How to keep furniture from sliding

dakota01November 19, 2011

My couch slides a bit when you sit on it. I have hardwood flooring and I'd like the couch to stay put. Could it be since I don't have a rug (yet) under the front legs that's why it's sliding?

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Mine does the same thing! Part of the sectional is on a rug but that doesn't stop it from sliding if it is pushed slightly since it's not against a wall. So frustrating!

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I put these rubber squares under the legs.

Here is a link that might be useful: rubber floor protector

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I saw little felt disks you can put under your furniture for HW floors. I don't know if they would prevent sliding. This was at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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Fori is not pleased

The felt disks help things slide! I have them under my dining chairs.

I have a lot of skinny-legged furniture that wanders (including couch) and the rubber things like Pps7 linked are too big. They do work great though--I use them under other things including another couch. I need to find some small rubber furniture coasters.

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Oh well, so much for that! Thanks for the heads up on the disks.

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I, too have problems with sliding. One fix I found was that rubbery meshy shelf liner stuff. I got the color closest to my floor and cut into small rectangles and folded it over on itself. Then placed under the legs, the rubber sticks to itself and is not slick on the floor. It only works if your furniture legs are not too prominent, because it is hard to hide completely. Those rubber squares did nothing to keep my furniture from sliding. Maybe my floors are slicker? I also use that stuff to keep my mattress from sliding off the box springs.

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Thanks olychick - I'm going to try that :)

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Thanks for the suggestions - I drives me crazy when the couch moves - coz it never move evenly. I have some of the thick shelf liner and will try it. I hate it in my cabinets so finding a repurpose would be nice.

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We use the same rubber squares and circles (the same type) as linked by pps7. They are under the legs of the sofa and circles on the back legs of the club chairs since those legs aren't large enough for the big squares. The fronts of the club chairs sit on the area rug in the LR, so we only need them on the rear legs.

I do have the felt on the chairs & table legs in the DR as well as on the legs of the stool seats at the island. Haven't had any issues with sliding with either setup.

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