Has anyone used outdoor lights inside?

deborah1950November 6, 2009

I am thinking about using outdoor lighting as inside sconces. Has anyone done that, and does it work as a good light source? I bought two oil rubbed bronze lanterns with hammered glass to be used in a family room with vaulted ceiling. Now I am wondering if this is what I want. We will need light, and I am not fond of overhead lights. Any suggestions? I thought it sounded fun, but I am interested in function. I will have lamps also.

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I have one in my foyer and love the look.
It isn't wired, so I just use a battery tea light.
Give it a try~

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Thanks for the great pictures! Your home looks very welcoming! Like the light and the clock. I have already purchased the light and it will have to be wired. I didn't know that there was such a thing like the one you have! Do you mind my asking where you found it? What a great idea for over my stone fireplace where wiring would be costly! Thanks so much for the idea. Keep the ideas and pictures rolling out there.

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I'm sure this is done as I've seen many of those huge hanging lanterns that decorators are now using with the Belgian style and they must originally have been outdoor fixtures. As long as the wiring is to code I can't see a problem. Keep in mind the function of the light as sconces will be ambient light, not task. I have a dozen wired sconces in this house and I love the light they provide. Downside is that really tall furniture doesn't work with them and they limit wall decor.

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My neighbors have three huge outdoor lanterns over their 10ft kitchen island ... (photo from real estate ad before it was sold)

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What a great idea! Yes, absolutely use an outdoor lantern if it fits with your decor.

I LOVE the clock in your house, Loribee, as well as the lantern by your front door.

I'm looking for new lights above my (little) center kitchen island and now you've given me ideas...mwhaaahaaa....always a dangerous thing!

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