My new living room help

cakezNovember 17, 2012

Hello everyone,I come to this forums for your advice ..

well recently I bought furniture for th living room in my new apartment i will start with this sofa ! I feel like I need some serious help. The apartment is not very big and I'm not allowed to paint the walls so they must remain white.

I want ideas for rug and tea tables and other decoration thank

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I notice that you live in Saudi Arabia. We would be offering suggestions for styles and products that you cannot easily obtain and may not fit with the style of rooms there.

For example, your sofa is very ornate as compared to the usual US sofa. We tend towards solid colors and simple lines in the big pieces of furniture. It would be hard for me to make meaningful specific suggestions for what to pair with your pieces.

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That sofa is gorgeous!! Gray, I think S.A. has about anything someone would want for decorating, like the USA has. Even more. lol.

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Oh my gosh, Oak, you are right. For grins I googled "Pottery Barn in Saudi Arabia" and there is one in Riyadh!

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What style do you like? What colors? Do you like muted or more bright colors, neutrals? What is the current flooring? Is it tile?

I really like the current floor and wouldn't want to cover it up, but if you did a rug I'd look for a solid color as to not compete with the pattern.

Are you allowed to hang things on the walls? If you want some color you could do it with art or tapestries, or even quilts or blankets although when I say quilt or blanket I'm envisioning this that appear more like art.

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I'd look for a glass top coffee table with a heavy metal base that can stand up to the large scale of the sofa and chairs but will allow the rug design to show. Wall decor and wall art are also important for a decorated look. Is this your first apartment and do you have any other items you wish to use?

I am not very familiar with the decorating style of your part of the world altho always advise people to go with what they like and take their time with finding those items they love.

Some things to think about - styles you prefer, budget, and access to such things as Craigslist and 2nd hand shops if you are on a limited budget and don't mind shopping the pre-owned market. Shop in your local souk for better prices and perhaps more interesting items than in the big chain stores.

Have fun with your decorating project and please post pics of this space as it progresses.

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Welcome to our forum cakez, I love your beautiful furniture. Could you possibly tell us the size of the room so that we can figure out how many windows and doors for placement. What type of art do you like, outdoor scenes, indoor or abstract or traditional. I agree you need to warm the walls up to make if feel comfortable. Your rug is very pretty but it clashes a little with the furniture. A soft green would have been lovely or even a neutral solid. Do you have room to place the two chairs opposite the couch? Do you have window treatments yet? Give us some more photos and some information and we'll be happy to help you. Enjoy your day!

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Gray, S.A. has everything in the world you'd want! lol. There's a ton of Americans living there too so they have access to all kinds of decor. I really want to go shopping in S.A. :)

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Oakley, really? I think I would rather stay in the states or maybe Canada. If it's recommended I 'enroll in a safety program,' I ain't going there. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: safety program

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I understand that you cannot paint your walls but have you ever thought of using fabric. If you soak fabric in liquid starch, it works the same as wallpaper but will not harm your walls. I did this in a bathroom once. When I got tired of it, I peeled it off the walls and made a quilt from it.

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@cakez: I am very sorry about the ignorant comment about visiting Saudi Arabia and hope it won't keep you from this forum. Are you allowed to hang curtains and wall decoration?

For patty_cakes, see the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: US and int'l crime rate

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Oaklyok~ I assume you are just being kind with your reference to wanting to go to
SA to shop :)

Nosoccermom~ Those numbers mean NOTHING ! The article even states "DEFINITION: Note: Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime, than actual prevalence."

Let's not get into all this.. If in fact the OP is from SA
she is well aware of her surroundings .The fact that she has unblocked access to this site is
a blessing bestowed upon her by the government.

She has posted in "Decor" not "Hot Topics"

I end this rant~

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Ugh, I've been in SA a few times. They are quite advanced, perhaps even more than us.

Anyway, Cakez Your sofa is beautiful. I see you want a rug, so is that a floor? Togther with your sofa it is a bit busy (for me) so personally, I would go for a sofa that is a little more toned down, some clean lines maybe. What kind of style are you leaning towards? Although you can not paint the walls, they are crying out for something, perhaps some paintings, a tapestry, photos?

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Sorry I meeant a rug that is more toned down.

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Here's the OP picture turned so that it's easier to see.

