Please help me pull this pulled from dumpsters' bedroom together

roarahOctober 16, 2013

I have never gotten around to decorating my bedroom. The rest of the house was more a priority until now. The only thing purchased new is the mattress and boxspring. Although nothing was literally pulled from a dumpster everything was either my Dh's bachelor furniture, family castoffs or tagsale finds. I just found a grey velvet headboard for under $100 and I want to make the room around it. The main problem is that my husband loves his pine "wardrobe"(huge armoire), dressers and nightstand and as they are the only furniture he shipped across the pond when relocating to the US from the UK, I will let him keep them:). He is open to me refinishing the finish :).

The walls are putty, the furniture yellowish pine and the floors yellowish heart pine. I would love ideas for wall color, bedding , rugs, art and thoughts on gelstaining the furniture. The room has a small loveseat but I have a caned chaise I might be using instead and I will need to choose fabric to make a cushion with if I use that. Thanks
Here is a before of the room with a door used as a headboard

This is the new headboard and I just stripped the paint from 1920s' brass sconces.

Here is the massive "wardrobe" there is a matching small dresser and pine mirror on the same wall.

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LOVE the headboard. $100? Are YKM?

Can you give us more direction on what you want?

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Holly- Kay

I think the armoire is beautiful and I like the color as it is. I do think you are going to have to go masculine in the room for the armoire to shine. I think I would go Ralph Laureny (believe me I know all about having to pull off a masculine feel room). I can see an RL plaid with it as bedding but not sure how that would work with your velvet headboard. Annie and Beverly will have some great ideas.

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Thanks Mtrdredux, the headboard has two visible drill holes in the wrong place and so the frame does not fit so the furniture store had no use for it and I offered $80 thinking they would laugh at me and they accepted! I filled the holes in with upholstery tacks and it is not even noticable:) It would have been 800 in perfect condition.

I have no idea what to do in the room :( I think this is why I have left the room like this since I moved here. Before marriage in BC times( before children) I had very light femine rooms with all white bedding lots of silver and dark antique furniture. I still feel at peace in that style bedroom.
I thought maybe blues and grey might work with the headboard but not with bass light fixtures and the yellow furniture:( I am lost with this room.

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When you say he is open to you "refinishing the finish," does that include painting it? I normally don't hold for painting wood, but I make an exception for knotty pine! Sorry sorry sorry, that's blasphemy to some, but I grew up around so much Early American k. p. that it holds no charm for me. The armoire has lovely lines, but they get lost in the busyness of the grain.

If he agrees to drastic measures, you could paint the pieces either a darker version of the velvet -- matte or stain -- or whitewash it. Either one would give you a cleaner start.

It would also keep the furniture and floor from fighting each other or, even worse, ganging up and overwhelming everything else in the room.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Oh that "naughty" pine!

I have seen it come out really well with white washing...then you can take the room in a brighter, casual yet cozy direction.

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Although I am not usually a painted furniture girl, I like the whitewashing idea! I too dislike knotty pine and I think it is the reason I have yet to make this room my own. I am going to research the process right now and then try my best to talk DH into it! Thanks for the idea I hope I can sell him on it!

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If you can go white or whitewashed on the pine, I don't think you'll need our help anymore! Here's hoping DH is in a good mood. : )

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Annie Deighnaugh

Well, it's a great compromise as the knots will still show so it still looks like wood, but the color is much easier to deal with.

If he can't go for it and you're stuck with that color, then it's time for some design seeds, using the pine color as just a color in the room....

DH insisted on his maple furniture so I managed to work it in with colors that help subdue it...not my favorite, but he's delighted with it.

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I'm someone who *hates* knotty pine, and painted over the panels in my house and ripped out the cabinets....but I must say your armoire has an amazing and intriguing presence that I would celebrate for what it is. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I like it. A lot. Knots tend to come though paint....

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Great room. Love that little chair in the corner by the door. Is it a rocker?

I love the knotty wardrobe. It would be hard for me to do anything to it.

Not loving the green mat on the art.

Such a cozy room.

