Faucet Monstrosity-- Help me shop!

anele_gwOctober 10, 2013

Here's the story. The PO put in cheap fixtures-- we found out the ones from the bathroom are from ALDI. Did you know they even sold them? I have not been there, so I did not.

I digress. So, the faucet popped up, spurting water everywhere. DH fixed it. Happened again yesterday, so DH hurriedly went to HD (ha, ha, DH/HD) and bought one in 20 minutes. (I had a screaming baby on my lap at home!)

As you can see, this sucker is HUGE. The problem is, the main/big sink is on the left, far from the faucet, which must be installed over the small sink on the right (three holes there). So, we need a faucet long enough to reach over there. The previous one was teeny and a pain.

The one we have is about 15.5 inches tall. I want ORB, and to spend no more than $300. I do a LOT of dishes. The new one is very wonderfully functional, but so darn huge.



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i don't have any suggestions for a faucet but the location is a huge problem. i would swap out the sink for a single bowl. there's no way i could (happily) live with a set up like that.

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I completely agree with Kate.
I don't think you'll find a faucet that isn't "big" that doesn't reach over there.

I think what's making it seem too large is the fact that you have upper cabinets there. If it were an open space, the faucet would appear just right.

My suggestion: Change the sink - keep the faucet.

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Honestly, I think it looks just fine. I'm guessing that because you had a tiny one before, you just need time to adjust to the new look. Large faucets are the norm now. I know many people love the one big sink, but I hate it. I have the same set up as you and I love it. You can have big pots soaking in one sink and still use the smaller bowl for filling with water for wiping down counters, etc. When I first got my new faucet I thought it was huge too. Now it looks just right to me. Give it a bit to get used to.

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Kate and Janice, the sink is absolutely staying. The kitchen is my last priority--I lived with a very annoying faucet until it broke. I know the sink and upper cab are problems, but definitely not ones I will be addressing. Thank you!

Daisy, I do like the double sink set-up as well. This big ol' faucet makes it workable, but the appearance is the problem. It makes me feel better to think I might get used to it. Thank you!

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Agree that it looks ok but also agree that the set up is odd, having the faucet over the small bowl. I would keep the faucet and change out the sink for either a single bowl or dual bowl with large sink on right.

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Here is a photo of a faucet with upper cabs.

Contemporary Kitchen by La Grange Kitchen & Bath Designers Cheryl D & Company

If you really think the size of the faucet is too large, why not look for one that is more slender with a pull out so it can reach to the other sink.

I give your husband a lot of credit for picking out such a nice faucet - it works nicely with your pulls and style of kitchen....

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Mamorella, the sink won't be changed anytime soon. Thank you!

Janice, that one looks OK-- is it because of the color (not so heavy), size of kitchen, or slenderness of faucet?

Ours is a pull-out-- I can't tell online which ones will look less bulky IRL. Hmmm.

I will tell DH what you said. I told him ORB to go with the backsplash, but he wanted to match with the sink.

Thank you!!

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Holly- Kay

Anele, your kitchen is beautiful! I wouldn't change a thing. I had a double sink before I renovated and was going to do the same in my new kitchen. DD talked me into a single and I love it but I also loved my double sink.

I actually think your set up looks perfect except for the faucet not being over the main sink and now that you have a pull out faucet your problem is solved. The faucet, imo, is beautiful and not too big. It is just such a change from your previous teeny faucet to the new one. I think your DH did a smashing job of finding a lovely faucet!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I agree that both the existing faucet doesn't look bad...and if it functions well, great. I also agree that the sink/faucet arrangement would drive me nuts and I'd be looking to replace it with something else...something that would at least center the faucet between the sinks.

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I'm no expert on faucets, but perhaps a "low arc" one would work better?

Here is a link that might be useful: moen

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A pull-out or pull-down or high arc faucet might reach the big sink OK. How far is it from the faucet hole to the big sink? The spec you want to look for is "spout reach".

Here's one that's more delicate:

Single-handle pull-out

Next time, let him hold the screaming baby while you make the parts buying expedition.

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Could the sink just be pulled out, flipped so the big bowl is on the right side and reinstalled? In my mind, it would be easy, but what do I know?

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Presumably, the faucet holes would then be at the front.

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To address the small sink issue-- having lived here a year now, this is what I "think" was in the mindset of the POs. Maybe they think, soak in the big sink, and then have the small sink to rinse off? Doesn't explain the fact that the DW is on the other side, however. OR, it could be that they got the sink on sale and just did not care. On the surface, many things in this house are nice . . .but I found out the PO's mom was an ID. She bought things for appearance only. They gutted the kitchen-- and left the old plumbing and electric. Ditto for the bathroom. :( We also had a bad inspector.

Anyway . . .

Holly-Kay, thank you! That is so kind. I will tell DH!

Annie, it's weird, but you get used to it or think you do. It drove me crazy at first. Now that the faucet is helpful, I realize how annoying it really was with the small one!

Gracie, that would look a million times better, but would not work with the sink problem.

Lazy, the first got bad reviews and the 2nd no reviews. Come to think of it, my mom was actually here that night-- why no one thought to have her babysit for an hour, I don't know!

Daisy, NSM is right. The holes. Plus, the sink is even on the side of the outermost counter, but not on the other, so they could not have flipped it.

But really, I can't complain . . .

