tomtrekOctober 14, 2013

With some help, I chose blue leather for my Amish style sofa, I want to ask if a lamp and end table will coordinate with the style and colors.

cherry with this finish

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the blue leather.

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lamp with wood and leather

The next object is the end tables, but first I want to see how the lamp, wood and leather will look: great, good, or 'bad idea.'

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I have to admit that I never heard of a sofa referred to as "Amish" before. Can I assume that the sofa you ordered looks something like one of these I have pictured?

Sofas like these have been referred to for more than 100 years as "Arts & Crafts" furnishings, a style that developed by artists using nature as inspiration.. If you Google Arts & Crafts, tables, or lamps, or rugs etc., you'll see a whole host of items that tend to work well together.

Here is a link that might be useful: Arts & Crafts Movement

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The lamp you chose looks like a torchiere so the light will be cast towards the ceiling. The lamp has a more contemporary look which is okay if you're going eclectic but, if you want to stay with an Amish style, then the lamp wouldn't work. I remember seeing a photo of your sofa choice and it didn't seem particularly Amish. I think it's clean lines would work contemporary and traditional. You have to make a decision what direction you want to go with it. Go to and do a seach for wood and leather sofas. You'll see dozens of rooms to give you inspiration.

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I worked though the Arts and Crafts motif and I am not sure I want to go that direction. For one thing it is expensive, I didn't like any of the area rugs, and the lamps didn't thrill me as much as this one.

I am pleased that you said the sofa is not 'Amish.' It is not their typical style that uses slat sides. So, I could use modern items with it,or traditional? This is indeed good news.

In another post, I will ask about the dining table and chair I've selected to see if it works with my living room selections.

Although eclectic is a challenge, I wonder if that's my style. I liked the sofa and chair and bought them. I like this lamp and I am ready to buy it. You are right, I need to make a decision.

Does the lamp coordinate with the sofa? I have no talent, insight, or instinct to know what goes with what.

I've searched for hundreds of hours to find a side table that I like. One issue that hinders this is that the arm height of the sofa and chair is 23.5 inches.

I bought some copper top end tables but now I'm not sure if they will good with the sofa. If I can find end tables to coordinate with the lamp and sofa I will buy them and be done.

This is the sofa.

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beverly27: I am indeed impressed with what you put together, it looks great. You showed me lamps and rug that I have not seen. Where did you find the lamps?

For rugs, I tend to like geometric shapes and defined patterns; Art Deco rugs. (Don't like art deco furniture though)

Well now, I need to decide to go arts and crafts or purchase pieces that I like and work well together.

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Does this end table coordinate with the sofa (mine will have blue leather) and the lamp?

This copper top end table is 25" high and the arms on the sofa and chair are 23 5/8" high; is it imperative that the side table be lower than the arm on sofa and chair?

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I love the table and think it will look great with the sofa. The torchieres are not what I would choose, mainly because I don't like torchieres but the style looks okay to me (I'm an eclectic gal). Although I think arts and crafts style lamps are beautiful, I don't care for an all out arts and crafts style for every element in a room.

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The purpose for this space is to show the canvas wall art. I prefer torchieres because there is no shade to get in the way of the canvas, the light bounces off the ceiling and down on the canvas. The issue I have with them, is that they do not put out a lot of light.

I am so pleased you like the tables. It will cost me 30% restocking fee plus shipping to return them. I like them, but I was not sure they work with the lamp and sofa.

I will look at other floor lamps to see if I find something better.

Thank you for your comments.

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My vote is for the floor lamp Beverly posted. The scale is perfect.

I really like that table as a solution but would like to see something different for the other side of the sofa. It could have the same elements just be a little different. Seems the industrial look the table brings in to picture works with the sofa.

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The rug I posted is from Trans-Ocean Dora Collection. Not sure it's still available. Here is the link to one source.

Many Arts & Crafts (or Mission Style) rugs are made of Viscose fibers, so that could help you limit your search on sites like when looking for rugs.

I have posted some new items for you to view and the links to many of those items & previously posted items are below. I would not combine your BRASS torchiere floor lamp with cooper topped table. Both metals are a pretty strong statement and will clash. Better to stick with bronze or wood if the copper tables are to stay. Copper tops will patina/darken and change color over time, and wet drinks may leave permanent rings. Acid from lime or lemon will leave marks on the tops.

More than one torchiere in a room is usually not necessary for light. They bounce the light off the ceiling (your ceiling better be perfect!) and provide general illumination.....not reading light illumination. Perhaps this cherry wood suveyor's style floor lamp with the drum shade would be an alternate selection.

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I like the lamp but if you plan on reading while sitting there the torchieres would be the worst to use. I like them for accent lighting but not for reading.

I'm not sure about the end table. Even though the sofa is Amish, do a search on A&C Living Rooms and see end tables used in them since the sofas styles are very similar to each other.

I'm glad you chose the blue!

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The arts and craft lamp is 60" tall and will come about half way up on the images over the sofa. I like the lamp and it seems to be a better fit with the sofa.

The end tables: It is best to put it all together before buying one piece. Well, it seems that now I am compromising to use the tables. It will cost me about $500 to return them (shipping and restocking fees) This seems to be the best option. I wonder if I could keep one, I still like the look. Don't have a place for it, so no point in having one.

