Could this tile be *the one*? what do you think?

ni_2006May 13, 2009

So, after agonizing over which tiles to pick for my kitchen backsplash, I found a tile that has a crackle finish and some interest to it. DH has said that he's lost the will to live over my indecisiveness and that I should pick whatever I want. So, I am thinking about using these 2.5 x 5 tiles everywhere in a staggered subway style, except for the area behind the cooktop, where we will do calcutta marble mosaic tiles in a herringbone pattern (just like willowdecor did).

We have low ceilings (about 7.5 feet high and don't get a lot of natural light until the afternoon, so I want a tile that is not too dark.)

So, my dear GW friends, here are my questions:

1. What do you think of this tile? Do you think it looks good with my kitchen and granite?

2. Does it go with the calcutta mosaic tiles?

Honest opinions please!!!

Here is the kitchen:

Here is a close up of the granite

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It seems to be a fantastic match with your granite. Do you have a sample of the marble tiles to put beside it?

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Thumbs up!! I think it will look great in your kitchen and seems to go very well with the granite.

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Oh Yes! That one appears perfect with your Bianco Romano.

At the moment I've decided not to add a backsplash to mine, but please tell what the tile is so that if I do change my mind I can look it up. That is the best compliment to the BR I've seen anywhere. Congratulations!


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I think the tile is perfect with the Bianco Romano. Also would like to know the name of the manufacturer and the name of the tile.

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Wow, off topic a bit, but I can't believe that I never noticed how similar Bianco Romano is to the granite that we just had installed. It must have been re-named by our fabricator...

I can't wait to see your backsplash installed. Our kitchen tones are so similar it's uncanny, newly finished red/white oak floors, cherry cabinets with cinnamon stain and the granite is almost an exact match (it was called Lactus at the granite yard).

I have to say that my wife is keen on putting in an off-white subway style backsplash and I'm reluctant because I don't like things to sort of match without really matching so I'd prefer a contrast. My favorites so far are a lighter greenish slate 1x2 and tumbled red onyx in 6x6 both would be set in a brick pattern. There was also a more modern grey cement texture tile, I think it was the Stonepeak Limestone in grey. We just decided to wait a year or so on the backsplash though, If either of us has to make another choice we'll explode.

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Looks perfect! Great choice :)

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Very attractive! Gorgeous cabinets and combination with your granite. Hmmmm, can you tell us the name of your pendants as well?????

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I love your kitchen! I like your granite alot. I too haven been going through a tough time trying to decide on a backsplash. My granite (juparana pompeii) is much more colorful, yet because of that it has been very hard to match with tile. We played with the idea of glass tile and I did find one that I loved, but not the per square foot price of $28. But just this weekend I found a lovely onyx mosaic that my husband and I agree on. I think because I have looked at so many, many backsplash ideas in the past 2 months, I feel strongly about certain things. I wanted to just say that you seem to be playing it safe with color. I wondered if you would be painting your kitchen a specific color because everything appears to be on the safe side right now with the white. Have you looked at glass subway tiles? or the mini glass subway tiles? They would add so much color to your kitchen. Please do not take any offense to my comments. I have good intentions in my suggestions. Good Luck to you!

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I like it....A LOT!

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I also like it a lot and feel it ia s good match and will look great!

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I love the crackle-glaze texture. It provides extra interest to a very calm tile. I don't think you can go wrong with it, because it will provide a nice neutral background without being a snooze-fest. BTW, what is that tile? I'd like to know more.

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I really really like it! Looks GREAT with the granite.

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Thank you all for your feedback! The tile is made by a company called Ceramiche Grazia and it is the Rixi line. This tile kind of looks like Walker Zanger's Mizu tiles, but at a lower price of about $13 per sq foot.

rhome410 - I will be getting a sample of the calcutta tiles in a couple of days, and I can't wait to see if they work with the ceramic tile.

katienic - I am glad you found your Bianco Romano granite! If I end up using these tiles, I hope they are going to be an inspiration for your kitchen!

mairin -thanks for the thumbs up! By the way, your onyx tiles are to die for!!!

bwaibel - I can't wait to see your kitchen! Good luck making a decision. I hope you find something you love when you are ready. Can you believe I've been looking for tiles for the last 9 months and have so many samples at home?

rjr220 - the pendant lights are from Home Depot. They were about $20 each, isn't that awesome?

zari_236 - No offense taken at all :) We have considered glass subway tiles, but both DH and I were not convinced that we wanted glass tiles for this kitchen. I know what you mean by playing it safe. I initially thought about getting something with more color/activity, but given the activity in the granite/low ceilings/low natural light, I got freaked out about being too adventurous with color. Plus, I seem to gravitate towards kitchens with simple whitish tiles in the backsplash.

By the way, here are tiles I previous considered. Jodi_in_so_calif was so kind to photoshop them for me.

Horus Art tiles (Bianco color, 2.5 x 5 size. They are more creamy than they appear here.

