Anyone with an American Standard "Clean" toilet?

Cindyloo123November 29, 2012

My parents bough an AS toilet from the "Clean" line last year. It keeps getting clogged. They are about to install new fixtures in a second bath and are wondering if their problem has to do with the first toilet's location or the particular model.

So, do any of you have the "clean" and if so how do you like it? Thank you in advance for any replies.

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Hi Cindy, I had constant problems with my toilet, not a 'Clean', when I lived in CA. As it turned out, it was a main sewage pipe from the house to the street, and not the toilet. Do your parents assume it's the toilet, and couldn't be the sewer line? Maybe they should get it checked out before replacing the toilet or their problems could continue. Just an FYI. ;o)

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Thanks Patty. We have septic systems here, but we know that sometimes a problem toilet is really a problem with the drainage lines the go from the toilet to the septic.

I have a toilet that has never flushed properly since I built my house 27 years ago. I'm going to replace it soon and no matter what happens I'm going to be mad, lol. If replacing it solves the problem I'll be upset that I didn't replace it 27 years ago. If replacing it does not solve the problem, I'll be mad that I bought a new toilet for nothing and I still have to get a plumber to look at our pipes. But whichever problem it is, I intend to conquer it soon!

My parents replaced their 28 year old toilet, which always worked just fine, with the AS "Clean" last year. It keeps getting clogged. We are thinking it's the toilet itself. So here we are, wondering if it's a bad toilet and we should try a different model in the current bath reno!

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We had the same problem with low 2.6 gallons fixtures for a long time. Three years ago we bought A.S. Champion 4 toilets. They have been absolutely fantastic. They claim that it will flush a bucket of golf balls! Haven't tried that, yet.

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When we built our house 5+ years ago, we had Toto Drake toilets put in because of the rave reviews. We won't put any other toilet in -- they really are fantastic and flush everything, every time! HTH!

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Thanks hogette (interesting name btw, lol) and hoosiergirl. My toilet research has revealed that the two most important specs concern the size of the trapway and the flush valve.

It seems the Toto and Kohler (cimmaron, which I have and love) both have the 2 1/8 trapway with a 3" flush valve. American Standard's Champion (the golf ball flusher), has the largest trapway and flush valves in the industry at 2 3/8 and 4". According to my research those slight increases make a huge difference. I think we will try a Champion in my parents current reno. And I am doing a reno at my house soon, so I'll see how I like their Champion.

My Kohler Cimmaron has been great as far as the incredible power of the flush. There has been one downside though. It does not always leave a clean bowl. So we will see if the AS Champion out performs it in that area.

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Please let us know how it goes w/the Champion, Cindy! And just for future reference, the Totos always leave a clean bowl. Love them! Good luck!

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We have the AS cadet 3 flowise on a septic system and it works great, the flushing power is really nice. I believe the AS cadet 3 was modeled after the Toto drake.

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Our plumber (and family friend) only recommends the AS Champion 4 and Toto (not sure on what model.) He has also said that the difference in traps and valves is what makes them so much better.

When we bought this house, we had a nonworking toilet in the master, plus two older, but inefficient toilets. Replaced the master with the Champion 4 and couldn't be happier, so last year replaced the guest toilet with a "comfort height" Champion. Hopefully toilet #3 will be replaced in spring with another AS.

My only advice is to have a sit on it first if you're planning to buy the taller toilet. We're not tall people, and find it uncomfortable for regular use, but have lots of taller/bigger/more arthritic friends and family, and they find it more comfortable, so that's what we got.

AS also makes a seat that snaps on and off, so the whole thing can easily be removed for a more thorough cleaning.

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I'm almost done remodeling two baths at once and put in the below AS Clean model in both of them. No clogs and it's been over a month since we put the first one in, a week for the second. We did move ALL plumbing as we went from 1 1/2 to two full baths, so all pipes/drains/vents/supplies etc. are brand new.

Previous to the remodel my old toilets clogged all the time and it drove me nuts. The "Clean" feature works very well too, so I'm very satisfied with the new toilets.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Standard Clean White High Efficiency WaterSense Elongated 2-Piece Toilet

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Thanks for all of the posts! Yesterday I found out that my parents "Clean" toilet has a dual flush system. If you only need a "light flush" you only press the lever half way down. For a "heavy duty flush" you press it all the way down.

This toilet is in their guest bath. How the heck would a visitor know it's a trick toilet, lol? I have concluded that they keep having clogs because people are not pressing the level all the way down. They probably use the light flush and then try to follow it with a second flush when it doesn't work. Maybe that is leading to complications. I'm going to find out if we can bypass the dual system and make all flushes heavy duty. The guest bath is not the place for an "unusual" flushing system!

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