Second guessing myself... Granite will be fabricated next week!

frugalnotstingyMay 22, 2013

Hello again!

My initial decision for my countertop was to keep the peninsula & make it just one level as opposed to the original bi-level. I have the perfect triangle right now for my work area & I thought I didn't have the space to put an island in anyways.

I've been reading a lot about how a peninsula is out dated & that had me second guessing myself.

Can anyone give me an opinion whether I have the space for an island without making the kitchen too cramped?

It is 4.5 ft from the corner of the peninsula to the wall across it & it is 8.5 feet from the sink to the opposite side.

The picture was taken from the family room and the door that you see there leads out to the deck.
Any input would be greatly appreciated!

I am keeping the cabinets - but what to do with them is another topic altogether. :-)

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I like your cabinets, but I like stained oak.
You could take the uppers all the way to the ceiling.

I think your peninsula is fine. It looks like you made room for chairs...and that is still in. Personally I choose what I like usually and don't worry about what is in unless I am painting a house so I can sell it.

Now countertop choices have me really confused. I can't make up my mind about them.

What are your instincts telling you?

Are you going to make the right side of peninsula rectangular or curved? I have been seeing a lot of eating spaces that are curved lately.

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I made room for seating for the peninsula and it will be slightly curved. It will not follow the little corner of the cabinet there - instead, it will stick out a little from the corner of the wall and the curve will go from there - does that make sense? :-o

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I don't think you have room, nor want an island in that space. It will always be in your way.

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Yes, islands are very popular, but they can not fit into everyone's kitchen.
Your peninsula is perfect for your lifestyle and your kitchen.

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Frugal, I had pictured it just like you explained. I think you are on the right track. Your peninsula will be great for storage and eating just like an island. Looking forward to finished pictures. Peke

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I would say a perfect work triangle is ALWAYS in. I don't think an island, if you could fit one in, would provide that. In fact, you could end up with the dreaded ''barrier island.'' I think you will end up with a beautiful AND functional kitchen, which I think should be the ultimate goal.

Your plans for reshaping the peninsula sound very nice. What granite are you putting in?

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Thank you all for the reassurance! I don't have a big kitchen - our home was built in 1987 - but I do like the semi-open feel to it despite the age.

sail-away, I would be putting in Bianco Romano.

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I currently have a peninsula also - not angled like yours (mine is at a 90 degree from the sink) but granite with an arch. I really enjoy being able to look out the window and then just pivot and I'm at the peninsula to prep or chat with who is sitting there.

I guess I am just agreeing with everyone else - I think the peninsula works well.

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Thanks, Autumn for the insight!

Quick question (one of many lol)...

I want to remove the trim/board that runs across the top cabinets -don't know what it's called - and run it going towards the window. I was thinking it would make it look more up to date. I'm trying to go for the transitional look. Is that a good idea?

Please try to ignore the curtain. My mother in law made that for me & I didn't have the heart not to use it. :-)

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I think an island would drive you crazy in that space. I also think you should remove the woodwork about the window.

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It always surprises me to hear that "islands are in style" and "peninsulas are outdated". I find that ludicrous when we're talking about a remodeled kitchen. Choosing an island vs peninsula should be a functional layout and use decision, not a style decision. Islands are fantastic in kitchens that have the right layout for them. Otherwise, a peninsula can essentially function in the same manner. I'm not a layout expert, but it does not look like your kitchen has room for an island, but it does look perfect for a peninsula. It can offer the same option of counter seating and should really function well in your space.

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Prickly is right. A peninsula is just an attached island. LOL

Frugal we had one of those too, except our house was built in the 60s, added on to several times, remodeled last in the late 90s. Too bad they didn't fix the electrical. We took it off. Looks like it would be an easy job. You could get a cabinet maker to make another set uppers to match yours and stack them on top and add new crown molding. The wood grains are lovely.

We actually matched our new cabinets' stain color with our old oak trim that we are reusing. Perfect match. We had a ton of oak wood from the suspended ceiling. Check out this lowered ceiling and all the oak boards they used. It had 12' ceilings above all that ugly plastic stuff. I have about 120 of those plastic rectangles that were in the suspended ceiling. I doubt Habitat for Humanity will take them. ðÂÂÂ

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Peke - won't the additional upper cabs look funky? They would just be small squares on top of the original cabs.

I actually don't mind stained look. This just looks too orange-y to me. Or is it just the wall color that makes it look more orange than it really is? Should I try re-painting the wall first (since it's less expensive) before I mess with the cabinets? I know I need to update the hardware also.

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I am not sure about the stacking but my cabinet guy said he does it all the time. He said something about removing the crown molding and adding stacked cabinets, then put some kind of trim piece to cover up the seams where they are stacked. I don't understand it and don't have any pictures to show. You might try asking for free estimates from a custom cabinet maker.

I've got it. Put sliding library ladder where the seam is. LOL

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