Copper sink is ordered!!

terrinmMay 16, 2013

Well after months of stressing over my main kitchen sink I finally called Rachiele and ordered it! I flip flopped between it and the Silgranit at least 254971886528 times over the last few months. So it's apron front copper for the main sink and Silgranit for the prep sink. Best of both worlds!

Thanks to everyone that posts pictures, that is such a huge help when you live somewhere that doesn't have a great selection.

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Holly- Kay

Congrats Terri! Rachiele makes a gorgeous sink. I wish I had seen them before my kd ordered the whitehaven.

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Ohh, I am jealous! I, too, think Rachiele's copper sinks are gorgeous. Did you get a pre-patinaed pattern for the apron, or are you going to let nature take its course?

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Congrats! That's a decision you won't regret. I love both my Rachiele copper sinks. Beautiful, indestructible and so easy to clean. What are you doing on the apron? Make sure you share pictures!

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Thanks everyone! I'm excited, would be more so if I had more stuff on my "list" decided :)

The apron will be a rustic patina but with not a lot of greens/blues in it. Just a tad maybe. I'm hoping to have a picture of it in a couple of weeks and will definitely share!

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