help with kitchen layout needed, part 2

countertopsurpriseMay 26, 2013

Hi all,

A couple weeks ago I started a posting about the layout of our kitchen:

The result was, that I was going to concentrate on only two layouts. Now I have worked on these two layouts and would like your opinion on these options.

General question/comments:
1. Our windowsill behind the sink is quite deep, does anyone have an idea how to use a deep windowsill behind a sink? Do you know of any smart solution for such a space?

2. We are planning to use one bigger sink with a drain board instead of 2 smaller sinks. What do you think is more useful? Please have a look at the following sink we are considering:

3. We aim for a modern look of the kitchen. We think, that the galley layout (option 1) is more modern and also helps with our walls, which are not parallel. What is your opinion on this?

4. I calculated the storage space as recommended by the NKBA. Both options seem to have about the same amount of storage.

5. The part that accommodates fridge and sink are actually the same in both layouts.

Option no. 1: Galley Layout: Here are some sketches and pictures of the galley layout.

Here are some comments/questions on the galley layout:
1. We don't use a MW that much, we currently don't even have one. Could we use a MW/oven combination device in the high cabinet? This would free up the space under the cooktop. How is your experience with those devices.
2. Are the 3 seats arranged around the corner a little awkward? should we aim to have the seats in a row?
3. Is the widths of the galley and behind the seats sufficient?
4. What are some smart solutions to bring some power outlets to the island?
5. Is the countertop to the left and to the right of the sink too small?

Option no. 2: L + Island layout: Here are some sketches and pictures of the L + Island layout:

Here are some comments/questions on the L + Island layout:
1. Is that Island actually too small to work as an island? It is mainly there to house the cooktop and the oven.
2. The fumehood is actually missing in the rendering above, but would be the same solution as in the galley layout.

Thank you very much for your help again, you guys did a great job the last time!!


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I prefer the galley layout. It seems less cramped and like it would be better for traffic flow.

There are a few options for outlets in the island:
on the island front, hidden behind a door that looks like a drawer (although then you lose possible drawer space):

This one is next to a drawer behind the same drawer front:

Plugmold under the counter top:

Inside a cabinet:

And those pop ups called Mockets (see some pictures in the thread linked below.)

I think the big sink sounds great. I have a double and often think it would be nice to have a large single, but then again there are times when I hand wash in one side and use the other side for something else (like emptying pasta water or whatever.) I would love something like this with an integrated cutting board (and this just happens to have a deep window sill behind it, per your other question):

Contemporary Kitchen

Deep window sills: on search "deep window sill behind sink" and you'll find some inspiration pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread on outlets in islands

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I like the galley layout but i want to flip the oven and frig. I"d prefer the frig to be closer to people dining whether at the island counter or table.

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Instead of having an island and create multiple aisles, can't you consider using the other long wall? I understand that the walls aren't parallel but dept of cabs can be increased as you get near the DR and if you have the L on that wall, I think the peninsula would hide the irregularity considerably.

Link for the sink didn't work for me, but I would prefer a bigger sink than 2 smaller ones.

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Thanks for all the feedback so far!

@ chicagoans:
Thanks for all the useful ideas about the power outlets. I discussed these options with my wife, and we will probably go with some plugmolds under the counter top. The overhang in our design should be big enough to hide the plugmolds some more. We also found some interesting ideas about the window sill behind the sink on houzz.

@ remodelfla: Thank you very much for the suggestion of swapping the position of fridge and oven (actually Microwave). So far the MW was planned in a 24 inch pantry, but as we are thinking more seriously about the combination device of oven and MW, we were putting in a 30inch pantry anyway. And with a 30 inch pantry we could swap the fridge and the oven/MW.

@sena01: We thought about that combination already, but we want to maintain the walkway on the right side of the house. Please try the following link for the sink:

Does anyone have experience with drain grooves directly integrated in a granite or quartz countertop? Are those more useful than an integrated drainboard as in the link above?


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Well, for cooking space I like the galley better since it has that nice expanse alongside the stove. The L + island has one in the wrong place for me. To do the L I'd have to fix this by moving the big 3 around as necessary.

For everything else I like the L + island better. It seems to create a cleaner sight line down the house and out to the garden. Within a long, narrow room, and house, it also doesn't accentuate that the way the galley seems to. Both imperfect notions, of course, are strictly from this side of the screen.

Having seating at the L also keeps people away the stove area and its spatters and so on. OTOH, their backs are now to the table, which is not good.

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if this is a smaller dwelling, it might make a difference as far as number of people living in the home.the galley kitchen is actually a very small kitchen in terms of storage and usable counter. if you are satisfied, fine but analyze the counter available on a regular basis,when the normal amt of things accumulate around the sink and on the counter at the end position.....and then you wish to commence the prep for a is definitely not a multiple cook setup...and open floor plans are trending that way for good reason.

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