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My point was and is that we probably wouldn't appreciate it if we were on a decorating web site and someone warned against visiting the US because of the high crime rate. (And, yes, there are travel advisories for visitors to the US.) Also, the substantially lower homicide rate in, say, Germany, Switzerland, or the UK (or Canada) is not due to lax law enforcement or low crime reporting.
I hope we didn't scare away cakez.

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Nosoccermom ~ Your point is flawed....
Lower homicides rate in the countries you mentioned need further explanation .

Show me apples to apples before this discussion goes further.
And please... the precautions to visiting the US come no where close to visiting SA..

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I think we should stop this right now and either answer the design question or move on to another post.

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Hi Cakez, I had a little fun with photoshop and gathered some ideas for your apartment. I was out shopping today and saw a sofa set very similar to yours. It looked to rich in both color and pattern, as does yours. I think your warm furniture and cooler floor are fighting; it looks like there are golds and browns in the furniture and cool beiges and browns in the floor. I would warm the floor with a plain rug that's gold in tone and highly textured, but not patterned. I'm thinking of a thick wool or shag type area rug.

I would go with glass and wood, or very simple wood tables - all with curved lines to compliment the furniture. They need to be heavy enough to look like they belong with the sofa and chairs, but not so ornate that they compete.

Lastly, I think some colorful artwork on the walls would really draw the eye up and add a cheerful and lighter element. I'd introduce a few cooler tones here, but paired with warmer ones.

Almost everything I borrowed here was from Overstock, with the exception of the rug (but they have similar rugs) and the Monet poster (Sunset in Venice).

Best of luck with your decorating, and I hope when it's all finished, you'll come back and show it off!

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I agree with Bronwynsmom, this is a decorating forum.

So....I think a glass coffee table with a dark wood base would look good, along with a carpet in a solid tone. I think side tables, etc should be dark wood with some carving so they are similar to the sofa and chairs.

I love, love love that floor, so don't cover too much up.

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Patty-Cakes, make me understand why you would go out of your way to insult a person's country, she did nothing to warrant that behavior but you should know you made a fool of yourself.

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Red you did a fantastic job setting up that room so beautifully. I hope the poster sees it and enjoys it. If she doesn't respond, I can't say I blame her.

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Thanks yayagal! It was fun.

I was just looking over what I wrote about this room an noticed I said, "to rich in both color and pattern" I didn't misspell too, I misspelled so. As in, wow, that's a feast for the eye - so rich. I was a compliment, not a criticism. I didn't proofread and now I'm embarrassed. :(

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TheRedHouse sees cool beiges and browns in the floor; on my monitor, I see pale grays, greens, blues. But whichever, it does look like your furniture and floor could use a rug or carpet as intermediary. :)

I might be an outlier here when it comes to level of ornamentation and detail, but I don't agree with posters who think the furniture is too ornate, and that you should look for plainer decorative elements and tailored, Pottery Barn-type accent furniture. In fact, I wouldn' play down the ornate character of the furniture (which I LOVE btw). It depends on your taste of course, but if you want to go full steam ahead with the ornate look, what about a large oriental carpet in a pattern and colors that complement the furniture?

To go with it, I'm envisioning a large oval tea table in brass. (But I'm not 100% sure of that: the problem is, I can't clearly make out the colors of your furniture. It's possible that brass would be too yellow.) Regardless of brass or not, I'd go with something that has both weight but also is airy, if that makes any sense, i.e., you could get the effect with a sturdy table that has an etched design and slender-looking (but sturdy) legs.

Alternatively, what about a Ming-style table? Something about the furniture arms says China to me.

Or what about leather ottoman(s) so that you can put your feet on them and/or use as extra seating? Many of them have colorful, ornate designs, and you could probably find some that would go with the furniture.

Or what about that lovely furniture, Middle Eastern in origin, that's inlaid with bone or mother-of-pearl on dark wood? Syria does that stuff beautifully. Morroco, too, I believe, but I think it originated in Syria.

Either small tables on either side of the sofa, with table lamps on them or floor lamps in the corners.

A large piece of art, rectangular, over the sofa. Pieces of art over each chair, too, maybe.

Where are the windows? Do you have any curtains or shades yet?

I'm sorry, but I don't agree that you want cool blues in your room. The room does not look large, and the ornate, imposing furniture already contains the room's main colors. I think the rest of what you put in the room should have warm tones, possibly be richly colored (again, my monitor isn't letting me get a good look at the colors of the furniture), and should definitely have enough pattern/size of pattern to stand up to the furniture.

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I want to say THANKS for everyone help me ~and I will do with ur advices .

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