The easy solution for the end tables is to buy the ones that match the sofa. Maybe that is the best approach. What do you think?

The end table that matches costs $1604 each, just for one! Seems like a lot to me. I just can't bring myself to spend that on a table. A lamp, sure, i get light from a lamp, i get nothing from a table.

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beverly27 Thank you for your insights to the copper tables, they are going back, cost me some money.

So, it seems I am back to the Arts and Craft motif. End tables and an 8 x 10 rug, that's all I need.

As you can see from this layout, the area is small and combined with the dining area, it's a house, just small.

Yes, I know the chair is in front of the sliding door.

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Wait, wait. I know you want a solution immediately, but give us a few minutes. Some of us are working and doing this on the fly for you.

Don't send the copper tables back. That's like burning money, and you like them, or you wouldn't have purchased them. We can make them work. I'm assuming that one sofa is NOT the only thing in the room. What are you doing for a chair now or in the future?

Only purchase ONE floor lamp. I personally would not purchase those ones from Rejuvenation, so I have pasted in the less expensive one from LampsPlus. Then purchase the matching table lamp. That gives you versatility in your room. General lighting and a reading lamp.

Use one of the round copper tables along side the sofa and one by the chair. Use a square table (I found one in cherry called a Whiskey table) in the corner & use the table lamp. Put the floor lamp in the dining area, if you even think you need one. Don't you have a pendant over the table?

Just saw your layout, so I just pasted over it........want to get this to you before you pack up the copper tables.

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I have not yet received the copper end tables. Yes, I liked them, but that was before I started down the Arts and Craft motif. I think trying to make them work is pointless. However, I might keep them as bedside table, or something, don't know yet.

I really like the lamp from rejuvenation; didn't find the same one at lamps Plus.

I found some oak end tables. they claim they are solid oak, need to check this. I like the look, what do you think?

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I think one of those Arts and Crafts lamps is enough - it will make a statement. All three seem to take over the space. Can you find less chunky- more subtle lamps that coordinate? I do like the end table, but I also liked the copper tables.

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I like the oak tables, but I thought you said the sofa was cherry. What size are the tables and where are they from?

I am providing the link for a floor lamp in mica. It is not the same as the ones from Rejuvenation, but the price is much less also. $290 instead of $1200.

Keep in mind the table lamps from Rejuvenation are 18x18 x 26high. The table below should be at least 20-24" wide at a minimum so the lamp doesn't dwarf the table.

Here is a link that might be useful: LampsPlus Floor Lamp

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If you are going with the arts & craft, check out this site. I found it under Mission which is very similar to a & c.
Check out the closeouts and sales too.

Here is a link that might be useful: souce of mission style items

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Here are some Arts & Crafts, Craftsman style living rooms for you to view for inspiration.

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Those are beautiful rooms and houses! Will it seem like I am trying too hard if I pursue the A and C motif? The coach driver pretending to be the Lord of the Manor. Just don't want to seem silly. It takes the right house to pull off the A and C motif.

I like the rug in 1. wish it came in blue

yes, my sofa and chair are cherry, those tables come in Cherry

Yes, I will find smaller lamps.

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another layout

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how about this rug?

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Tom, I think I read your correctly when you said you may not want to go in the direction of arts & crafts. First time I opened your post I saw that you have a canvas that you love and it's certainly not any definitive style but you love it
and so do I so I would advise you to go for a more blended style of decor where you can use pieces from most decor styles and blend them. I find that the most interesting. Sooo I would say, keep you little end tables, they fabulous and keep your brass lamp, metals can be mixed, find a rug that's geometric with some blue in it as you'll feel so good when you see it. We can help you with all that. By the way Is that canvas Florence? Post a photo of your dining area so we can assist you to pull it all together. You'll get a ton of help from all these fine people but the bottom line is you have to love it.

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I think it's import to avoid furnishings being too much for the size of the room.

Don't rush. Would you feel comfortable receiving the sofa and chair and then deciding on the other pieces after that? Once those two items are installed you may feel differently about other selections, or change their location.

I do like that rug. Here's another option.

Did you consider contacting Trans Ocean directly to find out if there is just one more of those blue rugs, Dora, available? It's still my favorite.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rug

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I didn't want to seem like a poor boy trying to be a rich boy by putting on fancy clothes. I think what I selected is a toned down version that does not seem like an attempt. The mica lamps do not have the typical 'mission' glass, the end tables and sofa tables coordinate with the sofa and chair and yet do not have the typical mission look with slat sides.
So, I think I did blend styles, or at least not make it too obvious that I used one style.

The copper top tables will be too high for the arms on the sofa and chair; the top of the table is 25" and the arm height is 23 5/8. They are going back.

The canvas is a a photograph printed on canvas; Regensburg Germany.

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I had not thought about the height of the lamp until this was brought to my attention in this thread, thank you.

Should the shade be level with the top of the sofa? If not, how many inches above is appropriate?

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Here is the lamp I selected. I like the base, and the round shade. It is 21 inches tall and will sit on an end table that is 23 inches high. The back of the sofa is 37 inches from the floor

The bottom of the shade will be 1/2 inch above the back of the sofa. Is this lamp the right size?

There is a matching floor lamp, but, alas, it is a torcheier. I am tempted to buy the floor lamp; I like things that match. What are your thoughts?

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