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SheeshareeIINovember 25, 2012

I've been looking for a new lamp for some time now. It will go on this stuffy table that I don't really care for anymore but it stays. My taste did a major flip over the past few years. Anyhow, the wall color is BM Shelburne Buff and will stay the same. The floors will be changing to hardwood.

Which lamp do you like best? You can also suggest something else but I'd like to keep it under $100.


29" H


28" H


28 3/4" H

The table is 29" H. I thought the lamps might be too tall but the one I have there is over 29" and I think looks fine as far as height goes.

I honestly like the lines and look of #2 the best. It's a little more than I wanted to spend but by the time I get done spending gas and time driving to the few places I have left to look...that makes up for the cost.

I was a little concerned about the described 'oatmeal' shade of #2 and the 'linen' shade of #1 looking ok in the room. On the flip side, I don't know if the "cream linen" shade of #3 will be too stark.



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I think #1looks like it will go better on the table, which is beautiful , by the way. The others are too contemporary, IMO.


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Real quick....

I wanted to mention #1 is from JCP and the others are from Lamps Plus.

Even thought I really like #1 I think I figured out why I'm slightly put off by it. In the photo, the finial, shade, and lamp all out of line. I know that doesn't mean the actual thing will be all wonky...just an observation I made.

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i like #3's base and the visible finial and it's matte metal(as compared to #1's shiny metal)... the lamp's base you have currently looks like it has a very light body/base- maybe that will help you figure out if the cream shade would look too stark...at least you wouldn't have to worry about the shade not being quite the right color for your walls!

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#2. I think the shade works well with your sofas and paint color and the body can be a chameleon and work with many styles. The table should not be your main consideration - it's not what you focus on in the room and is somewhat hidden tucked between the sofas. It's also the easiest thing to replace at some point although I understand that's not in the plans at this point.

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I like #2 for it's simplicity.

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Shee, what is your 'new' style? #1 looks more traditional to me. #2 seems more transitional to me, and #3 looks to have more arts and crafts or art deco lines to it. The one I like the least is #1, though. JMHO

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I would keep the lamp you have as long as you have that table.

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I like them all, but I like #1 the best. I find the shape of the lamp softer, if that makes sense.

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Hi Sheesharee,

Do you have a Costco nearby? I saw lamp #1 (which I also think is best in your space) in Costco. It was being sold in a two pack for $80.

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IMO #1 goes best with the table but if you no longer like the table and plan to replace it why don't you keep the lamp you have now until you find a different table?

I'm guessing your style is now less ornate but lamps #2 and #3 do not work with your current table.

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I actually like #2 and 3 better, but #1 is better with your table, and is also quite nice. I do think a cream silk shade would be better, and good quality shades are always a good investment.

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Hi everyone!

Dlm -I was hoping you' chim in and wondered if you'd pick #2. It's similar to a lamp I passed up on (and totally kick myself for) a few years ago. I remember you saying you liked it.

Cyn - It hasn't really changed since my more recent postings but is completely different than when I first started posting. I originally liked EVERYTHING very ornate and fussy. I still have a few things like that but not a whole house. I just find I like the mix of clean lines added in and prefer more natural accessories over a fancy resin box.

Honestly I like the table a lot better than the current lamp that's on it. It is a unique lamp but it's just too fancy and the shade I bought isn't right. It needs a drum shade and they don't carry any in stores large enough (What's up with that!?). I don't like it enough to want to pay for the right shade. Both the lamp and the table together are too much for me and even though it's backwards, I'd rather get rid of the lamp for now. It could also be because I see more of that than the table.

April - I don't have one near me but many people tell me how wonderful they are! Thanks for the heads up though.

Bronwynsmom - Ohhhh then I'm taking you shade shopping with me. I find lamp shade shopping to be like trying to find jeans, ugh. :)

I'm still leaning towards #2 and now ya'll have me wanting to buy a new table! I just 'wanted' one before but now I�m actually considering looking and acting out on that. :) I have someone that will gladly take the table off my hands and be happy with it.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts I'll let you know what I end up with!

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I hbave seen lamps very similar to number 1 at Lowes and I believe also Target. You might check there. I personally really like linen shades and have a couple in our great room. Mine are not a creme color but think more "oatmeal". Shades can definitely make or break a lamp.


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I like #1 best for that room, and it's nice and relatively simple yet not "modern" looking.

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#2 is the one I would pick for my house, for what it is worth...

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Love #2!

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I wanted to say how beautiful the lines of your "stuffy" (NOT!) table look with the nail-head trim roll arms of your sofas. Kinda glad you're not changing out the table!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I love all the detail in your table. I think #3 looks best, followed by #2 as I like the metal finish best in #3. The lamp shade looks like it will be fine given the color of your trim.

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