with the foot pedal option.

Our current "solution" is a garbage can sitting out and recyclables are lined up along the floor in front of the garbage can until DH or I take them out to the recycle bin.

Our community recently started recycling much more and we have a huge rolling bin for them now, so a lot more is recyclable than what we've actually been doing because we don't have any good place to keep the recyclables.

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That servo drive sounds pretty cool as well. Not sure we'd go for the price, though.

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I agree with the thought 'do what works for you'. Our trash used to be out, but the remodel changed the area where it was, so now it's a pullout. We did the Hafele pedal and love it. But, if we had a niche or an out of way spot, we would have kept the cans out.

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This has been a really helpful discussion. Thank you all so much.

I guess I was thinking of the servo drive when I was thinking about pricey extras. If the pedal is so reasonable, we can just do that. Also, I didn't realize/didn't think of the option of leaving the pull out door open a bit while I'm working. Even that little piece of information throws everything in a whole new light.

(How did anyone ever accomplish anything before the internet?)

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I'm planning a trash pullout and separate recycling in a storage closet across from the basement door. Right now we have a tall pedal trashcan which moves every time we step on the pedal, and that's getting old fast. Our recycling is in the open pantry - two large totes, one for paper and one for glass/metal/plastic - and it's nice having the bags open and accessible, no top to lift. Since we generate a lot more recyclable waste than garbage, I'm happy having a small pullout for food trash and not taking up valuable cabinet space with larger recycling containers.

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I don't have the foot pedal on my trash pullout, but I wish I did! As it is, I also leave the pullout open when I'm working with raw meat. I wonder if someone with experience will comment on this: it's my understanding that the foot pedal is incompatible with soft-close, and that it is designed for use with frameless cabinets (though I believe I've read of a work-around for framed).

Good luck with these momentous trash decisions! ;)

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I think the only thing that will work for a soft close pull out is the servo drive unit. They look cool, but at around $300, it is a frill that we will likely live without.

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My mom has had a pedal on her pull out trash compactor for 25 years. I have no idea what is but she has regular framed cabs and it still works great.

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Having the trash and recycling in a pull-out is one of the best things about the new kitchen! We used to have a trash can out in the open, and recyclimg in the pantry around the corner from the kitchen. The height of the trash in the pullout is so much better--far fewer "misses" around the basket. Also, it's great to be able to empty those few little crumbs from the cracker boxes in the trash, then flatten the box and put it in recycling in one stop. Love keeping the trash pullout open during prep. For me, there are no downsides to the pullout.

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My OCD husband partially solved the problem - When high use times, we leave it open a bit so no icky finger . problems. (Just like repac)- In reality, I don't put anything smelly in the pull out - but use leftover zips and put the icky scraps in the zip first (re-use bags from non-icky foods, etc)
Ours is on the end of the cabinet run as it was the only spot available.
I will have to see if the Hafele will work - the Lee Valley wouldn't work with our design.

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I was thinking exactly like you. I felt sorry to give up valuable real-estate (aka cabinet space) for a trash can. I thought a stand-alone can should work. I was going to put the recycling bin in the laundry room (which is right off the kitchen, literally just steps away from the prep area).

However, for all (or most) reasons listed by PPs, I decided to have a pull-out and I love it. Actually, I know I would have regretted all other options.

I am with A2: keep it open for high use time and not put anything smelly. I also keep a small piece of paper towel on the counter while cooking in case I need to open the door when my hands are dirty. I use the paper towel over the handle and then throw it into the garbage can with the discards and push the door closed using some other body part (knee, elbow, or whatever works best that moment, LOL).

However, most of the garbage is actually compost plus I have a big sink. I often leave the stuff in the sink till I am finished with the prep work. Then I wash my hands, open the compost can and/or the trash can or/and plastic bags, put everything there at once, and wash hands again. This process involves one extra hand-washing but I do it so often during prep that one more makes no difference. :-)


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FWIW, IKEA has a servo-drive unit for $130-ish. It is only for the garbage unit - it won't open other things like the full units will. But for those just looking for the garbage option, this might work. The IKEA pictures show it as a Blum unit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Utrusta (Blum servo-drive)

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I had a pullout made just for the trash, didn't have room for the double.Haven't had a problem with opening it, I just leave it open a bit when I use it. Recycling goes in a container right outside kitchen door. Love the trash pull out. So happy I put it in.

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Our remodel included one trash pullout, but because of the width & depth of the cabinet, it could fit only one smallish can in the space. However, there is a small open area just behind the waste can that I could fit a small waste basket. We put our plastic in that wastebasket and take it out to the garage recycling bin every day or 2 as it fills up. I actually am very happy with the smallish size of these receptacles because it means the trash really has to go out every day so it lessens the likelihood of cabinet stinking up from the garbage. We also put a small Rev-a-shelf unit under the main kitchen sink for paper/cardboard. It fits a paper grocery sack to hold everything. It may not be the grandest solution but it is really working well for us.

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@andreak100 - That IKEA one is a nicer price than I had seen. We still will probably not put one in right away, but I may just have to ensure there is an outlet close by if we ever feel the need to add one.

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gpraceman - yes, it won't hurt to have the electrical outlet in the cabinet. Probably way less expense to put it in while the cabinets are being installed than to try to run it later. Our garbage is going in our island which is going to have outlets anyway, so it's just one more run of wires going in.

The way the unit works, it appears that you need a solid "strike plate" at the back of your garbage roll out...probably at the bottom, so keep that in mind when purchasing your garbage unit. I think that the soft-close function is a part of the garbage unit itself, not the servo-drive, although I may be mistaken since I haven't seen the unit in use yet.

