Question on C&B custom upholstered purchase

mdriveOctober 15, 2013

hi everyone....i posted a couple of weeks ago about color selection for my living room re-do and i have decided to purchase a lee sofa from C&B....

they were having a 25% off sale (ends today)

the question i have is that i purchased the lee sofa, but the upholstery fabric was from another vendor...i understand being charged an additional charge for the fabric not from lee, but should i not at least be given a 'credit' for the 'sold with' fabric i am not choosing? basically if i had purchased the sofa with the 'stock' fabric, there would be no additional charge...afterall, you are purchasing a sofa WITH FABRIC included....

does this seem like a questionable practice to anyone but me?

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Although theoretically that fabric won't be used, thus eliminating its cost, you have not really offered the manufacturer a savings.

You have taken away their ability to utilize something with which they are familiar, and have already figured out, and instead had them do a 1 time only assembly with something they have never used before.

The time and business risk associated with your custom order has been set by the manufacturer to account for these differences overall.

So I think that your cost is already net of the unused fabric.

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thanks julie...

that makes sense....

i guess i thought basically if the fabric was the same 'grade' or lower, there should be a credit for the fabric 'not used'

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If it helps, I love my sofa from Crate and Barrel.

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hi julie...

yes it helps!

i cannot tell you how frustrating it was for me to purchase a sofa that i could not see or sit in...

but after running all over town, i concluded that is just how it is in today's market..

which sofa did you buy?

i ordered this one

and i *may* end up changing out the order.... (i have a second choice, just in case)

i am waiting on a call from the manufacturer with info about the 'pitch' of the back of the sofa..

it's ridiculous they do not have pictures of the the SIDE view of the sofa...

at any rate, i'm hoping it will be as desired and no major dissatisfaction

Here is a link that might be useful: lee sofa

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