White ceiling fan?

adh673October 24, 2010

I have a step down family room with a one-way vaulted ceiling (asymetrical). I am debating what to do about the ceiling fan we are adding b/c its really cold in there in the winter as the fireplace heat rises and the room is on a slab. The heat registers on the ceiling, dumb as that is.

Anyway, I got one with walnut blades to match our soon to be installed walnut floors, but my husband mentioned white fans today. The theory is white will recede into the ceiling more. Our door hardware is black and the fireplace insert is black. Ceiling is white. Im afraid the fan will be more visible since its a step down room.

Anyone have a white fan or seen one? What are your impressions? Does it trick the eye? Or look cheap? My preference is more pottery barn look vs. cottage.

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I love our white ceiling fans. Not all white ones look cheap (but the cheap ones often do). Ours was pricier than I would have liked, but we loved the style and splurged a little more than usual. The walnut would also be pretty, just not in our spaces.
I think if you have light walls, the white will be less obvious, but if the walls are dark, it will be visible with those as the backdrop.

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in our previous house, we had very high family room ceiling...for that house we bought a white ceiling fan because we were told that the white would "recede into the ceiling"...if i were to do it again, i would have gotten the stained wood blades. the ceiling fan looked like a white ceiling fan--not bad, but very visible...no recession to my eye at least!

i think if you tend to decorate with white, the white fan would look nice, but since i tend to like color and earth tones, etc and don't like too much bright white trim in my home, the white fan wasn't the best choice.

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If your ceiling is high, you will need quite a long rod to bring the ceiling fan within "reach" to do anything. Unless you buy one of those "Big A$$ Fans" (literally the dumbest name for a company EVER! although the concept is intriguing). White won't disappear. Just focus on buying a nice looking ceiling fan. Post a picture for best advice.

So many people are ceiling fan haters but they don't live in climates that REQUIRE them. Lightswitches are ugly too but would you eliminate them? I think not!! If one more person who lives in NYC "disses" ceiling fans there will be war! Come on down to where I live and then we will talk about how ugly ceiling fans are when your utility bill is over $1,000 a month for AC for 5 months in a row. Uhm, what were we talking about again??????

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We have two white ceiling fans...one in the kitchen and one in the family room. White wasn't my first choice, especially in the kitchen (the one in the family room was already there from the previous owners) but now that I've had them a while, I think I prefer the "blended" look to one that would stand out. While they don't disappear into the ceiling (our ceilings are painted white), they are not the focal point of the room.

The family room has a vaulted ceiling so the fan is on a long rod. Here's a picture showing both. You can decide for yourself whether or not you like the look.

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Personally I like the way a white fan can recede. Not all of them look cheap (as evidenced by above).

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You should treat the ceiling fan as you would any decorative element in the room. The white won't "recede" or blend into the ceiling, in my experience. I've had lots of ceiling fans, both white and non-white. I choose them according to how they look with the rest of the furnishings. I've used white fans when I don't want the fan to be too noticeable, but the white also works well with everything else, usually in a bedroom.

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Simple white fans against white ceilings disappear even more if there aren't any lights attached, IMO. To me, a fan is utilitarian - not a focal point - & the lights drawn the eye.

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I always use white fans as I don't want them to stand out.

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imo : if the white ceiling fan is a flush-mount, preferably with no light attachment, then yes it does more or less blend into the white ceiling.
but if in need of a downrod or light attachment, then i would usually go with what works in the room decor as a whole.
i agree with poster above; you live in those areas of the country that get weeks and weeks of 95 degree and above weather in the summer or are fortunate enough to have excellent, cost-efficient heating system in winter-- not just a grill on the wall for the whole house with a thermostat on opposite wall, like me--your ceiling fan, white, brown, wood,chrome, cheap, expensive--makes life bearable. :)

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Thanks for the feedback. We definitely need a fan in that room but I agree fans are not a thrilling design element- but practical! Anyway, here is a pix of the family room looking in from the kitchen. The place is still torn up and the floors are unfinished, walls unpainted etc but it gives you an idea of the angle. The ceilings are not super high, I think but we do need to drop the fan a little due to the angle.

this is the other direction, family room to kitchen:

I see now there is a table in front of the fireplace but the fireplace is currently red brick (debating this but it matches the house outside) with a fairly large black wood burning fireplace insert in the middle.

