Quilted Stainless Steel Backsplash

ekbecker1May 12, 2013

Does anyone have a backsplash like this? If so, would you share pictures and your opinion? I think it might be a good option for behind my slide-in range. I was considering doing a granite backsplash behind the range because there's a lot of spatter when I cook and I don't want to clean tile and grout. This looks so much easier to clean. It's also less expensive than granite and it adds a design element that happens to fit in with my house. I live in a Tudor revival and it has diamond-paned windows in the front door and the driveway is cut in diamond shapes. I don't want to go overboard with the diamond/quilting thing but this backsplash is calling to me.

I'm uncertain exactly how to handle the joints where it will butt up against a tile backsplash so I'm curious how others have handled it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quilted Diamond Backsplash

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Holly- Kay

What a great choice for a backsplash. It is beautiful, classy, and unique.

I have a battery store and I did the counter fronts in diamond plate for an industrial look. The point of this is the diamond plate is very easy to clean so I suspect that if you go with this for a bs it will also be easy to clean.

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Easy to clean - that's exactly what I need! And I think it's a little more interesting looking than the standard stainless backsplash with shelf. I got the idea from another picture I saw on houzz and now I can't find that picture. I think that version was a little more argyle-ish with alternating shiny steel and brushed steel.

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Holly- Kay

Oh that sounds lovely. Very easy to clean and beautiful too! Let me know if you find out where to get it!

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We are thinking of doing the same thing. I like the utility and beauty of it. Check out the link below for ideas:


Here is a link that might be useful: Stainless. Steel backsplashes

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Mine isn't quilted, but I LOVE our stainless backsplash. Easy to clean and adds brightness to the room.
Here's mine before the hood was installed for an idea, though this is too contemporary for a Tudor revival;-) If you do use stainless, be sure you decide if you want the grains alternating or all the same. Alternating allows for a dull/shiny pattern and highlights the pattern more than if all are laid the same. I had to make a split second decision on that and decided for the contrast. DH came home and didn't like it. I told him tough!LOL

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Bahacca, that is very cool! Thanks for sharing the picture. So are these tiles? I see what you mean about the dull/shiny pattern. That is exactly what I saw on houzz that I can't find now.

I want to make sure I am understanding how you accomplished this. . . Are these tiles? Is the grain on the rectangular tiles horizontal and then the grain on the square tiles vertical? It looks great.

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I too am considering a quilted stainless backsplash behind my rangetop! My last two kitchens had tile behind the range, and the grout was always stained with splatter, and it was such a pain to clean. You'd wipe your sponge on the smooth tile, and then it would drag and catch on the sandy grout. Ugh, so done with that.

I thought about smooth stainless steel backsplash, but realized it would show every splatter like a mirror. So, quilted seemed perfect. But now I am deciding between having a slab of my granite behind my rangetop (not for the entire kitchen backsplash, just for behind the rangetop), or having the quilted stainless steel panel. I think if my hood were going to be a wood hood, the stone backplash would be the best choice. But since I will have a stainless hood, I am leaning toward the quilted stainless backsplash.

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Another idea is what Martha Stewart has done for her set for the PBS show "Martha Stewart's Cooking School". It looks like stainless steel tiles behind the range--or perhaps it's a stainless sheet made to look like tile. The stainless tile pattern flows seamlessly into her stone or ceramic tiles (I can't tell which kind they are). There is no demarcation between the two types of tiles, it's very cleverly laid out. (you can find the show on your local PBS if you want to see the kitchen in more detail.)

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Here's another SS example. We hand assembled the first 6" and then used mosaic sheets up the rest of the wall. We love it. It reflects light, and is very easy to clean.

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Yes. We used stainless tiles. Rectangles are grained horizontally and squares are set with the vertical grain. Here is a close-up. I can see the grain on my pictures so hopefully it shows up here.
If you want quilted, I know even home depot sells it as a sheet for MUCH easier and cheaper than tiles and grouting would be, but it is a different look.

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Thank you all so much for your replies. The pictures are so helpful!

Bahacca, thank you for the detail on the tiles. I really like how the alternating grains create a different look. I'm such a messy cook that I'm a little afraid of grout behind the stove. At least, the grey grout with the stainless tiles will probably hide stains better than all the white tiles I seem to like.

Mrs_Nyefnyef, I also considered doing a granite backsplash behind the stove. However, I worried that it would be difficult to transition from the thick piece of granite behind the range to a thinner backsplash tile next to it for the rest of the counters. If you go with the stainless, do you have a plan for the rest of your backsplash? I'm curious what you would pair with it. Maybe you have a great idea that can save me from my indecision!! The Martha picture is helpful. . . I personally feel like the stainless part needs some type of border to set it off from the glass subway tiles. I don't know. . . I'm driving myself crazy with these details.

Michele0901, thank you for that link! I just had a chance to look at it and it is exactly the kind of thing I meant. It has more dimension than the home depot sheets. It's more expensive, of course, but it's such a unique look. And it seems like it would be easier to clean than anything with grout. Have you decided what the rest of your backsplash will be? I'm wondering how to treat the border where the stainless connects to the tile backsplash that will be next to it. I wonder if I could do a row of vertical pencil tiles at the edge of the sheet to sorta trim it out. KWIM?

I'm attaching a link to the other backsplash I had been considering. . . also a diamond pattern. I really like how this one looks, but I worry about cleaning it. The "dragging sponge on grout" is like nails on chalkboard to me! However, if I do stainless diamonds behind the range, I don't think I can do this white one in the rest of the kitchen. Too much diamond going on. So that means I will have to think of a new backsplash for the rest of the kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: White Diamond Tile Backsplash Idea

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