Saybrook Sage in bath?

cyn427 (zone 7)October 3, 2012

I have just scrolled through several old posts on bathrooms because I suddenly find myself needing (yes, NEEDING as in emotionally) to repaint our hall bath which is small and has no natural light. We have beige/cream/light brownish tile in the shower. I love Saybrook Sage in our kitchen and I think it might look good in bath as well. Any thoughts? This is really just a sudden idea-maybe fall is bringing on the desire for change. I considered going very dark, but I am afraid that I will tire of that. Have also thought of something like Windham Cream (think that is that lovely creamy color so many here like). Also considering a green, but not yellow green, despite the fact that a lot of folks argue against green in bathrooms. It is just one of my favorite colors. Blue green is good, too.

No worries if you hate all these ideas. I will appreciate any and all opinions! I am just tired of the antique white my husband painted more years ago than I would like to admit!

Thanks all.

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How about SW Sea Salt?

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The powder room in our first house was painted Saybrook Sage, but it was a large powder room with a full size window. I then used Saybrook Sage in the living room (pool table room) and secondary powder room of my second house. It is a great color. I would go for it :-)

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I have a color in my guest bath that is dead on Saybrook Sage and I hate it. It make skin look horrible. I can't wait to change it! My advice would be to go with a softer more spa-like blue.

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Annie Deighnaugh

You can go really soft and light in an interior bathroom, even picking up on some yellow undertones to make it feel sunny. Our guest bath is an interior space so I painted the walls BM Hazelnut Creme. The colors for the bath came out of a watercolor of Lake Louise.

Upcoming project is to frame the mirror.

But that's most likely too close to the color you already have. You can go with the soft blues or greens, but what I really like for small interior baths is to go wild as I did in our powder room. I call it my wild a** bath. People either love it or hate it. It was inspired by Hunt's Lady of Shallot. All the colors were drawn from there. The walls are BM Adobe Orange, the ceiling is BM Soft Fern. The floor is an Italian porcelain tile done in a carpet pattern similar in color to the guest towel. Note that the mirror is hung from a wire attached below the mid point so it reflects the room, not the ceiling.

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I agree with caminnc: I painted a master bath sage green. Loved the color in other parts of the house, but not in the bath. Later read that green is not a good color for bathrooms. Then spent time painting it out!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Thanks everyone. Chispa, I think I may have some of the kitchen paint left, so I may try painting a sample near the mirror. I do love the color, but rafor and caminnc could be right. I have read a lot of posts which recommend against green in the bathroom. Then again, I saw lots of pictures of green bathrooms that were beautiful. Of course, they didn't have any people in those pictures!

Annie, your hazelnut cream does look a lot like what we have. Very pretty, but I think I like the idea of going bold. I am not sure I could do orange even though I REALLY like yours!

Ellendi, I will go get a sample. I have never used SW, but I always like the rooms people show that are painted with Sea Salt.

I don't know why I can't make up my mind this time. I am pathetic! Anyway, I appreciate all your suggestions and cautions. I will head to the paint stores on Saturday. Thank you all!

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Maybe green isn't perfect for a master bath, but does it really matter that your complexion isn't great in a powder room? Might be good when you have a crowd and don't want any one person spending too much time in there!!

Give it a try. As we say here "It is only paint and can be repainted if truly hideous"! The SS looks really nice with chrome/silver.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I don't think you're pathetic....I think you're in need of an inspiration piece that will take you in the direction you want to you have a piece of art you'd like to use? a favorite color or blouse or scarf? perhaps a plate? a photo? a favorite place you'd like to be like the beach or the woods? maybe a snowy day? Whatever it is, find something you love and let it inspire you to create a room around it.

One color combo I love and never had the chance to do yet is what you get when you swirl vanilla and coffee ice cream together...yum!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

You are right-That vanilla/coffee combo color is a lovely one, Annie. Guess I will try a few samples. Thanks again.

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