Met a color expert tonight

deee_gwMay 17, 2014

In the conversation side I asked for clothing advice for a birthday party. When I got to the party, I ended up chatting with a guy visiting from NJ who works for a company that specializes in color technology. He asked me if I have heard of Pantone?

Wait. What? I nearly rubbed my hands together with glee. DH was amazed when my new friend and I started talking color lingo. He was doubly amazed when we starting discussing the Pantone color of the year racket.

He asked if I was a designer. I explained that I had made a few color decorating mistakes and now I obsess about color. I would have never dreamed I would be talking to someone about radiant orchid at a Shrine Club in S. Georgia!

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Lol, Deee, How completely fun! And---finally--- something really juicy and interesting to talk about at a party!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Such a delight! So glad you had fun!

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Did you get his email addy lol. We may need his advice.

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That is awesome!!! Pat yourself on the back for the designer comment, too! To me that would be a huge compliment!!!

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Gotta love this internet thing!

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How fun, I'm sure he was as please as you to find someone who spoke his language! Did he dish about the possibilities for future trends in color?

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How delightful for you! Does he do consumer research, by chance? Or pass on comments from people like you?

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Glad you had fun at the party, it sounded like a good time.

I had a similar incident happen a few weeks ago. I was at Home Depot looking at paint colors. A young couple was there looking for a color for their front door on a house they bought and were fixing up. I mentioned a few things to them and the PPG rep was there throwing in her advice too. The rep asked me if I was a designer. I laughed and said no but thought in my head "But I read Gardenweb last night!".

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The man I spoke with is actually in the sales/technology side. He sells color measurement instruments and software. The applications are really fascinating. Home Depot uses the products for paint color matching. Apple uses it to make sure different components of a product all have uniform color. For instance the iphone frame, buttons, back plate, etc. might be manufactured in different places but all have to match exactly. Pantone uses it to make sure all their licensed colors are duplicated exactly.

Honestly, I could have monopolized the poor man all night. I sensed my interest in the subject was veering from kooky but charming to possibly creepy so i reluctantly changed the subject.

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