So if I DO go with a ceiling fan with wood tones would it be a big deal to use a dark brown one or should I look for a black housing with walnut blades. The floors are walnut. The fan I have now is a dark brown casing which I am wondering if its a mistake since my fireplace and door hardware are black. Here is the fan I got:

And ones I am considering:

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We have 10 foot ceilings in our family room and walnut stained hardwood floors. I chose a walnut blade fan too. I actually like the look of a fan in certain rooms. In your case I would go with a white fan since your ceiling is slanted, jmho.

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Looking at your space - I truly think you could go either way. They have some very decorative dark fans that you could tie to your curtin rods, accessories,etc.

Is your woodwork a true white?

My ceiling in my family room is similar - I purchased good quality white Craftmade (no light kit) fans. I bought them before I choose the creamy white trim paint and ceiling paint. So now, I think my white fans don't recede. But, all of my can light trim is pretty white too. If I had to do it over, I would have gone with an antique or creamy white fan for my house.

Why not finish the room then decide on the color of the fan?

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laura mcleod

I think you could either way too. I lean toward white bc I do they seem lighter and "floatier" (dont think that is a word...)

My favorite fans are from Modern Fan Company - they are not necessarily that modern, just really simple with clean lines. I have white one (Atlas Hugger) in my son's room and we put in a "brushed nickel" finish (Lapa) one in our master. They are sleek and super quiet - love them both. Modern Fan also has a sister company with more traditional designs - Period Arts Fan Company. Anyway, prob more than you wanted to know ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: modernfan

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Thanks - I will look at modern fan. The hurry is that the electrican will go away at some point and we will be stuck with our own handiness (not good).

The woodwork is not painted here (whatever comes from lumberyard for trim and fireplace mantle 12 year old whatever color I painted it offwhite) but I have been thinking of BM marscapone - creamy white. But ceiling white for the ceilings. I havent broached the whole world of colored ceilings, I'm not sure if I should or can take that on. I'm having enough trouble with the walls.

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I think the fan in my living room is the same as the one in your first picture and like it much more than I thought I would (wasn't thrilled about having a fan in the middle of my living room but it's necessary here in So Cal.) It cost more than other fans without lights that we saw on display but it's obvious it's a better quality fan. I like the shape of the blades on the first one more than the longer, rectangular blades in the second and third pictures.

We used ORB fans w/ stained wood blades in the living room, eat-in kitchen and my bedroom because the darker fans matched the earth tones in these rooms. I have a good quality white ceiling fan in my DD's room, which is decorated in lighter, brighter colors.

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do you know what your wall color will be??? if it's abit dark, a white fan hanging down will stand out more...if it's very light, then i think you could get away with a lighter fan. your fireplace is white...is your kitchen cabinetry white too? furniture?? white in your window treatments?? if you have lots of white in your house, i think the white could look nice and blend in.
in juddgirl2 pic above, i like the dark fan because her room has lots of wood and warm, earth tones, etc... even though her fan is mounted close to her white ceiling, a bright, white fan would have stuck out and looked out of place, imo.

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We have white ceiling fans in all of our bedrooms and our sunroom because I want them to blend in with the ceiling and not be a focal point.

Our familyroom which has a lot more stained wood has a wood ceiling fan. A white one would stick out like a sore thumb in there, but it does not have white trim. Our last house had nine foot ceilings and and white trim in the family room and we put a very nice white ceiling fan in there because I did not want the fan to be the focal point. But the only stained wood in there was the coffee table and end tables.

I think it depends on what look you are going for. I agree with the statement about using a more expensive white fan so that it does not look cheap.

I also like the look of a big bowl light shade (not sure what to call it) istead of individual glass shades for each bulb on my white fans just to give it a cleaner more streamlined look.

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