Painted Upholstered Furniture!

nanny2aOctober 31, 2012

I thought I would start another thread on painted upholstered furniture. It really is much easier than one would expect, and we love the results! One of these chairs was already boasting a new light khaki upholstery, which unfortunately did not mix well with the new khaki colored couch we purchased last month. The other chair, a red plaid, I had not had time to recover, so I painted both of them, and an ottoman, in a cheerful red.

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That is so great. Many years ago I painted a chair and later when redoing the decor, SPRAY PAINTED the same chair-it resembled old leather. Kind of felt that way too actually.

Do you use a fabric conditioner? They look really soft.

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The chairs look great! I've been thinking about trying this. My husband worried that the paint might wear off on someone's clothing. Could you tell me how that has worked out for you?

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Betteratthelake, the paint does not rub off at all. The fabric feels a little stiffer than original, but that is all. I did use a fabric softener mixed in with water, to spray each section before applying the latex/fabric medium mixture. Each chair got two coats. The plaid chair was a cotton/polyester blend fabric, and that ended up, (after a light sanding with sandpaper), feeling like a soft leather. The other chair had cotton upholstery, and now the fabric feels a little stiffer, but still very comfortable to the touch.

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An FYI, several years ago on another forum, there was someone who painted her sofa. To avoid the stiffness, she applied 2/3 coats of paste wax, which she said gave a softness to the painted fabric.

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