Gel staining a maple desk

fillagirlNovember 9, 2012

Hello, I picked up this little desk/table to use to put my sewing machine on. It's made of maple and is in very good condition, except the top that has several light scratches on it.

I'd like to stain it darker and was wondering if I could just lightly sand the piece with sandpaper and then use gel stain on it. I know I've seen people do their cabinets on this forum, and was wondering if they think this would work. Or do you think I have to sand the whole thing down to bare wood?

Attached are photos, the only areas that have scratches are the top & legs, & they are not deep.

Opinions or advice? I want the final product to be a darker colour, not expresso but just a bit lighter. Thanks!

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Cute. And a very useful design.

Yes, you could sand it lightly and use gel stain to darken it. Maple, because it is dense, is hard to stain with a penetrating stain, but the gel stain is more paint-like.

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