Question about curtain pulled to one side

brutusesOctober 21, 2008

I'm still trying to decide on window treatments for all of the windows in the new house. I just saw this on Craigs and it gave me an idea for my office windows. My question is, if I swag the two windows on one wall like this, which would look good, how would I swag the curtain on the third window that stands alone on another wall? Swag it also to one side or one panel swagged to each side of the window like in the bottom right photo? Would this look OK in the same room or should I ditch this idea? Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Here is a link that might be useful: example of curtain placement

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I have the same issue in my bedroom and I've been pondering it for a while. I think it would look odd to have more drapery on one window than the others, so I would probably pull to one side even on the standalone window.

Actually, though, I'm probably just going to end up doing roman shades or something similar, because I don't think curtains will look right either way. I think in this situation, your best bet would be to put drapes on both sides of all windows, and at least in my bedroom (which is very small), I think that's just way too much drapery going on!

Hopefully, some real drapery experts will chime in now...

Good luck!

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Do you have any pics, dimenions of the windows in question?

What I do would depend more on what looks good for each window as well as what type of light control and privacy needs you have for this room. Are you thinking of a layered treatment with some type of blinds/shades below or would you be planning to close these at night?

The choice of material for one-side treatments is also an impt. consideration since they do (considerably) cut down on the light if too heavy. I mocked it up once in my FR and while it looked good, it was just cut off too much light and view so if you do opt for it, I suggest using a lightweight fabric and putting blinds/shades below for more light control/privacy.

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The windows are 84" long x 36" wide. Those are the ones on one wall. The window on the other wall is a standard size 36" x 72". The standard size sits above my desk area. The others have nothing in front of them. When we sit at our desks, we will be able to turn to the side and we'll be looking out of the windows.

I did think about the light control issue since I do have porches and that alone will cut down on light. I'm rushing to go out right now, but when I get back I'll post a sample of the fabric I'm thinking of using. It's a cotton with a light background and I think it would look light and bright.

I was thinking of using shutters for the lower half of the windows for privacy, like what is pictured in the sample I linked. My tall windows are actually like the ones pictured.

I can get photo's of the actual room and post them so you can see what the set up is. I have photo's of pieces of the room, but not the entire room.

Thanks for our help.

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