Would you "buy ahead" for remodel in 2 yrs?

EngineerChicNovember 14, 2012

When we redid the upstairs I went with 4 panel doors with shaker sticking (panel edges aren't trimmed with any molding, the edges are square and in a 2 over 2 configuration).

I wanted simple hardware so I chose Emtek Providence with a rectangular rosette in black (it seems weird to call it a rosette if it isn't round).

Emtek isn't cheap, but I couldn't find much available in solid black and they felt so good. In 2 years we plan to do the first floor and replace the hollow core doors and brass bell shaped door knobs. I'll need 7 interior and 4 exterior sets.

An online store has a sale on Emtek and I am tempted to buy them now, since their prices are $20 less for the interior sets ($60-ish instead of $80-ish per knob).

Should I? Or is it too early to buy ahead for a renovation so far ahead? I could theoretically use the exterior sets today ... Though we will replace 3 of the 4 exterior doors when we do that project.

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I'd do it. You'll want to match what you have upstairs anyway; prices won't get lower over the years; Emtek could end production of that line or go out of business even.

Lovely doors & door knobs, e_c.

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If you've done extensive shopping and this is the cheapest price you've found for the hardware and you don't need the funds for anything else, I would buy it and stockpile it. A 25% savings is substantial.

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Absolutely, for the reasons awm mentioned and one more - it's not like you're buying a bathtub that will be sitting in the middle of your living room waiting for the remodel!! you can stash the hardware pretty easily till you need it.

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I'd do it - this isn't something where new technology is likely to come out that you would want instead or where there is a warranty. Also they don't need excessive storage space and aren't likely to be damaged by storage. (These are all the reasons I can think of that one might not want to buy something ahead.)

Just make sure you stash it somewhere that you will be able to find it when you start the remodel! "I know I bought that to use later, but now I can't find it" is a pain. Perhaps make a file to keep with your remodel notes on where you have stored them and anything else that you buy ahead.

I love the hardware choice. We felt that way about the Schaub pulls we used in our kitchen. They feel so nice and we use them every day.

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If you have room to store them and are set on them for the remodel, do it. I have stacks of tile waiting for my master bathroom remodel and kitchen remodel. I wanted my master to match another bathroom in the house that I remodeled first and was afraid the tile could be discontinued, so I bought enough for both bathrooms. Similarly, I tiled my entry which is near my kitchen with the same tile I plan to use for my kitchen, so I bought enough for both spaces. The tile for my kitchen and entry is natural stone, so it's important to get it in the same batch to avoid a mismatched look. I have the space to store the tile and it's worth it to me! So yes, absolutely.

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By the way, I bought Emtek interior knobs & back plates also in black & a similar design for our remodel four years ago. They've held up great: no rattling, solid feel, & the finish looks the same as the day they were bought. Very happy with Emtek.

I know how happy you'll be to get rid of those hollow doors & brass bell-shaped knobs. I'd wanted new doors & knobs for 12 years. The new ones have a nice heft & feel so solid. The doors are also 4 panel, but aren't nearly as beautiful as yours! I kept an old hollow flush door & rattle-y, cheap knob to our basement rec room just for a reminder of how much nicer we've made our house.

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Fori is not pleased

I'd get them and install them. You don't have to continue to be offended by your old knobs while you wait for the doors to be replaced. Plus you won't lose them. :)

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I'd definitely buy ahead. You plan to remodel in two years and believe me, two years will be here before you know it. If, for some unforeseen reason, you end up not doing the remodel, you can always resell. Lovely choices, by the way!

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Buy now. I loved my Emtek hardware. It was beautiful. I even loved our hinge stops!

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Awesome, I love when you guys tell me what I want to hear :)

Thanks so much for the advice and the real-life "I've done that, and I don't regret it" anecdotes. I'm going to merrily go spend some money now...

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Buy them now but test them to be sure they work. Might be hard to get a refund in 2 years.


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