12"w x 95"h pull out

lisadluMay 17, 2014

I am planning my remodel and want to put a tiny pantry of some sort between my wall and refrigerator. I also need to do this so the fridge will open fully. Would a floor to ceiling pull out (about 12" - 20" wide) be too heavy to pull out after storing food items? Or split it up with two stacked pull outs? Thanks!

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The problem you will have with a 95" pullout is at that height you will not be able to easily reach the top section. Will all the cabs on that wall reach similar heights? With similar height, I went with a 3 drawer stack on base with a pantry on top. Three rollouts are at the bottom of pantry. At 5' 6", I can only see the perimeter of the top rollout. Above that is just deep shelving. Definitely requires a minimum 2-step or higher ladder to access things. Not your everyday storage.

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Fori is not pleased

I asked this, or similar, a while back and got all sorts of useful ideas. People do it and seem generally pleased.

Here is a link that might be useful: tall skinny cab thread

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Fori, what a great thread.

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Way too tall. You cannot see, for one thing, that high. A good cab maker with pullout experience will tell you.

I love love my two 15wide pullout pantries but that is way too tall. Hinges, also, cannot do it at that height. My hinges are rated at way high pounds but there is a balance factor.

Be assured that pull outs can hold a boatload of stuff, but not that high.

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We have a normal height 12" pull out and LOVE it - wine cubbies are above it to the ceiling. I've also seen this doen with just shelves above it for books, or a cabinet with a door.

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Our 12 inch pull out pantry is full height. I would have to measure it but between 80-90 inches. It works fine. I am sure there are pictures on the thread.
I can see and reach everything.
It is fun to show off but there are probably more efficient storage options

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You could also use pull out drawers rather than the full pull out mechanism. You pull the drawer you need when you open the pantry. This will also the easy use of a ladder for the items stored up top.
Good luck.

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Use one with wire baskets or use rails instead of solid sides, easier to see what's there. Hafele has wire basket model, or have rails to use on wooden ones and they also offer a just the glide that will take the weight.

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Would you consider having a cabinet that opens from the side? This is what I was talked into and it's great. It would be 12" deep which is perfect for a box of cereal, pasta, etc. Nothing would get lost in there.

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Thanks for all the suggestions and the link to the other thread. Seems like my situation is common and there are plenty of good solutions out there! :)

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