New candle chandelier for bedroom :)

tinanOctober 6, 2012

I love my new chandelier! I am trying to find remote control LED tapers for it (I have remote control pillars but haven't yet found tapers).

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Pretty! I'm guessing, not electric?

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Disregard last post/question. Didn't read the full thread title!

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I wonder if these can be taken of the brass stand ?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I don't see any reason they couldn't be used off the base.
Years ago I did the same thing with the on at dusk, off at lights ones. Good luck.

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I saw those ones, but I wonder if the battery/remote receiver is wired in the base? I guess I can contact them and ask :)

I got this for $39, similar to ones I saw for several hundred... so I was very happy with the find!

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forboystoo , those are so close... I found the instruction manual linked and it looks like the top brass rim/drip catcher part is attached to the candle, which may mean it won't fit into the holder. I may give them a try and see if I can cut off the rim though... since they are the closest thing so far!

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Wonderful chandy, tinam.

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Tina, couldn't the candle bases be glued to the chandelier and painted to match it? I have several vintage non-working chandeliers that I've turned into 'candle'iers and am trying to sell them at my antique booth. Right now I just have regular candles, but think they might be an easier sell w/battery-remote candles.

I'll be watching this post to see what *you* do. ;o)

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I'm still searching online, I found a few more candidates that have remote and may or may not have detachable bases... some look cheap and silly though. I could always just put real tapers in for looks and not light them - no way am I putting real lit candles above the memory foam bed! But I do like the idea of the ambiance of lighting from the chandelier. I'll definitely update when I find the right candles!

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