Need suggestions on wall color to go with accessories

ccintxNovember 28, 2012

I need suggestions on a wall color to go in a bedroom. The bedroom is 12 X 20, and the previous owner painted the long wall this hideous pinky red and the other walls are a pinkish beige. I need suggestions for a color. I want a warm cozy feel to the room to go with my bedspread that has all the colors of fall,..burnt orange, reds, golds, and browns. The rest of the house has SW Madadamia, but for some reason it takes on a muddy cast in this room. The flooring is carpet that is a dark, goldish muddy color. I painted a large swatch of Ralph Lauren Devonshire on one wall. It's pretty, and the right depth, but a little too gold. But, it's not turning green. : )

Any suggestions on a beige with gold that won't turn green, but has some depth? (I'm sure I'm making no sense.) But thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Bleeker beige would be perfect, made by BM.

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Thanks for your suggestion on this. I tried that sample, still getting green. This room is haunted by a green ghost! I'm having to use really red based golden beige colors, and I'm really tired of looking. So far, I've tried:

Ralph Lauren Devonshire - a little too intense orangey
Ralph Lauren Cottonwood - getting close, but still too much red
BM Shake Beige - too dark and looks like dark makeup
Kelly Moore Oyster - getting close but not deep enough
Kelly Moore Star of the Garden - too orangey.

What do I do short of a green paint? The lighting is incandescent light from a ceiling fan, and incandescent lights from table lamps with light amber shades. I think it's the brownish goldish carpet that is sucking all the warmth out of the room. Help!

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I really like Sherwin Williams Compatible Cream, but its more golden than beige.

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