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cyn427October 12, 2013

Here is one.

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Another window in same guest room which shows why I can't use panels-stupid architect who designed windows too close to corners all over this 1960 house.

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These are actually how they should look and they sort of work when I hang two together, but they are still short. I don't need the entire window here covered. Actually, none of ours need to be totally covered. I used the pockets on these until I get some more clips. Next trip. :)

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Thank you cyn - those are just lovely! I thought the original picture on the other thread was just a short valence but it is actually more window size. That's why I thought there was something behind it. It's interesting how it's pieced and adds so much charm. Such beautiful fabric and whitework - you never see that kind of of detail anymore. Who cares about the placement of the window in the corner when you have such a beautiful way to dress it!!

I have a soft spot for unusual window treatments using linens. These are nowhere near as beautiful as yours but they still make me smile every morning.

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Oh, I think yours are wonderful! I love the cutwork and much prefer that to mine! Absolutely charming.

For me, the added bonus is that I can wash them. Moving to Virginia has introduced me to seasonal allergies-ugh. I am not wild about having the square in the middle of the larger ones, but the seamstress was so pleased with her customizing the pieces to fit our American windows that I just had to use them. I do love the others, though and I have several lace ones that add a touch of softness to otherwise unadorned windows. She made those from a pair made for French doors, so I got four half curtains. Two have straight seams at the bottom because they were made from the top half of each panel and two have the lovely edge in the picture.

So, when I do find my home in France, I will be ready with the window treatments! ;)

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That is so pretty! Part of the charm to me is the variation of all the windows and pieced nature of the ones with the sweet ruffles. One of a kind, every one - love it.

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