Blue Velvet Sofa-Room Mostly Done!

jenangelcatNovember 24, 2012

Here's a before and after photo. The rest are on the blog. The before is after we installed the floor but before we repainted the walls grey.

The coffee table was absolutely a choice of function over form. In an ideal world it would have been either lucite or Restoration Hardware's steamer trunk. But that was not to be.

The only thing left to go in is another piece of art that'll arrive before Christmas.

Oh and we replaced the knobs on the tv stand with glass ones. More are coming today to replace the knobs on the coffee table.

Thanks again for everyone's advice. I had a blast putting this together and can't wait to reno the other 12 rooms in the house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lots more photo!

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You must be so thrilled, the room looks terrific!!!

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You did a beautiful job! Congrats on your new room!

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It looks so nice! I love the latest arrangement, esp. that the lamps are separated a bit. Enjoy your pretty room!

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Hi Jen, It's been awhile since i've seen your LR, and have to say it looks mahhhhhhhvalous! What a bit of tWeaking can do! I didn't think you wanted a wood coffee table but it works so well, and the separation of the two lamps also.

Yes, I agree~you can concentrating on getting ready for the Christmas holidays! Do I smell Christmas pudding? ;o)

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patty_cakes- I was opposed to wood colours. The table is black. I was avoiding black because it my experience black furniture is of low quality. The table is nice and heavy and doesn't look cheap at all. In the end I had the choice of three tables. The first one I purchased was too big. The other choice had no storage. All three were black. All the others I looked at in Halifax were orangey, reddish or glass.

I can't wait to get a tree up. We do real trees so I should really wait another two weeks before buying one.

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This turned out great. Love the sofa - what brand and model? Nice combination of tradition and punch.

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Onelady1dog2girls. I'm not sure which sofa it is. Originally I thought they had said it was a Steven and Chris design from Deco-rest but none of the pics on the site matched it entirely. Then I thought it was Cobistyle from Deco-rest but the photo isn't coming up on the site so I can't verify.

When I went back to the store to get the coffee table the owner told me how much everyone there loved the sofa! I guess when it came in they all ran down to the warehouse to see it. I guess it's not every day that someone requests a blue sofa.

I can't wait to do the rest of the house. The master bedroom is next on the list.

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It came out great! Nice mix of elements (colors, patterns...).

I LOVE that you are using a pretty, mirrored piece as your TV console. I am this close to breaking down and ordering the mirrored nightstand on Horchow's site that I'd mentioned in a thread I'd posted the other day (it's on sale, but the shipping charges--ouch!). I want to use it for much-needed storage in the bedroom, but also as a piece on which to set our TiVo box and DVD player. Wasn't sure if it's "too pretty" to use like that, but seeing how you are using yours, is encouraging!

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cat_mom- The tv stand is awesome. I doesn't look like your typical tv focused stand but it works. We got it at a steep discount because some of the glass was broke. It barely cost anything to replace. It works great as a tv stand because everything gets stored in the drawers or behind doors. My only issue is that it's not deep enough to hold the ps3!

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I'm in love with the wall on the right. Perfect! I would tweak two things. The first could be due to the picture though. I would center the sofa in the corner. It looks to be more on the left side of the wall.

Years ago we had a seating arrangement just like your's. It was my all time favorite. Loved having the sofa in a corner. We'd play cards and such. What I did was put a table in the empty corner behind the sofa and set a lamp & plant there It really helped with the lighting, and served as ambience lighting when we weren't playing games. The lamp and plant also filled up the empty space because it looks like something should go there.

Just minor stuff. You did a great job!

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I tried putting the sofa more central to the corner but then it pushes the chair into the bar cart.

I also tried putting a table behind the sofa with a lamp on it and there is something about having stuff stick off the back of the sofa that bugs me.

There will be some art going on the walls there.

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No steep discounts on the one I want unfortunately. I do have a 20% off code I can use during the ~30 days, so I have about a month to see if any better deals/promos come along (or I find something I like as well, for less $) before biting the bullet on this one. The shipping (esp on a mirrored piece) is quite high, so a better deal on the cost of the item itself would help offset the total bill at least.

I want to use it to store clothes, and some other stuff, in addition to using it as a "stand" for the media devices. Sorry yours isn't deep enough for the PS3. Always some drawback, huh? LOL

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