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joneyjmwNovember 20, 2012

In the interest of time, budget, and patience with the men in my life (dad and husband) I've decided to hold off on painting my kitchen cabinets white (so very dissapointed) but they can't stay the ugly orange wood color they are, so I'm going to stain them dark wood. My issue is what color dark wood? Its open concept, the living room, dinning and kitchen are all one room, and the floors through out are going to be dark wood, I think cherry (but it doesn't look redish to me). I already sortof messed up and stained two other wood pieces "dark walnut" and I'm not sure that I like the two together (but theyre in the same room so its ok). all other woodlook things in the house are going to be white (doors, mouldings etc) Should I keep the dark floor through out, or should I somehow divide the kitchen and dining and do a light tile on the floor? The counters are cream colored and the walls will be pallidian blue by the way, and the room gets a ton of natural light all hours of the day. not a very good pic, but the best I could get at the time...

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I am a fan of Ebony or Esspresso stained wood they seem to be neutral to me but really it would depend on the tone of your "Cherry" floor. I had yellow oak cupboards and waited 8 years before I got the go ahead to paint them white now hubby loves them and can't figure out why it took him so long to agree. Good Luck with your project and don't forget the after pics.

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