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One more question-- is DH right? Would stainless look better?

I don't like it as much with the b/s but maybe it would not be so heavy.

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Yeah, I think stainless would blend with your backsplash so the faucet won't look as prominent. And I'd look for a more elegant design as some posts above.

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I'm with Holly-Kay. I love that faucet. I like it in the ORB, I would not like stainless. I think the style and color go great with your cabs and knobs/black dishwasher trim.

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Stainless will be much less noticeable in a large faucet like yours. But that said, it does NOT look horrible and I think in a few months or sooner, you'll not even notice it as looking different than the old one. I would switch to stainless myself. I also don't know how well orb holds up in inexpensive faucets (I think you implied it wasn't an expensive one) and it might look horrible if the finish fails before too long.

I might pick something like this

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Mjlb, that is what I was thinking, though I do not like the stainless with the B/S. Hmm. I don't even think the sink goes with the countertop, truth be told!

Jess, thank you-- my DH feels good hearing this as well. :)

Oly, what about the fingerprints on stainless? I can't deal with more fingerprints, ha, ha! As for the finish, it has a lifetime warranty, I think. It's the Delta Arabella- link below, though we paid a bit more. The ratings are very good via HD.

So, here's where I'm at:
1. I like the functionality a lot; I spend way too much time on dishes, it seems, so this matters.
2. I'm worried about the fingerprints w/stainless.
3. If I get a more streamlined faucet, does this mean the shower spray won't be as good? In other words, is the bulk a good thing for function?
4. It is so hard to shop online for this type of thing-- if I could just see them in person, would be so much easier, but we have so much to do . . .hard to find time to go to an actual store. (And way more selection online.)

Anyway, thanks for joining me for this indulgent faucet talk! DH didn't have to spend much time installing this one but he gets all grumbly thinking about switching it, haha, so I can't talk to him!

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Arabella

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I think you just need to get used to the size. It sounds like you are actually pretty happy with the faucet your husband picked out. It looks really nice, and it sounds like it functions just the way you want.

I would give yourself some time to get used to it. When we first got our faucet, I felt the same way. Compared to my old one, it seemed enormous! After a few weeks I didn't even notice the size.

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The ORB faucet doesn't appear to match anything else in the photo. Seems like stainless would have been the way to go. (Love your attitude about not complaining and realizing this falls into the category of First World Problem.)

Oh wait. I see, it matches the drawer pulls. I would have matched the faucet to the sink.

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I will join the choir who thinks it's more the location of the faucet that is not making it great and the fact that it is different takes time to get used to it.
I recently replaced a low arc faucet with a very big honker (Delta Leland) - both are/were stainless. As far as stainless goes, I find it pretty much maintenance free. I hardly EVER see fingerprints or drips on the faucets. The stainless sink is another matter, but stainless faucets (at least Delta) are a non issue.
I did have another post raving about the customer service at DELTA so I would highly encourage anyone considering them to go with it. (and I had bought my original Delta about 5 years ago on CSN which was the predecessor to Wayfair- Delta honors all)

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I've had the stainless Delta Arabella for over three years. It took a while to get used to the height of it after it replaced a much shorter Delta pullout. I love my Arabella and I'm sure you will too. The magnetic docking is terrific and I love the long hose which lets me reach all corners of my sink. I think the ORB looks very nice in your kitchen.

I'm with sheilaaus112 in commending Delta for its customer service. I'm a long-time user of Delta. After I moved the pull out Delta to my laundry sink I had a problem with the hose, Delta replaced it without question. At that point that faucet was over 10 years old.

I've seen too many people on this list opt for very expensive faucets which later have issues. Delta always has a nice variety of faucets available, they are sturdy and well-made, and have a stand-up company reputation behind them. What more can you ask for?

And yes, the Arabella is an exclusive "style" from the big orange box, although I bought mine on eBay. It's internal parts function just fine, an ode to the ever-raging litany regarding 'cheaper insides' from the big box stores.


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Jamie, you are right-- I am getting used to it now! Thanks for the encouragement.

Graywings, yup, the pulls and also the browns in the b/s. First world problem for sure!!!

Sheila, that is great to know about your Delta and its finish. Yes, the location is an issue. I was looking at sinks today, just to plan for someday because it is a pain . . .I didn't see any with the opposite set-up, with the faucet holes over the big sink, or even the small one one the right. I didn't look long, though. I think (someday!) I'd get a double with the faucet centered.

Blu, yay about the Arabella! It is so good to know it has held up well, and many people seem to say great things about the customer service w/Delta. I verified that the warranty (on finish and product) is lifetime (not transferable, but that's OK!). It is a very nice faucet to use.

Thanks, everyone. DH will be very relieved if we keep it, and you have convinced me to do just that. :)

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I read this earlier and didn't take time to comment, but I couldn't resist. We put in a stainless Delta from Lowe's with the high arc and magnetic faucet. So far so good, and I love it. We've had no problems with spots on it at all. I will say, though, that when I brought it home and held it up in the sink hole where I thought it would be, I was fit to be tied for a day or two thinking what a horrible huge thing I was stuck with, as dear hubby was sick of me taking so long to pick it out and would be annoyed with me for wanting to return it. I just knew it would stick up so far I couldn't see out my window. Once it was installed and after a day or so, however, it looked fine; so you'll get used to it, I'm pretty sure.

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