soft white on off white paint colors advice

imk505November 24, 2012


I'm wanting a warm white on creamy white color scheme for my kitchen and family room. not too much yellow or beige. colors that will open up small rooms with low ceilings. I want my kitchen cabinets to be lighter than the wall color. I was thinking of going with bm grand teton/monterey white for the walls (shown in picture) and bm cloud white for my cabinets but wanted to get advice before i commit. I'm not sure what paint color the floating shelf in the pictures is. I have rust colored saltillo tile on the floors. I want something softer than stark white for the kitchen cabinets yet still lighter than the walls. Any suggestions? my countertops are faux gray slate colored. Here is a picture of what i have in mind.


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Are you referring to the color of the shelf or wall? The wall looks beige to me, but the shelf looks like what I have, which is SW Dover White. It's a soft, creamy white.

BM has a color identical to it, I think it has "Dove" in the name.

I also have a rust color in my checkerboard floor and they go well together.

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Sorry, my post was a bit confusing. I was referring to the shelf color. The wall color in the picture is Grand Teton White. Is there a huge difference in Dove and Cloud white? I have a sample of cloud white. Thanks!!

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Glad you bumped this up, there are some great color experts here. I'm not familiar with Cloud White. On my monitor the shelves look exactly like my woodwork and cabinets, which are SW Dover White. I've had the color for about 3 years now and I really like it. It's never too white, just that nice creamy color.

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That's what I'm looking for my cabinets and trim, a nice creamy white that is not too white yet not the same color as the walls. I have a paint chip of SW dover white and it looks beautiful. I put a dot of grand teton white paint onto my sw dover paint chip and it pretty much blended in. cloud white looks really white against grand teton white so I'm scared to commit. I'll have to buy a sample of sw dover and try it against grand teton to see if there is a difference on a larger scale. whites are so confusing :(

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laura mcleod

We have a white/cream scheme in our kitchen and family room. Walls are SW Honied White (I love this color) and trim and cabinetry are SW Dover White - just another option

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While researching warm whites, I bookmarked this link. Maybe it will help you.

Finding the perfect warm white: 5 designers weigh in

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Wow beautiful kitchen/family room!! I think I have a Honied White paint chip. I'll have to take a look. Thanks for the link, sparkling water, very helpful.

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Thank you imk505 and sparklingwater! I am on a quests for a warm light color too. I am going to check out all of these suggestions!

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