Help with picking sofa/loveseat for this room

wifiskerOctober 10, 2012

I'm away from home right now so I'm not able to take a picture of what this room currently looks like furnished but it just has a couple smaller dark brown fake leather club chairs along the wall across from the fireplace, with a large square Pottery Barn end table (dark mahogany finish) and lamp between them. Across from that to the left of the fireplace I have a basic un-fancy TV stand in espresso finish with a flat screen TV on it.

We don't have a lot of extra money for new furniture right now but I don't like just having those two chairs in the room because DH usually takes one and DD takes the other, which leaves me sitting on the step leading into the kitchen. :) (We do have other family room space with bigger furniture in the house but we tend to congregate here at certain times of the day.)

I'm looking on Craigslist trying to find something nice that will work in the room but it also has to be really affordable. I wanted a sofa on the wall across from the fireplace and TV with one chair to the right of the fireplace; DH thinks it would be better to get a loveseat instead and have one chair next to it with the other to the right of the fireplace. Follow me so far?

Anyway, here's where I need help before I jump the gun and buy something that won't look right or suit our needs.

- Should we go with a sofa with one chair to the right of the fireplace, or loveseat with a chair next to it and another across from it?

- The style we're going for is clean and unfussy, cozy and casual, with a light neutral color that would allow me to easily change toss pillows and other accessories in the future without clashing.

First I'll post pics of the space and then follow up with some options I'm finding on CL.

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Here's the other side of the room with the ugly fireplace you've seen before.

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Here's a sofa option I found. It's a Bauhaus.

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Here's a loveseat. I don't know much about it, other than the ad says it's cream colored and supposedly brand new.

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I struggle with these kinds of decisions myself.. but here are my thoughts:
1. a loveseat isnt much more effective than a chair --yes, you can put two butts on one, but they arent a whole lot bigger than a generous club chair.

2. If you ever have a need for more seating.. the sofa is there. If not-- well, you have another place to stretch out. ;)

3. I had a bauhaus microsuede sofa and it just wore like teflon-- even with two large dogs.

4. And finally, I like it's earthy clay color with your fireplace and the absolutely lovely floors!! I think the ivory of the loveseat may be too sharp a contrast.

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A vote for the cream sofa -- seems to have nice classic shape and lines but check for stains etc. before buying ....

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Just noticed that you mentioned possible changes for the lava rock fireplace in your kitchen transformation thread --- google "photos of painted lava rock fireplaces" -- amazing! :)

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here's a blog entry that shows the transformation of a lava rock fireplace ....

Here is a link that might be useful: blog that shows transformation of lava rock fireplace

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teacats - Funny you should mention that, since I did a Google search for the same thing a couple weeks ago and just as that exact same site and image popped up on my screen, DH walked up behind me. He took one look and said "No way! Is that what you're going to do to our fireplace?!" He hated it. I wasn't in love with the plastered look either but it's way better than what we have now. That man... sometimes I wish he'd just say "yes, dear" when I want to do something new with the house. Instead he has to have an OPINION about everything. ;)

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I wish I had an ugly fireplace like that! I like the rough stone.
Regarding the seating choices, definitely go for the sofa. We had a sofa and loveseat, and it's true- a loveseat will be used, if at all, by one person, but a sofa will give you seating for two under everyday circumstances, one if napping and lazing around, and three when entertaining. I don't like the pillows with the sofa you've linked, but you can replace them with something you love (Homegoods/TJMaxx!). Bauhaus is a good brand, just make sure the sofa has been treated gently and still has some life in it.

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sonicmom - I don't like the pillows either but they match an arm chair they're also selling so if I buy the sofa I'd leave those behind for the buyer of the chair. They're not my style at all.

The sofa owner tells me that it's in excellent, practically new condition but they're building a house and decided they want to get a sectional instead so that's why they're selling. We're really picky about any spots or visible wear so we'll have to see how it looks tonight if I'm able to schedule a time to look at it.

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I bought the sofa! As soon as I saw it I had to try not to squeal because it's in *perfect* condition and looks even better in person than in pictures. It really is like brand new without a spot on it, nor signs of wear. The fabric is soft with just the slightest herringbone pattern woven into it, which I love.

I'm just so excited that I was able to find something that looks and feels high end with our low end budget. We have some re-arranging of other furniture to do in the room yet but don't be surprised if you see me back soon asking for advice on end tables and an area rug. :)

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Glad you found the right thing so quickly! I think you'll be very pleased with the sofa-- it will look great with your fireplace!

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