Need help: 1 or 2 pulls on kitchen cabinet drawers?

kristi_2010May 31, 2010

I have a lot of large cabinet drawers in my new kitchen and I am not sure if I should use 1 or 2 pulls on the drawers. I would appreciate your experiences and pics.

Thanks in advance!

Here is a pic of my unfinished kitchen.

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A little bit of discussion....

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: knob location

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We are doing two different size bar pulls. One is 13 inches long and one is 5 inches long. We decided to do the 13 inch on the tall cabinets and wide drawers -- instead of doing 2 of the short ones.

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This is really personal preference. I dislike the two pulls because I want to grab in the center. Our cabinets are going in this week. Largest drawers are 36" and will get a single 8" pull.

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Some people are afraid that if they put two pulls on a drawer that means they cannot open it with one hand...not true! As long as you have decent drawer hardware, you can use one or two hands w/o hurting the hardware or the alignment. I use one hand probably 90% of the time to open my drawers...and no problems yet!

Here's a kitchen w/two pulls on drawers >= 30" and 1 pull on drawers The cabinets are, left-to-right, 33" drawer base, 18" trash pullout, 36" sink base, 24" DW, 27" drawer base, 31.5" oven cabinet.

In this pic, the cabinets are: 24" drawer base (around the corner), 30" warming drawer + drawers, 6" pullout, 36" cooktop cabinet, 6" pullout, 31.5" MW Drawer + drawer.

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I vote for larger pulls on the center. If many ppl who use two smaller ones only pull on one, kind of defeats the purpose, or so it seems to me.

Anyways, it is totally personal preference. I tried to think about how I would use the drawer. Would I have wet or dirty hands, how does the drawer/door open, would I be bumping against it or catching my pockets or my zipper, and I tried to think of what would look pleasing to the eye.

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Two houses ago we had a traditional look and went with cup pulls for the drawers (excuse the tiny, bad photo -- robbed from the MLS listing by the current owners(!)). Those seemed to look better in pairs. (The cabinet on the right of the photo is a 30" drawer base -- you're seeing the left pulls).

Our current kitchen is more modern, and the hardware we used was wider (but not the ubiquitous clear-across-the-drawer pull, so we went with a single.

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If your pulls are smaller I would go with 2 pulls. If they are larger, then just 1 pull. Your drawers look fairly wide. We ended up going with two 5" pulls on each drawer. Looks great and glad we went with 2 instead of 1. No problem with opening with one hand.

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There's no reason to do it one way or the other aside from looks. Either way, the drawers are going to open just fine. So head over to the FKB, look at the pictures and decide which look you like best.

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We like a larger pull for the large hand, one pull. Our smaller drawers are 4 inch and the ones in this photo are 6 inch. These large drawers have heavy items like pots and pans.

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Bireland, would you mind telling me about your cabinet pulls and knobs? I really like them!

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Agreed! I'd love to know more about your pulls, too, Bireland!

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