Interesting Christmas Color Schemes - Aqua and ?

jockewingNovember 19, 2008

I have always strayed from the traditional red/green Christmas combo. For a while I was using wine/cranberry tones mixed with gold, and even had purple lights on my tree mixed in with the white. For some reason this year I have fallen in love with the color aqua, so I have been buying ribbon and ornaments in that color everywhere I run across it lately.

I am trying to figure out what to complement the aqua with. My original inclination was copper/rust/burnt orange, and of course I considered doing a blue/green/aqua scheme. Any thoughts on other options I might not have considered?

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My Christmas colors have not been red and green & gold for years, they are white, blue & mauve, colors that coordinate with my home decor colors, I re-painted some of my items that were orig. in red & green, got rid of the rest at a garage sale.. pink is pretty with Aqua

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Purple is a gorgeous compliment to aqua.

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declansmom sound like my sister who has a great flair for decorating. She is also doing aqua this year and she is pairing it with browns and oranges. It looks amazing! The colors don't sound great when you look at them, but in person, they take your breath away!
Good Luck and please post pics when you are done!

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My daughter's room is a deep Aqua color, with alot of lime green accents ... last Christmas we set them up a little funky retro silver tree that they saw and loved. I know you're looking for something probably a bit more 'sophisticated' than this ;) .. but the silver was very pretty with the room colors. I think it would make a nice addition to the other colors you've picked out.

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I tend to alternate yr. to yr. w/ red and green and then soft blue, green and purple. This is a blue yr. and this yr. I am pairing it w/ gold and silver.

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The new issue of BH&G has a big spread about a woman who is using turquoise with coral...very pretty.

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I like your idea of using aqua. How about copper as a companion? I was just browsing the Pier I catalog and another catalog (I can't remember which one at the moment) but I've noticed that copper is very popular at the moment. Please post pics of your tree when you finish! I'd love to change up the tree color this year, but I am sitting on my hands, using what I already have.

Best of luck!

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I love this tree!

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jock ~~ last year i had a great time incorporating turquois into my christmas decorating ~~ here is a picture of my first attempt ~~ maybe a tad overdone!?!

i also did a couple vignettes with turquois & lime green ~~ phyl

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The new color of my woodwork/built-ins in my library is a color called Teacup ( it's an old SW Martha color).. it's a deep robins egg blue leaning towards aqua.. I am pairing it with a deep chocolate brown and very deep gold.. but not shiny.. more vintage antique. If i can get the painting done I might be able to start decorating.


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My DIL did a tree in aqua, with white and was gorgeous. It reminded me of the color of "blue" snow when the sun is setting.

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Phyl, that looks great, although pink isn't my personal thing. Last year I started incorporating some copper and brown, so I'll probably use that with the aqua. I bet fiery orange would look good with that, too. Here in Louisiana it was a Creole tradition to decorate with citrus since it is so prevalent here. Citrus colors look fabulous with aqua. I like to make pomanders out of oranges by sticking cloves in them and arranging them on magnolia leaves.

I have a wreath that is composed of pears and apples. I wired in some glittery aqua balls and will add a turqouise ribbon and an aqua ribbon. I can't wait to start decorating. I'll be sure to post pics.

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Mmmmmm! Aqua is one of my favorite shades, so I'm loving these ideas! Sheesharee, the colors in that tree are fab!

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I did aqua with orange last year and was going to try aqua with lime but can't find anything lime this year. May buy some ornaments and spray. I do have a few clear that I could paint. I got a lot of compliments on the tree.

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I was going to suggest exactly what oakleyok did -- aqua with white and silver. Sometimes we spend Christmas at our vacation cottage, where we have lots of blues in our decor. My holiday decorations (which aren't many) there are aqua and silver. My "real" house has shades of red, green, and gold all through the first floor, so it's easy for me to decorate w/ traditional holiday colors here. If my house were blues and yellows here, I couldn't bring myself to decorate for Christmas with reds and greens!

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Phyl, is that turquoise piece your fireplace surround, or is it a table? If it is your fireplace surround, would you be able to post a picture of the entire thing? I've toyed with the idea of taking mine from white to turquoise, much like the color shown in your pic.

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Aqua also looks great with true, Christmas red.

A few years ago I picked up several rolls of wrapping paper in various shades of aqua and turquoise on clearance. My boys' favorite colors are blue and turquoise, so when I let them pick their own paper for their gifts (gifts they gave to others) last year, they immediately choose the blue rolls. I painted snowflakes and snowmen on a few packages but quickly ran out of white ribbon. To my surprise the red ribbon was STUNNING on the aqua packages. I used every last scrap of that paper for my gifts!


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I love aqua or robin's egg blue with a bright, clear red. A couple of year's ago Martha Stewart Weddings did a whole spread in this palette, and I immediately latched on to it for my holiday decorating.

Aqua and Red: Program Pockets and more inspiring wedding dresses, bouquets, cakes, favors, and advice on

All of these ideas sound great, though - fiery orange or copper would be gorgeous accents.

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jen ~~ it is a baker chest from the 50's ~~ it looked awful when i bought it, but i knew of an artist in chicago who was great with faux finishes ~~ it was probably 15 yrs. ago, but i think i remember that he used 9 different shades of paint ~~ he also did a faux marble on the top; & did gold leafing on some of the detail work ~~ i love it! ~ phyl

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Oh Phyl, it is lovely! I can hardly believe that the marble top is faux. It looks like the real deal!

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I'm doing x-mas this year with Aqua as the main color with brick red, gold, cream, and brown/bronze accents.

Also you can get great color combos on many of the area rugs sites. Check out www.rugsdirect for some great ideas on color combo's.

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