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I would leave his furniture pieces as they are, keep the comforter, and change the wall color to gray. I would replace the bedside lamps with something more modern - maybe those glass ball lamps that are popular at HomeGoods right now.

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Thankyou for all the ideas and nice comments.
Red it is a rocker which I found on the curb in college:) I still need to rock a few children from time to time so for now it stays. I agree the mat is awful and I wish to change all the artwork once I find a direction to go in with this mishmash room.

DH is so far not loving the whitewash idea:( I can probally persuade him for he usually conceeds to my design whims...but he would prefer making it darker or keeping it as is. He is ok with darker for he knows what it would probally look like for I gelstained a pine piece for my living room a while ago. I will share picks of that at the end and maybe let me know if that would be an ok way to go.

Annie, if I do keep the furniture as is what color did you use with maple? Often maple has a similar undertone as pine I think.

Here are the before, after and upclose of a gelstained pine armoire.

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I just came across this post on cerusing - basically staining with a deep stain then using a wire brush followed by a light wash. The wire brush makes some texture for the wash to adhere to. This would be more work than the gel-staining, but I think it would look great as a rustic, masculine counterpoint to the more formal headboard.

the tutorial is in the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cerusing tutorial

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Love the headboard and the spread...I would paint the walls gray...similar to your living room or a tad lighter than your spread. Notice that your picture over the tallish dresser if wider than the dresser....looks off to me. I would think a taller narrower piece of artwork would look better. Now, how about a red pillow on the back of the chair, a red mat for the picture above the dresser and maybe a small red pillow on the bed in front of the pillows. Yellow would work also but I think you need an accent color. As for gel staining the wood furniture....go for it (with DH approval) but make sure it is a "greyish" tint instead of an "orangish" tint. Oh, how about a floor plant between the tallish dresser and the mirrored door? You room looks nice.

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How about a navy blue for the walls?

Or perhaps an eggplant color

I think the pine is too shiny. I love the look of English pine and wonder if it's possible to somehow achieve this look with your pine pieces. If not or only with a lot of sanding, I'd stain them a bit darker.

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Greywings, I have been coveting glass lamps lately so that is a great place to see if a small change would help!

Jrueter, that looks great! I will show DH for all I could find last night were white washed walls. Thanks

Grandmaof3, Accents are a great idea too. I will be honest I would love to like the room with just a change of paint color and a few small accents!

Nosoccermom, I love the pics you posted and the natural pine is soooo lovely. I think mine might take a bit of sanding but I can try on the smaller pieces first! I already have an eggplant hall and navy guest bedroom abutting this room:( Maybe I will change the guest to grey and use the navy here!

I am going to try a few paint samples on sat. to try and find a paint color first and after that if the pine pieces still make me say meh I will than decide how to change them out.
Would a blue grey work the present comforter has dark grey with silver and robins egg accents. But I was afraid that a light blue might bring even more yellow undertones out of the wood.

Thanks again!

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Sorry but I'm diggin that armiore as is! I think it's gorgeous! And that headboard: what a find! I like the idea of going gray on the walls and new contemporary lamps.

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I love what you did to the armoir in the living room! I think if you did that to the pine it would look fab. Just my opinion though. Very nice room!

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I concur with aktilery gel stain that bad boy!!

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Just noticed that the table in that navy dining room looks like your gel stained armoire. A white flokati may be nice for teh bedroom.
How about a dark charcoal paint?With white bedding?

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Nosoccermom, I love your color style! I have a darkside and actually love deep dark rooms! I did not go dark with this room for I was not sure how it would play with the yellow woods. What do you think about BM's Charlotte slate? Has anyone ever used this color? I would probally change out the bedding or fold it at the end of the bed with a white spread showing. I will be child free for a few hours later today and I can not wait to get some color chips!

Here is a pic of BM' charotte slate with orange wood

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I love that color!
Also really like van Deusen blue

I have used BM Lucerne with pine, also pretty neat.

The other options would be to go with the lighter greyish blues, like Wedgewood Grey, Woodlawn Blue, Wythe Blue


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