Wall color for attic bedroom w/ low light

Sueb20October 6, 2010

I can figure this out on my own, but it's always fun to get input! Painting DS's room. He is 18 and well beyond the current baby-blue-with-faux-clouds-on-ceiling look. It's an attic bedroom with 2 windows side-by-side, really not good natural light and not even good artificial light because his overhead fixture, dictated by low ceiling height, doesn't throw a ton of light in the room. The carpet is an off-white/beige Berber, totally neutral. Furniture is mostly a very light maple, like a blonde wood. I'm not going to worry about coordinating with bedding because the quilt on his bed is old and easily replaced. Trim is Atrium White. So... what color would you pick? Ben Moore, please. I love the color Quiet Moments but I'm just poking around in the fan deck trying to see what else I might like, so I thought I'd ask you guys too!

The only other "room" visible from his room is the stairway, which is BM Everlasting (light beige color).

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I just had the same exact dilemma. My son is 23 and his room needed repainting (was Bleeker beige). I went with an Ellen Kennon suggestion of Edgewood Green. It's deeper but actually makes the room brighter. I also like the FSP aspect. I think it does make the room feel less dull and walls brighter. The color is more of an olive, but in his lighting it leans more brownish. Had I my way, I would use Wythe Blue BM paint, but I think it leans more turquoise and not sure if he would feel it looked too feminine. I also didn't feel like buying new bedding since I like his.

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