Getting to know WAY too much about trash here! lol

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It really is nice to have it off the floor and out of the way. It is always open a few inches when prepping. If i have 'ick' hands i can slide it further with a nudge of my knee. If i forget, i have a small stainless 'L' shaped drawer pull attached under, it is a tiny 1 inch, that i can grab with my foot. For dry garbage i designed an open bin with a framed topper(hides the bag edge) that is french cleated to the end of my cabinet run. It matches my cabinets and is off the floor. Dogs cannot get in it or knock it over. It is just dry stuff and not stinky but they would manage to have fun with it looking for that one tiny cracker crumb. Compost bucket is hanging just over my prep area. I think it is made for an animal pen, probably water since it is stainless. Got it at a farm feed store. It has a handle and hooks and hangs on my magnetic knife bar. Most knives are in the drawer below but we like our few favorites out and handy.
I have a very small efficient kitchen and need things simple and put away.
You will not be sorry finding space for garbage tucked away.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We're old fashioned and keep garbage under the sink...I can pull the can out and bring it over to the island to sweep into if necessary. We have a ceramic canister on the counter top that is used for composting and we empty it daily. Recycling bin is in the garage nearby so we take cans/bottles there directly....we built in shelves for recycling bins right near the door.

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That servo drive unit looks easy enough to install. The soft close looks to be the drawer glides, not the servo unit.

Blum has a unit for those with top mounted wastebaskets.

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I too, like to have my garbage and recycling hidden out of view. That is why it all goes out the back door ASAP. I didn't design my beautiful new kitchen to store trash.

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This has all been incredibly helpful.

So, for a trash pull out, my KD is recommending hanging trash cans, but I see the cab company also offers bottom mount. Of course, I'll ask her why she prefers hanging, but I'm wondering what people here think.

(Should I start this as a new topic?)

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I may be in the minority here, but I vote for "just say no" to hiding the garbage can in a cabinet.

Actually I was thinking about it last night: We have a built-in desk in our current kitchen -- so wisely placed smack dab in the middle of the kitchen. Why, oh why? But I digress: We keep our open trash can in the space under this desk. It's in a convenient spot, but the problem is that my family seems genetically unable to put garbage INTO the can, and every week I have to sweep out the wrappers, etc. that've fallen behind the can. They are also unable to recognize that the can has reached its limits, so they stack more, more, more on top of the can. As much a pain as this is, I was thinking to myself that it'd be even harder to retrieve lost garbage IF it were in a narrow kitchen cabinet and IF the gunk was occasionally getting stuck in a sliding track.

I'm perfectly happy to keep my garbage "out". I'm going to have a little "extention" on the end of my island that'll hide the garbage from sight of the great room.

Popular opinion? Probably not, but I feel sure it's the right choice for me.

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We're debating this issue with our new kitchen. I'm unsure about storing trash inside cabinets. Does it get germy & gross?

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My DW went a little overboard IMO, we have a trash pull-out next to the sink on the left. I leave it open if I'm prepping so I can just drop things in. On the right is the DW then we have a 24" 3 can recycling pullout and another 24" 3 can pull out next to that one. We use all 6 for burn, tin/metal, plastic, refundables, cat food and dog food. I will admit that it's an extra step to use them but it neatens up things so much it's worth it. Both sinks have disposals also. I always had the garbage under the sink but it's so much nicer to have a truly dedicated place for everything.

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For day to day trash it's been fine. I had the same concerns, but having a smaller can has required us to trash to be taken out daily. I love that!! I figure if we we able to afford to remodel our kitchen we can afford a new trash bag every day. And if we're doing something that has a large amount of gross waste (i.e.deboning poultry, etc), i just put it in a plastic grocery bag and take it out right away. I haven't found that much misses getting in the can and it's easy to pull the can out and wipe down the inside of the cabinet if I need to.

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We've been keeping our trash can under the sink for 20+ years, and have not found it to be yucky (if we throw away something yucky, it goes outside right away).

We have a U-shaped kitchen - no convenient spot for an open trash can. But more important, we have dogs. We have to put a child-proof latch on the sink cab, because our first dog learned to open the cabinet to get to the garbage.

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If you can afford a pullout you won't be sorry. I've lived in 3 different homes and all three have had the double ones and I wouldn't be without them. I have always changed my bags at least once a day even before I had the pullouts so that wasn't an issue for me.

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Lots of options, and the key is to decide what works best for you. We ended up with a pullout for recyclables that has 4 hanging plastic trash containers in it. I was leery of having it at first because our garage is only steps away where our outside recycling container is. However, I realized that in my family, despite all the discussing and fussing, the recyclables would end up on the counter in the old kitchen. Good Ole Mom was the only person ably capable of moving the recyclables from the counter top to the garage.

I am so glad we have that recycle center in the kitchen now!

As far as trash goes, it turns out that for me having a stainless steel trash can out in the open with a step opening system works best. No one ever has to hunt for where the trash is. My refrigerator, stove top and microwave are also stainless steel, so the trash doesn't "stick" out as much. Plus it is so convenient to step on it to open it when I have nasty chicken packages, etc. that need to be pitched.

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I clicked on your idea of the 3 corner recycling unit after I'd posted. I think that's a great idea for those pesky corner cabinets! In our renovation we managed to avoid any corner cabinets. If I had to have one, I would love to house my recycle bins there. Great idea!

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I clicked on your idea of the 3 corner recycling unit after I'd posted. I think that's a great idea for those pesky corner cabinets! In our renovation we managed to avoid any corner cabinets. If I had to have one, I would love to house my recycle bins there. Great idea!

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We actually thought more about the 3 corner recycling unit and decided it would be a pain.

In the same way that drawers are better than roll outs because you only have to open one thing rather than 2, we thought that having to open the door and then spin the unit around to get to the right container would be a pain.

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