Coffee Table Selection Help Needed

ottertailOctober 5, 2012

I want to buy a different coffee table for this living room. The current table sits in front of a window in AZ and the glass always looks dusty or streaked, even after cleaning. I would be interested in what suggestions readers have for a new fresh look.

I have solved many decorating problems on this forum and look forward to some creative ideas!

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I would like a metal glass table that is transitional in style. Solid wood table would be too heavy and even the one you have seems heavy, making the space look crowded.

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If the glass is making you crazy - why not try something w/a travertine or granite top? Maybe w/ a little iron . Not too much iron since your lamps are iron

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Do you really need a coffee table in that space? It is pretty narrow and looks like it would still feel cozy without one. If you moved the couch on the right forward just a tiny bit, the people on the far ends of both couches could reach the table there for drink placement. You could get a set of nesting tables on the near end of the right couch. Then you would have tables for 4 people on the ends of the couches and if you should need to serve from a table or a place for drinks for someone in the middle of the couches (they look like they are 2 seaters) you could pull out one or two of the nesting tables to use.

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I like the idea of a transitional metal table with travertine or granite. I have a table as you can see in this photo in the same room that has black granite top, cherry wood drawers, and grayish black metal legs. What color granite or travitine would you recommend. I was wondering if a cream/beige to go with furniture would work?

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I think the travertine is a great idea. Here's a table I absolutely loooooove, but didn't buy since it would set in front of a marble trimmed fireplace. It says the top is lucce stone top though, not travertine.

I've seen it in person and it's gorgeous IMHO. (Sorry the picture is so fuzzy; I got it from the website, which was one of those zoom-ins.)


Here is a link that might be useful: Lexington table

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deeinohio, I can't belive what a coincidence it is. I was just looking at that table today on-line. I love it. I have one reservation. The home has brushed stainless hardware on doors, etc. I have a black chandy in the dining room. Can I introduce this gilted gold with the other metals going on? The drapery rods and other wood pieces are cherry.

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ottertail: I did purchase the corresponding tables (2 glass topped with the same metal legs and shelves. The tables are not nearly as gold as they look online; they're actually more a bronze color, with some mottled darkness, hard to explain.

Here's a picture. If you want, I can take a closer shot tomorrow when it's lighter.

If you do decide to order this table, check out the prices at Lexington furniture in Lexington, KY. They were much cheaper than any price I could find, including NC stores.

I'm never one much to worry a whole lot about mixing metals,unless it's in a bathroom or kitchen. I have a black entry lantern and a wrought iron chandelier in the DR.

I purchased these tables because I wanted to lighten up the room a bit; I previously had a round chery and glass table I love but the dusting was a bit much for me, too. I don't mind glass.


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Here's a page of stone topped, I love the Monaco one as it's a tad bit traditional and a nice narrower size but I also love the oval one posted above.

Here is a link that might be useful: coffee table.

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deeinohio, If you have time I would love a photo in daylight.

Yayagal, I also like your suggestion, the Monaco. Your are right that the slimmer profile would be good. Have you seen in person? I see it is faux marble. Has anyone had experience with faux marble. Does it look real?

I see that the two tables are very different in price. Keep the thoughts coming!

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I have not seen it in person but you can magnify the photo and peer at it.

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Has anyone purchased furniture with faux marble and have you been satisfied?

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