1930 Tudor Revival - need exterior color ideas

deborahcNovember 24, 2012

Hi everyone,

We are buying a house near the Purdue campus for my daughter and a few roommates to live in. We have to completely redo the outside...new roof, paint and window repairs.

I am going crazy trying to pick a color scheme. I find myself drawn to the yellows- not bright yellow, but a mustardy or pale yellow. We will most likely own this for around 5 years, so resale is a concern as well.

I'm open to bluish gray, greens or even reds. I don't want a white or tan body. It's too generic, as everyone in this area has these colors. I really like the creamy whites as trim too.

I also can't fine any houses like this on the Internet. All of the ones I find have a brick peak, whereas this is all cedar siding.

What do you think about making the peak with the front door a slightly different shade as the rest of the house? Either lighter or darker to give it some dimension?

Here is the house

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Here is one house I really love

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This is another one I'm really drawn to

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I don't see why you couldn't replicate the color scheme in the Craftsman house you like.

That darling cottage is Tudorish, but not slavishly so, and I think it would look charming with those colors. The rich walnut brown for the door and window frames would give you a sort of neo-Elizabethan reference, and a slate-colored roof would work, too.

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Thanks Bronwynsmom! I like the idea of a slate colored roof too. We are going to use dimensional shingles which I think will look beautiful.

What do you think about the front door area (peak) being a slightly different shade? Crazy idea?

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What an adorable house, I'd paint it dark brown with lighter trim but you really can do almost anything with it.

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Annie Deighnaugh

These are nice colors for a tudor revival.

Is there any way you can eliminate that front deck? It really looks so wrong with the house....

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What an adorable house! BUT, I would also have to agree about eliminating the deck. Even though he girls would probably make good use of it, it detracts from the look of the house.

As an FYI, you may decide to sell it 'down the road', and wouldn't want potential buyers to remember it as the house where all the kids hung out on the front deck. Houses have a way of being remembered for what was, or wasn't. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: colors

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I love the colors of the ones posted. When I searched for one similar that I'd seen, instead I found this gray one. Surprisingly I think it's also appealing to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: FL Tudor Revival

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I've lived in a midwestern college town for 16-17 years and am fairly familiar with West Lafayette, IN. I also worked as a realtor in this town for 8 or so years. Rules that normally apply to homes don't apply when one is talking about a house near a college campus. Location within walking distance of a midwestern university will trump most other things.

While the deck maybe unattractive, there are a few things to note: first, there appears to be a concrete patio, probably attached to the house, which is actually the floor of the deck. It's a pretty common thing to find on these types of houses in the midwest. Second, the surrounding deck material was probably installed for safety reasons. If the patio is high enough off the ground, it needed some kind of fencing to prevent people from falling off. If the house was ever a rental, it was probably a local code requirement. The deck material was not the most attractive choice, likely the cheapest, but it probably can't be removed without replacement for code reasons if there are any tenants.

Finally, if the house is within walking distance to campus, the reputation of being the house kids hung out on the front deck will not be a detriment in a future sale. Kids hang out on porches in college towns in the midwest. Future buyers will be more interested in it's location. As I said, normal house buying rules don't always apply in cases like this one.

That said, I would not recommend a different color for the door area. It's not really characteristic of these types of houses, unless it's brick or stone, for the color to be different. It would look kind of "mcmansiony" to me.

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I agree that adding another color is not a good idea...it will make a small house look even smaller.

Keep it simple!

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Thanks so much everyone! I think you are right, all one color. The gray Tudor is really beautiful. I'm so torn. I guess I'll just have to play with photoshop and see what really looks great.

And I totally agree with the porch! It is horrible, and not correct for the style. But I also think it was added at a point when the house was use as a rental. My daughter doesn't mind it, she said they can hang out on the porch. The big thing at Purdue is to hang Christmas lights in the deck all year round, and turn them on for parties. Rrah is totally right about this in Midwest college towns. This whole street is college kids, it's in a really great area as its close enough for walking to campus.

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Love the gray, and to combine it with a creamy white trim would be fantastic! I would also keep the porch for all the reasons stated above, and also would play up the "storybook" aspects of the house--- to which the deck, with its railing reminiscent of picket fencing, contributes. Rather than try to create something historically accurate or even stylistically consistent, I would try to make the house as appealing and charming as possible. The location alone will sell it, but the next coed buyer's parents will also be attracted by the "cute" house that everyone knows.

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Annie Deighnaugh

It would be interesting to find out if the railing is required by code or not, as it's the railing that is really outstanding...the deck part is less obtrusive with the plantings...it doesn't look like it is so high off the ground....

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