Honed quartzite kitchen counter. Help

walflower2May 5, 2013

I just installed a quartzite tile countertop in my kitchen. I sealed using impregnator as instructed but have a problem. The first day I got a drop of vegetable oil on it and it will not come up. It is just a dark spot. I have tried everything. So, first question is what will clean it and second question is should I have oiled all the tiles (like you do with butcher block)?

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Sophie Wheeler

A lot of quartzites are extremely porous and only suited to use externally. And you used quartzite tiles? What sealer did you use? Many times you will need more than one coat of sealer. And no, you wouldn't want to contaminate the counter with oil.

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Hollysprings, I did seal it using 511 impregnator and I put three coats on. The tile is not for external use according to the specifications. I don't want to oil it necessarily but I would rather have the whole thing oiled than have dark spots anytime something gets on it. Is it a bad idea to oil it?

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Most honed surfaces are more difficult to clean than their polished counterparts. Their texture tends to trap dirt and oils. I would try a degreaser like Coastal to see if it will remove it, but it is a preview for how much work this counter will be for you to maintain. Using harsh cleaners will also strip the sealer. Oiling it isn't a solution as it will take unevenly and be blotchy. Not to mention that the oil will attract and hold dirt. Oil on soapstone evaporates rather than soaks in like it would on quartzite.

"Interior" use isn't use as a counter. It's for use as wall cladding some place that doesn't get the use that a counter will get. I would recommend removing it now before the grout and thinset harden even more. Replace it with laminate if you have to if you're on a budget. Even a smooth laminate would be easier to care for that a honed quartzite counter.

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Well it is too late for replacing it unless we want to rip all of the counters up (which we don't). It said it was for interior flooring which seems like a bad idea also if its that porous. For now we will just have to be careful with it I guess. We only redid them because we are putting it up for sale. It would be nice if there was something we could put on it that would seal it even a little better though

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Putting it up for sale? I'm sorry you went to all of that work. Really, a nice laminate would be better for resale than any type of tile counter. It would be worth your time (and give you better resale value) to remove it. Especially since it will be a bear to keep looking good for showings.

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The good thing is that it isn't a solid color. So variations won't show as much. And I have to say, I generally hate tile counters but I quite pleased with the look of this. Just not the stain issue :(

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I don't have any ideas for the oil spot but I just wanted to say that the counter top and back splash look really nice!

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thanks kam76. I really do like the way it looks and I don't think it looks like the typical tile countertop (in part because of the size of the tiles) but it sounds like it is going to be causing me some ongoing problems.

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When I got a stain on my honed calacatta marble in my bathroom, my stone supplier suggested using a poultice procedure like this one:


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