Help with paint color for living room with low natural light

luvpatch2October 25, 2011

Hi! I would love some help with suggestions for a paint color for my living room that has low natural light except for in the morning.We have brown leather furniture and recently has a ledgestone veneer placed over the fireplace. We are having book shelves built on the sides of the fireplace. The room has low natural light because of porch overhang . I was thinking of a green maybe a sage green? Something that would brighten up the room. Any color suggestions would be great! Thanks

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Ellen Kennon Champagne Gold or if you want a green I would do more of an olive green. Some sage's can be too pastel looking. Since you have low light you may want to consider the full spectrum paints. I used FS in my MB and MB and I really like the look

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I love Soft Fern, too.

Also look at SW Ivoire. I have a dark-ish living room too, and mine is painted SW Blonde, which is a bit darker.

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I've used both the SW Ivoire and the SW Blonde. Both are pretty colors. The SW Ivoire is just a very nice neutral color. I wouldn't call it a yellow, but it might lean that way. The Blonde is definitely a deeper golden color.
Here's a link to a previous discussion on the Ivoire and Blonde with some pictures

Here is a link that might be useful: Ivoire, Blonde & Restrained Gold

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Jeannie, Ellen Kennon Champagne Gold sounds really pretty. Have you used it and do you have a picture? Thanks!

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If the room has low light I'd tend toward a paint that has warmth to it. If you want a green I'd suggest one with some yellow in it (so I guess olive-y) and avoid cool/gray greens. Gold, yellow and warm gray/taupes will also "radiate" some warmth even in low light.

I'd like to see the EK Champagne Gold too... :)

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We have Wales Green by Bm at 75% strength in our hallway and laundry room which get little natural light and it looks pretty and perky and changes according to what lights are on or not. Sometimes it looks very pale and other times more colorful. It has a real yellow component to it.
I think we could have gone full strength but I chickened out. It is not a dull green and adds a liveliness which I love.
In our last house we used a light yellow (not gold toned at all), and that looked really good in our upstairs hallway which also got little natural light. It looked great in the living spaces that did get a lot of light as well. Both colors are cheerful and versatile without being too saturated or strong.

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We have low natural light in our LR and all the sagey greens we tried looked like mud. We ended up with a soft yellow, BM Filtered Sunlight. It's amazing what a brightening effect the yellow has on the room.

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What about Sherwin Williams' Tansy Green, SW6424?

contemporary entry design by atlanta interior designer Global Living

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Oh, I feel sooo bad,,I have no clue how to post pictures or even how to make my camera do it.
But, I put the EK champagne gold in my mb - which has light colored furniture, light carpet, and a brown and turquise color scheme. The Mb has alot of gold and gray in the tile, and my cabs are a darker color called "Saddle". A rich warm brown.

Check EK site maybe she has some photo's from a customer. I like it coz it seems to change colors a bit throughout the day..

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