Kitchen with Black Galaxy granite counters

jann_sNovember 2, 2010

I am shocked at how "glittery" my new black galaxy kitchen countertops are. Admittedly, didn't do my homework and now have to live with them. My decorating style is more traditional/homey if that makes sense. I cannot figure out how to blend in these "disco" counters with my understated style. I have natural red birch cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Adjacent family room is very neutral with brick fireplace, camel couches, accessories are family pictures and books. Please help a decorating-challenged mess! (No offense to those who love black galaxy-just not my style)

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Do you have a backsplash? Not the 4 inch one attached to the counters, but one that goes up to the cabinets? I think you should be able to tone down the counters a bit if you use a stone (not glass or shiny porcelain) backsplash.

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I only have the 4 inch backsplash. I like the idea of a stone backsplash. Also thinking I need to figure out some task lighting as opposed to using my overhead pot lights. Thank you for your input!

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By adding black ceramic or stainless steel accessories to your counters -- you will lessen the huge visual impact of the countertops.

Accessories can add another texture (smooth or rough) to draw the viewer's eye.

For example (JUST examples!) -- let's say you put out a black-and stainless steel coffeemaker -- then add a dark woven flat-bottom basket with a black canister to hold the coffee.

Or take a look at the food prep area -- again -- look for another flat-bottom tray or basket to hold oils and vinegars -- you could even pout some olive oil into a stainless "drip" bottle (looks like a very small watering can or oil can LOL!) Add a cutting board with a block of knives? Again -- just some examples!

Add artwork to draw the eye -- maybe a modern one? Check out -- and check around for some ideas -- maybe artworks that feature food?

For lighting options -- check into small lamps -- even one that sits in a corner can add a bit of nice warm light for an evening ....

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

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Thank you, Jan. I have been out looking at accessories for the countertops and your ideas are great! I am determined to make this work!

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Definitely turning off the overheads will reduce the sparkle. My BIL and wife have this in their kitchen, and while it is very pretty, it IS sparkly! When they use the overheads, it really does glitter.

So you have gotten some great ideas about a backsplash and decor items.

What is the hardware like on the cabinets? If it is kind of non-descript, you might plan for something more eye-catching to act as the âÂÂjewelryâ on the cabinet and draw the eye there.

To me, with stainless steel appliances, I would not add any more stainless in the kitchen area. You need warmer, softer things, You say the family room area is very neutral, so I am wondering if you couldnâÂÂt pick an accent color that both areas could share, which would unify them but also pull the eye away from the countertops.

Perhaps a warm coral red, or a lighter mossy green (or turquoise or plum). Think about a warm wooden bowl on the counter with apples and pears or eggplants. A small ceramic lamp in red or green with a warm burlap shade on the counter. Instead of a stone backsplash, paint the walls a warm tone like the couch, and hang some small art right on that wall space.

Pillows on the couch in the warmer coral or green. A lampshade on the family room area in the red or green on a black or wooden lamp. In the family room area, also consider adding some touches of the stainless, but in a more traditional pewter or nickel. A great pewter pitcher filled with twigs and green or red berries or leaves. A wall mirror in the pewter/brushed nickel finish. Frame all the family pix in similar black frames, some with silver accents or banding.

Finally, a black-background area rug in the family room with touches of the other colors to bring the black down to floor level.

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Thanks, les917, you've given me some good ideas and direction. I think a different wall color is going to help, but eventually I want to replace the countertops. They are just too much drama for me no matter what I do.

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Jann, I don't have any suggestions for you, but your counters sound fabulous to me! My style is traditional/homey also (not much drama here either), but I would absolutely love your counters! I love sparkly, and I love black (my counters are black), so it wouldn't bother me a bit to have that type of drama! I wish I could "take it off your hands", LOL! If you have a chance, I'd love to see pics of it!

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Haha, hoosiergirl! I know I should be grateful for granite countertops when I've always had formica, but they are taking some getting used to. I will try to post a picture tomorrow. I have the day off and will play around with some accessories. Hope you are getting "sparkle" in other areas of your life! Take care!

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You need a hammered copper sink and 4x4 copper backsplash tiles. It would really warm up your granite.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hmmm, redecor8. I'll think on that. I have seen pictures of copper sinks and really like them. Geez, I have so many options. WISH I had thought to query this site before choosing my countertops. You folks are great!

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I have black galaxy counters in my kitchen. The beauty of BG is that you can use any metal with it. My tastes are not traditional but we do have shaker style burgundy stained maple cabinets. Our hardware is contemporary as is our blacksplash.

I've seen BG with travertine tiles and copper deco tiles for a backsplash. Very traditonal and stunning. Also, slate tiles work well with BG.

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Hi jerseygirl 1. What is your kitchen wall color? If you have photos of your kitchen I would love to see the cabinets against the BG and your decor. Thanks so much.

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Vinayak Exports

Kitchen looks amazing with black galaxy . you can see a big slab picture of black galaxy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Black Galaxy Granite

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Black is not a good color to use in the kitchen anyway. I have absolute black and I wish someone had shown me what it would look like during Christmas baking before I signed that contract.
I would love to go to a nondescript color that would blend with cherries, flour, raisins, chocolate pieces, lemon,lime, oranges, jelly beans, gummy bears, legos and doll shoes.

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