Wiring for Thermador Range Hood

meisocalMay 12, 2013

I am remodeling my kitchen and am currently working on correcting a bunch of errors made by the builders. This has been electrical hell and I will end up having to add a total of 4 circuits to my service panel...thank goodness there was enough room.

I have to pull a new circuit to power my future Thermador 42" range hood with remote blower but am confused about how to leave the wires. I have been studying the installation guides provided by the manufacturer, but it seems to leave this part out....I am hoping the Thermador owners can help me out.

I am guessing that I will pull the power (12-2) into an electrical box (code req) somewhere above the top of the hood itself (probably next to the duct). When we install the hood, it's wires will come out of the hood and into the box and connect to power supply. Now, do I also need as separate 14-5 going from the hood to the remote blower or does it come with the blower?

I need to get this right because DH is planning to build a soffit around the ducting instead of using the duct covers and will make it very cumbersome to access later. The duct will come out the top of the vent into the ceiling and then out the exterior wall.

Any help is much appreciated.

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We have an old 1970s Thermador 42 inch hood and remote 1000 cfm exterior blower that is coming down soon (like this week). There is conduit to the vent hood for lighting, and separate infinite wall switch conduit which controls the off, high, med, low of the remote blower and speed.

Thermador tech line should be able to help you since your system is new.

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Forgive the obvious question, but have you looked in the range hood's installation manual?

Does this hood really need a dedicated 20A circuit? Wow!

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I have looked at both the range hood and the remote blower installation manuals. They show the up close wiring, but they don't show how the connect to each other.

The hood does not require a dedicated 20A circuit, but the range does because of the griddle. Since the current 20A circuit has the range and microwave/recirc blower are connected to the same circuit, I felt it was better to just run a new dedicated line rather than tying it into the circuit that powers all the counter level outlets because it is a 15A circuit and if you consider blenders, robocoupe, toaster oven, 0.9 cu ft microwave and many other options to potentially run at the same time. Additionally, the blower is 1330 CFM and could potentially pull a lot of power.

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Ummm, if you are updating your electrical, your counter-level outlets must be supplied by a 20A, GFI-protected circuit. In fact, there must be two of these 20A small-appliance branch circuits in the kitchen.

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Not sure about the Thermador, but my Prizer with remote blower is wired like this: #12-2 with ground comes into a hood j-box (behind the baffles), which is power for the lights and fan control. Coming out of that control is a wiring harness pigtail with a Molex plug on it. From that pigtail, four wires, since I have a three speed fan, low, med, high, and neutral, plus ground go out to the remote blower.

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