Question About Coasters (the kind that go under your glass)

kswl2November 9, 2012

We have a number of dinners coming up and I am planning menus and flowers and table settings. I am a little tired of using tablecloths and after seeing a couple of lovely photos in current shelter mags, have decided to use place mats instead. They are white linen with a hemstitched border (approx 1.5 inches) and have our marriage monogram in the upper left corner inside the hem. I am not going to use chargers. The question is....what to use for coasters. I have a set in cut glass that have a good edge, but I find that people are more apt to miss something that fits too closely. My mother has a silver and crystal set I can borrow, but those present the same problem. I like the very thin paper coasters with a

scalloped edge, but the only ones I have (or ever see) have one gold initial stamped on them---- they are nice enough for most dinners but I don't want two monograms on the table. I have also seen those hardboard type coasters, but only in casual patterns. Also, I always wonder if they will be slippery from the condensation, defeating their purpose.

I am curious to know what other types of coasters people use, or if anyone even uses them any more. I have both Pickard and Reynaud china patterns that I usually use together--- both are white with a gold border. The Limoges dinner plates are old, so they are smaller than modern plates, only about 9" in diameter. Theoretically that would leave enough room on the place mat itself for two glasses, but not three. There. Will be a wine glass and water goblet at each place, and I have found that after 45 minute cocktails most people bring their drinks glass to the table as well, so we are def going to need at least one coaster. Any new ideas for coasters?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Your table setting sounds so lovely.

You might try plain ones that haven't been stamped or monogrammed.

Pier 1 has them made out of capiz shell

or these that have a damask finish on one side.

Unless it's very informal, (meaning I don't want to take the time to set the table formally), I always use a tablecloth....I have a padded vinyl table pad for the table and then cover it....I just don't trust most guests to be aware enough to make sure they use a separate coaster. And invariably, people will move stuff to where they want it anyway, like salad plates and water glasses, etc. And a cloth placemat really doesn't protect the wood from moisture.

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I really like the white side of those coasters! I wonder if anyone has used a similar product, as I think if they are shiny/slippery will the glass slide off if there's condensation--- thinking especially about the cocktails and waters containing ice. But they are pretty!

We use tablecloths a lot, but a few years ago I had several wide runners made for our table that go crosswise. They are especially nice when the table has all it's leaves, otherwise it is just a long expanse of white or mahogany. When I use that for a dinner I've used chargers and those flat coasters. I saw a wonderful Christmas place setting in a photo that made me want to use place mats instead. I have a new silver bowl for a rose arrangement that will look better on wood than a tablecloth.

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There are what I use.

Here is a link that might be useful: wine footies

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OOh, i like the direction you are going! I love the beauty of a wooden table, yet most people do cover them for dining.

You must share photos!

I recently saw a centerpiece in Real Simple that was just like an unstructured cornucopia wending its way down the table. Had to be on wood to look right.

Anyway, you could have a lot of fun with coasters. They have leather or shagreen in lovely colors, or try Etsy and maybe even customize something.

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Thanks for those suggestions--- I am intrigued by the "footies" and I actually have several boxes in an adjoining room in shagreen (a bit darker green) and love it so both are viable options. I will post the inspiration pix as soon as I am on a real computer instead of iPad, and mine as I am putting the look together. I returned from Virginia last week and yesterday all my lovely boxes came by ups--- we found a Christmas store that had lots of things I had not seen even at our local floral wholesaler (Heeney Co.) they made a wreath for the bedroom I recently finished in pink and green, and oodles of embroidered ribbons and pretties. Very excited--- we are starting the decorating on Nov. 16 with our usual crew and it will take about five days to get everything in place. I usually do the DR first.

Still open to more coaster ideas. ..

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Sorry, but try as I have, there is always at least one male guest who assiduously avoids using the coaster. I use a table cloth. Good luck, though. I have used capiz shell, horn, silver-edged crystal inherited from my mother, and linen. I sort of like the horn ones for Thanksgiving, but the rest of your setting may be too delicate for those.

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I like the look of horn too, but you're right, it would not go. We're having 25 for Thanksgiving, but because we are having another dinner on Dec. 1 I am skipping the Thanksgiving decor this year and decorating ahead of time for Christmas. It's going to be a long season, as it ends with an Epiphany party on Jan 6.

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If you are using stemmed glasses, you don't need coasters. For that reason, I always use stemware when we have guests even if we aren't drinking wine. The tables always seems prettier and more festive that way, too.

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I never use a tablecloth. I don't think you'll have any issues with the stemmed glasses, and linen (hemstitched, or other) cocktail napkins should work for the random cocktail glasses that make their way to your table. Your dinners sound lovely. Please post pictures!

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Inspiration photo is from Southern Accents Christmas Decorating Guide. Although the magazine is now defunct, the publisher put out their fabulous compilation of Christmas photos in a glossy mag that is timeless and helpful:

I have urns that could go on the table, but everyone seems to object loudly when anything tall is on the table--- i guess it makes the cross table gossiping and eavesdropping too difficult :-) So, the tall stuff may end up in the two wall sconces/vases, one on either side of the window, very large, Chelsea House, dark green polished wood with gold painted fleur de lis. I will use a combination of silver and glass candlesticks, crystal glasses and the silver bowl filled with red roses.

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agree with cyn427...i have yet to have any stemware that 'sweats'....

if anything i think you have a greater chance of someone accidentally knocking over the glass (depending of the thickness of the coaster) when placing the stemware back on the table

i know this from experience...once i was placing my wine glass down and wasn't looking at the coaster (which was one of those 'stone' coasters) and i caught the edge of the coaster and the glass tipped over

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Instead of glasses at the bar for mixed drinks and beer, you could use some sort of goblet. I've been served my scotch and water in a goblet in some restaurants. I've seen some goblets for sale by the case on the internet.

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