Tiles by Quemere International (3x6); the color is called Pumice

Marble mini-brick subway tiles

Fire and Ice by Jeffrey Court

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I have Bianco Romano too , with espresso cabinets , and I'm having a very hard time finding a backsplash I like (less options available here unfortunately). Great options you found ! I'm torn between the tiles in your first post and the marble mini brick ...

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Of all of those photoshop examples, I think the marble one is the least true to life. (Don't get me wrong, they're all good work). I think the marble would look pretty good IRL, but it just doesn't come out right without grout and with the repeating patterns and with the false shadows. I do like the crackle tile you're leaning towards too (of your choices, those would be my top two).

When we took our granite sample into the tile showroom, we had a heck of a time finding the right mix between gray and cream that shows up so much in the granite (which is why I want to pick up the red speckles instead), the crackle finish tile seems to have just the right cream color in the solid parts and the crackle lines lean just a bit toward gray to even it out.

9 months... I pretty much only landed on gardenweb from google until I saw one of your threads asking for photoshop help and realized what an amazing community this was. Unfortunately, I was too far along to take every piece of advice here, but I got a lot of it and the stuff I didn't take doesn't hurt too bad (we have 2 base roll-out cabinets).

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I love the Rixi line and think you have finally found the perfect tile! Can't wait to see final pictures.

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You found a perfect tile.
Your kitchen is beautiful!

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I love the crackle tile and I am considering it as well. I got the sample very early on from the Tile Shop, too. I agree with boxerpups and wascolette. I have chosen bianco romano granite, too, but I'm waiting on the cabinets to arrive, so I'm not quite as far along as you are.

Good luck!

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I can only get a glimpse of your range. Could you tell me what it is? I love the partial glance I got of it.

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I like the marble mini bricks the most but think they all look just great. I put the WZ Mizu, just a strip of it for accent, in my master bath shower and it was a huge mistake... should never come into contact with water. i notice that the tile will be right behind your sink... I'd be a little worried about that. The mizu in my shower has completely discolored with big black spots within it because of the moisture. something to chew on.

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Hi all,

I got 4 more tiles of the Rixi tiles and arranged them on the wall to see how they would look. When I did that, I realized that the tiles looked green and darker than the look I was going after. What a disappointment!!! Multiple tiles definitely looked different from a single tile. Now I have a lot of doubt that Rixi is the one for me.........

gaviota_gal - the stove is an electric slide-in range by Bosch.

mamadadapaige - thank you for bringing up the issue with WZ Mizu tiles. I am sorry you are having issues with the tiles in your bathroom. What a pain! You definitely got me thinking!(By the way, your tile guy called me last night and said he'd come sometime this week to give me a quote. It's a bit of hike for him since I live in Waltham. Thanks for your recommendation.)

OK everyone....back to the drawing board....(I need hugs...)

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Ni, if you find something else from Grazia, you may be able to do better on the price. I had a hard time finding dealers, but finally found a few who discounted it and had it on sale for 20% off. I didn't order mine yet, and the sale is over, but I'm still going to try to get it at that price. If you're interested, email me.

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i too like the mini marble. what size are the tiles in that mosaic? i don't know if these are any bigger but i think you were concerned about it being "too busy"......i just did a search and these are 2 by 4 inch carerra tiles.....smaller than the norm, but maybe bigger than the mosaic.....

Here is a link that might be useful: 2 by 4 carrara tiles.

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oh ni, I just got back to your thread on this. I'm so sorry to hear the Rixi tiles gave off a green tinge. That must have been so disappointing.

I was at the tile place the other day and saw a pretty light gray glass subway tile that seemed to pull out the blue/gray veins in the BR very nicely. I was considering it for my BR (until I decided not to backsplash at all!). If I am remembering correctly you thinking of using Wedgewood Gray as your paint color? It might be an option to look at which will take you away from the whites/creams/taupes.

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Someone within the past day posted a thread about Builder Direct Depot. They have Calcutta 3x6 subway tiles for $7.25 on sale. The feedback on the thread seemed to be really positive. They have glass tile too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Builders Direct Depot marble

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Hi all,

I am starting to feel better....I was almost in tears this morning!!!

cheri127 - I haven't heard of the sale! I initially had a hard time finding a store that sold these tiles (the store where I first saw them did not have samples and had to order them for me, which took more than a week). Later, I found the tiles at Best Tile and they had plenty of tiles on hand! I hope you find something that you like!

gglks - thanks for the link on the marble mosaic! The tiles look like they are white and gray and may be too cold for my granite. I think calcutta is the way to go if I go for marble (see my message for remodelfla below).

remodelfla - you will be proud to know that I just placed an order for 2 square feet of tiles from Builders Direct Depot. If the tiles look awesome, they are going on my walls!!!

katienic - thanks for the heads up on the light gray glass subway tile. We had been shying away from glass tiles, but if marble and ceramic don't end up working, we are going to start from scratch and consider glass. Do you remember the name of the tile? (By the way, how is your kitchen coming along?)

I really appreciate how patient you have all been with my indecisiveness/lack of commitment on picking a backsplash. I never thought this was going to be such a difficult decision!!!

(Seriously, I had a really hard time picking a name for my child, but it was NOT this hard :)

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