Paint Selection Rules - Mustard Yellow and Beige???

gardenergwenOctober 10, 2008

I am struggling (BIG TIME) with the paint color for our dining room which is converted into a homeschool room with a computer armoire flanked by bookshelves, upright antique piano, and game table. It has lovely white molding and chair rail details but the light blue paint I picked just doesn't feel like it works with the rest of the house.

Here's my problem - there is a lot of wood in the space (piano, armoire, bookshelves, and table) and not much light so I would love a little color on the walls. The main areas of our house that surround the area are painted in BM Stone House (common area and living room), Yosemite Sand (front entry which I hope to eventually replace with Stone House), and Nantucket Gray (kitchen). The colors in the kitchen and living room are sages, darker greens, tans, reds, mustard yellow, and black. Problem is that the Pottery Barn Rug that I have (called Ling - no longer made but there are pics online) has some of those colors (the sage and mustard yellow) but otherwise deviates. I tried a tester pot of BM Wethersfield Moss but I really think the color is too dark. I want the rooms to flow but I'm just lost trying to figure out a color. I hope to replace the rug someday but right now it's not in the budget so I'm trying to work with it.

So here's my question - my next instinct is a mustardy yellow to balance the wood tones and add in a little drama and light. Can I pull off a mustard yellow when the color of my entry is a tan (yosemite sand). Anyone have mustard yellow rooms and beige toned ones right next to each other? Any suggestions for BM shades that you like?

Thank you for reading this far!!!

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Probably not exactly the same but I have gold and beige next to each other - SW Restrained Gold and SW Nomadic Beige. They work very well.

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We have SW Hubbard Squash and SW Ruskin Beige right next to each other. They look good together, as well. Just make sure that you don't go with a beige that is too gray, get a beige with yellowish undertones.

Sorry that doesn't help with the BM suggestion part of your question.

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I just wanted to say "hi"...I love reading about other moms who are HS'ing. I think the Restrained Gold and Nomadic Beige would go beautifully!

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