Craftsman, "Arts and Crafts" style Help dressing a bay window

Bobbi_474November 24, 2012

Recently remodeled a house and haven't moved in yet. Put in a bay window in the living room with white grilles. It's a small room 12 x 17. I'm trying to keep in the "arts and crafts" theme with craftsman details, Frank Lloyd Wright stencils, etc. My question: should I use curtains or blinds? Light, dark, floral, lace, tapestry curtains? Or would blinds look better? Does anyone have any other ideas?

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FL Wright wouldn't have had window coverings. But if you must, I'd go with flat linen panels in the lower half of each window. Nothing fancy. Neutral color.

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Photos would help us get an idea of the space and the look.

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I would use some sort of simple shade, either roll-down or Roman, mounted inside each window as to leave the woodwork exposed.

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"floral, lace, tapestry curtains? "

No, no, and no.

Simple linen, inside mount, as a flat panel would be great.

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What do you need the window treatments to do? Are they just for pretty, or do you need daytime or night time privacy? Light control for TV watching? Insulation against hot or cold weather?

My brother has a similar house. It is very, very close to the street. So, for privacy and light control and a bit of insulation in winter, he has inside mounted, room-darkening honeycomb top-down, bottom-up shades that pretty much disappear when they are open all the way. Then over those, he has simple, solid-color cotton panels on a black metal rod.

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I generally prefer minimal or no window coverings (except in the bedroom and my woman cave), but I live close to a street and neighbors, so I have flat panels on the lower half of my double living room windows. I love them! This is my second set. Someone might come up with a more elegant solution, but I wanted to be able to open mine on sunny days so I have them hanging from rings sewn into each upper corner, and when I open them I let them hang in folds on the outside (since there are 2 windows in each unit there is an outside.) I made mine, and this set I smartened up and lined them (just attaching the lining at the top.) The sun really fades!

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