anyone ever train plants up and over a canopy bed frame?

suz1023November 30, 2012

i'm toying with this idea, even though i have a history of killing plants. but try,try again and all that,lol.
so, in my bdrm (24 x 14) i have plenty of sun. the room has cathedral ceilings so we have the height too.
my thought was to position a potted climbing vine on each corner of the bed and see what happens.
but--what about bugs? and will i have to mist the foliage (thereby getting the bed wet) or can i just water them at the pot every time?
in my mind's eye i see a sea of glossy green leaves we sleep under someday, which in winter would be lovely.
dumb or brilliant?!

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I won't say dumb, but I will say it is a flawed idea. Yes, possibly bugs (probably spiders would like it) and no, you don't have to mist the plant if there is enough humidity in the room and you keep it watered at the base. But certainly the leaves will get dusty and drop off.

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it's the thought of adding spider and/or bug habitat to my bed i flinch from. they're fine creatures, just not above and around me while i sleep! the dust and dead leaves is not nearly as daunting a thought to me,lol!

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DH has a philodendron he's particularly fond of; the thing is probably 30 feet long and I think ugly as sin, as my DM used to say. He has it wrapping around the window in the guest bedroom.

Some houseplants attract spider mites, but I've never had a problem with philodendrons, which would probably be the plant you'd have to use. They do tend to lose their leaves toward the base, leaving the gnarled looking stem leafless.

I think the dream is better than the execution would look.:)


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Annie Deighnaugh

My concern, in addition to the above, would be what damage the plants might do to the bed. Plus, it's very difficult to keep plants healthy looking when the vines get very long....they prefer to be shorter and nearer to the source...that's when they get fuller and healthier looking. When I complained about a plant I had to the professional plant lady at work, the first thing she said was to cut it way back and don't let the vines get so long....

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That's the plant I would choose - philodendron. Hey, why not try it? It's not like a permanent fixture or concrete that you can't pull down later if it doesn't work out or you tire of it. I agree there may be an occasional dead leaf fall (depending upon how healthy the plant remains) but just remove them.

Do you have carpet? what style is the room?

Another solution would be an artificial plant but for a nice realistic looking one(s), it would be costly.

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Any true climbing vine will send out short adventitious roots that will damage the surface of the bed- they cling like the devil.
You could perhaps find something that trails and tie it as it grows, or something like a passion flower that sends out tendrils.
I think the idea is better than the reality on this one, though- your imagination sees perfect and lush foliage while your reality might not be so lush 24/7/365.
Can you handle the imperfect times?
Because I could not, LOL :)

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Just bear in mind, if you are determined to try it: NO philodrendruns, under NO circumstances, if you have a cat!

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Under ANY cirumstances.

But you get the point. :)

I agree with people who say it probably won't work well. Instead of a vine, why don't you consider four tall potted plants well-suited to thriving in the low-humidity conditions of a house?

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Interesting idea. See link below, especially the bed and the table.
The table is made by

Here is a link that might be useful: indoor plants

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thanks for your thoughts, and the ecotypic bed is pretty interesting!

four tall lush plants on the four corners of the bed could work too, and is achievable immediately, unlike waiting for vines to grow. and since we have cats, thanks for the tips--we love our kitties in this house!

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"and since we have cats, thanks for the tips--we love our kitties in this house!"

Glad to be of service. :)

Before bringing home any houseplants, you should check on whether they're safe or not. I got rid of most of my houseplants (which is another way of saying I managed to kill most of them) and don't remember many that are considered unsafe. In the large-houseplant category, the only dangerous ones I know of offhand in addition to philodendrun is the dracena. I'm sure there are many more.

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