Would you buy these (CL) sofas?

BoopadabooNovember 19, 2012

Everyone was very helpful with my last thread on color changes. I also HATE my sofas. Sadly they are not that old, but they were cheap, and a silly 1 week till I have a kid I need new sofa purchase from a business going OOB.

I found these on CL and I like them. I think they would go with the rug I have in my DR (which I can move to my FR). Not sure what I would do with wall color and curtains and if I could make them work, but I might be able to change the wall color and make the drapes work.

They are Restoration Hardware and about 10 yrs old. We are VERY hard on furniture. I dont expect family room furniture to last more then 1-2 yrs at this point in our lives.

This is a close up of my rug...

Somehow I think I am going to end up losing my drapes :( I guess I can let them go if things end up going that way :)

Here is a link that might be useful: CL Sofas

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Are there two of them? Hmmm. I like the style of the sofa very much, but the one pictured looks quite distressed. I wonder if a good cleaning/conditioning of the leather would help? If the color is truly as salmon as it's looking on my monitor, I'm not crazy about the shade - but it may just be the lighting (or my monitor!). For $1,000 I think I'd have a very hard time committing to these. Then again, in my world that's a ton of dough, particularly for CL items.

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There are two of them. I am wondering if Restoration Hardware ever had a salmon color. I think they are a light brown, and it is the room, but I could be wrong. Distressed is good to me :) like a bomber jacket in my mind and won't show stuff from the 4 kids and 3 cats too much. Know what I mean?

I would definitely clean them. I did with the last sectional I got off of CL.

I can offer less for sure.

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Here are two close ups...

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I think those sofas were sold like that - the bomber jacket look, as you said.

I think they look like they're in good shape, and would probably offer $800 for the two sofas.

As an aside, I thought I was having a stroke while reading your first paragraph. What does "and a silly 1 week till I have a kid I need new sofa purchase from a business going OOB" mean? Are you about to have another baby? Are these sofas being sold by an online business? (In which case, I'd sure as heck double-check the ad didn't say RH-style. These are things inquiring minds want to know.....

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Ah, well - if distressed is what you're after, then I think you may be on to something here! (My leather furniture is highly distressed, thanks to the cats - but I wish it wasn't.) With a good conditioning, these might be very nice. I agree with Deeinohio though - double-check the maker, and I too would offer less. I might even start at $750.

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They're very big and is your room large enough for them with extra space?

I like the style but not the color. I'd also sit on them before buying.

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Well, it's a private address that's for sale/rent apparently. I like the sofas very much.

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I'd offer lower than they're asking and see what happens. I don't think they're worth 1000.00 but they look in good condition and I can see that they were meant to be distressed which I like very much. First offer 700.00 and then make arrangements to go see them in person before you commit to them. Get the measurements too.

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:) dee you crack me up. I should have written that better!

I bought my current sofa set - a love seat and sofa - about 8 months ago. I was about 1-2 wks away from having my youngest DS at the time. Einstien Moomjy was going out of business and I HATED the CL sectional that we had been living with for about 8 months. I wanted to try a sectional before I bought a new one. Boy am I glad I did! We hated it.

So then I bought the set we have now at the going out of business sale on the way home from an ultrasound. It is terrible! the cushions are too long for the seats and so they hang over and squish around. They have the attached back pillows which are ripping already.

I only have the 4 boys. 2 SS's (21 and 16) and 2 DS (3.5 and 7 months) The boys, the cats, and DH are very hard on furniture. I don't expect a lot. I think the ones pictured above with the back like that might last longer.

I did call the seller and she said they were restoration hardware and from around 2002.

I have off the next couple of days so I think I will go see them. I am making my DR a play room so the only thing in my family room will be the two sofas and two end tables (and of course random toys that make their way in there. So I think I will have room for them. I will measure though :)

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I love them-- I love the style and that it's a "not so expected" color. Like Dee, I know RH sold distressed leather and I expect that's the style.. and like you said, that works better for you.

Honestly, around here, you wouldn't be able to touch one decent, well made leather sofa for much less than $1000.. there's plenty of bicast sofas but not a good leather. I'd jump-- yes, offer $800 but I'd definitely go for them!

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I agree with Funkyart. They're great, and I love the distressed look.

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Oh.. and I think they'll look awesome with your rug!!

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I love the look and the rug..but I am biased as I have a leather sofa almost exactly the same ! I love the color and wish mine were more distressed. Also the rug will look wonderful with it. Good Luck ! Great find. c

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See them, sit on them and smell them before committing. My DB and SIL got a leather sectional from "a friend" and it turned out to be full of cat pee. Smoke would be another thing you might never get rid of between the leather itself and the padding underneath.

They do look like the leather is very dry, so plan on giving them a good rub down with a cleaner/conditioner if you get them. The color will probably be a truer brown then too. I like your rug and thing they should go well together.

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They are definately worth a look. How long have they been listed on CL? I agree on offering them alot less than what they are asking though. I think they will look great with your rug.

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A good conditioning would be the first thing I'd do. I also saw on a blog, and maybe it's been mentioned here, a DIY leather dye which can transform the color dramatically, if that is what you'd like.

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